Save a good vision for a lifetime! What is the key to success?


Lutein and zeaxanthin - macular xanthophylls

"Of all the senses the human eye has always been recognized the best gift and the wonderful work of the creative forces of nature."
H. Helmholtz
Save a good vision for a lifetime! What is the key to success?See - it is a gift. To argue this will not be one. Anyone who wants to preserve healthy sight for years to come. Modern lifestyle is associated with an increased load on the eyes: the work on the computer, the exhaust gases, the intense ultraviolet exposure, poor diet, stress, smoking, alcohol, excessive coffee drinking - all this puts additional strain our eyes and impairs vision. According to various statistics 80% of people have some kind of eye problems in 60 years.

How to keep this priceless gift - the vision? Proponents of a healthy lifestyle will say: "You have a lifetime to eat right, engage in physical exercise, give up bad habits, and then health will continue!". And what about those who have the rhythm of life did not allow to properly take care of your health?

Currently, in order to maintain eye healthwidely used special vitamin-mineral complexes, for example Okuvayt® Lutein, which contains a unique combination of essential nutrients. Okuvayt® Lutein - a vitamin-mineral complex, has won the trust of professionals worldwide. It protects people from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) - a disease due to which it is possible to lose sight. AMD - a deterioration of the macula (the central retina), leading to irreversible reduction of visual functions, especially visual acuity. In Western countries, it has become the leading cause of blindness. The first symptoms of age-related macular degeneration is often invisible. Typically, a person comes to a doctor for consultation at the time when the disease is at a late stage. Age-related macular degeneration - a common disease. In Europe, there are over 12 million people with macular degeneration.

Okuvayt® Lutein contains two "therapeuticcarotenoid "(lutein and zeaxanthin) in a desired concentration as well as useful antioxidants for eye vitamins and micronutrients (vitamins C and E, selenium, zinc).

Lutein and zeaxanthin - macular xanthophylls

Carotenoids - group of substances from yellow tored-orange color, which unites about 600 molecules. Of these, the most studied is the β-carotene pigment yellow carrots. Lutein and zeaxanthin are relatively less known xanthophylls (so-called carotenoids, which have in the molecule at least one oxygen atom) forming in the human retina, the macula - the place where the carotenoids in the body as much as possible. The human body can not synthesize carotenoids, so their intake of food is directly linked. In human blood contains significant quantities of carotenoids 6: α- and β-carotene (carrot), β-cryptoxanthin (from citrus fruits), lycopene (tomato), lutein (spinach) and zeaxanthin (from corn). However, only lutein and zeaxanthin are transported to the retina, where they form the yellow macular pigment or macular xanthophyll. The content of other carotenoids in the retina slightly.

Save a good vision for a lifetime! What is the key to success?Being outside of the photoreceptor lutein andZeaxanthin improves visual acuity and sensitivity. Lutein and zeaxanthin are the so-called "internal sunglasses" retinal photoreceptors inside they bind active forms of oxygen and thus reduce damage to sensitive tissues by free radicals.

Thus, lutein and zeaxanthin are important in maintaining the health of the macula.

Save a good vision for a lifetime! What is the key to success?There is a relationship between known factorsAMD risk (eg, age, smoking, poor diet, cardio - vascular diseases, obesity) and a decrease in macular pigment density. Thus, people having at least one of these factors should increase posuplenie lutein and zeaxanthin in food. It is shown that at constant reception Okuvayt® Lutein increases macular pigment density. This reduces the risk of developing AMD.

Also useful Okuvayt® Lutein Eye Powerpatients with cataracts, retinal degenerative diseases of different origin and myopia (especially high severity). Okuvayt® Lutein can be used in patients with diabetes, people who can not tolerate gluten, and in smokers.

Take care of your vision, which regularlySee your doctor - ophthalmologist, lead a healthy lifestyle, watch your weight, control blood pressure, and also take special vitamin - mineral complexes.

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