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  • What is trachoma

    Trachoma is an infectious disease, forwhich is characterized by persistent inflammation of the conjunctiva, the formation of follicles in it. Trachoma - a social disease that affects only men. Infection occurs through unwashed hands and contaminated objects. According to statistics from the World Health Organization on the planet about 500 million people affected by trachoma, among which 80 million are blind or partially lost their vision.

    In the early days of the disease, as a rule, the symptomsalmost do not appear. Sometimes patients complain of a feeling of heaviness in the eyelids, debris, there is not much pronounced separation of mucus. Inflammation is formed at the beginning of the upper arch. Shell eyes becomes tinged with red, swollen buds are formed, further escalates over time. Next, affected cornea. It becomes more dull, found vessels. Allocation of tear fluid is reduced, there is scarring of the mucosa.

    Trachoma is developing under the influence of atypicalviruses that are intermediate link between viruses and rickettsia. An important role is played by the epidemiological situation. In childhood trachoma milder. Distinguished recognition is performed between viral and follicular inflammation of the eyes. Trachoma can last for years.

    From history ...

    Trachoma is also called the Egyptian inflammation of the eye. Eye Disease, Infectious Diseases, manifested by inflammation of the mucous membrane. In some places it occurs periodically flash trachoma, besides
    it can cause blindness, so it appears as
    close attention.

    In Europe, trachoma appeared in the nineteenth century. Brought its soldiers
    Napoleon's troops from North Africa, hence the second name -
    Egyptian inflammation. First sick soldiers themselves, gradually
    spread among the rest of the citizens. First, in the south of Europe, then
    in Albion, the Germans met with trachoma little later, and in
    Russia, she appeared after World War with Napoleon's army
    1812. Starting proliferation observed in Poland, then after 10 years
    and in St. Petersburg. Patients had a lot of how to treat and so was not
    than (antibiotics
    were discovered much later), people massively went blind. The British media
    soldiers there were five thousand in the first quarter of the nineteenth century
    soldiers who have lost their sight, among the Russian soldiers almost eighty

    Today, trachoma is often found in South-East Asia, Africa,
    Latin America. More common in middle-aged people, very rare
    bleat children and elderly people rarely, among the representatives
    weaker sex sick anymore. It promotes the spread of high
    population density, lack of hygiene rules. The disease passes from
    patient through personal items, clothes. In Africa
    flies spread disease.

    The manifestation of trachoma

    The latent period of the disease up to two weeks. First, just a feeling of discomfort in the eyes, then these phenomena increase, appear allocation, the mucosa becomes inflamed, swells. In the fourth part of cases implicit symptoms, the clinical picture is blurred.

    Trachoma: a manifestation and treatment
    The first symptoms appear on the upper eyelid. The mucous thickens, becomes bluish-red. There are bubbles - follicles. The cornea loses its transparency, the eyelids are turned inward. It is possible the emergence of infectious corneal ulcers with deformation and loss of vision. There may also be deformed tear ducts. May deform the muscles that move eyelids, therefore eyes are not fully open.

    At the initial stage of the disease there is swellingand mucosal redness, follicle-bubbles. In appearance they resemble grains which may be of different sizes. They are localized most often on the upper eyelids. His eyes hurt from the light, and oozing pus. In this state, the patient may be more than one month.

    The active phase of the disease is characterized by an increase infollicles, changing their color, they acquire a yellowish hue, are interconnected, forming scars. This phase can also take place more than a year.

    In the next phase of the deformed eyelids - are turned inward, typical liquid is continuously released from the eye. This may continue for several years.

    In the last phase of the mucous membranes of the eyescompletely covered with scars. At this stage, vision loss generally begins. Symptoms of the fourth phase can be confused with symptoms of some other diseases of eyes: diphtheria eyes, dry conjunctivitis molluscum contagiosum.

    trachoma Treatments

    Go to the doctor
    immediately. The development of modern medicine makes it possible to
    cure trachoma. This treatment may be a few weeks, and after
    cure for about six months of preventive measures to avoid
    disease return. The patient is completely cured in the event that two or three
    trachoma year does not recur.

    The patient is very contagious in the early disease, with copious. It is better not to go out unless absolutely necessary.

    Since ancient times, the people get rid of this disease with the help of breast
    milk, scientists have found that milk can actually cure
    trachoma, if used at the first sign of the disease.

    Phytotherapy shows good results, but only in conjunction with the means of official medicine.

    Two handfuls of green blackcurrant pour four cups of boiling water, to insist, to use several times a day to rinse the eye.

    One hundred grams of strawberries pour 300 grams of water heated to 100
    degrees infuse two hours to pass through a strainer, a liquid drink 20
    gram in the morning, afternoon and evening.

    Inestimable effect on the body has in this disease
    sea ​​buckthorn. It can be eaten raw, boiled, can make lotions from
    pressure berries. It accelerates the resorption of scars from trachoma, after
    surgery. Apply the oil of sea buckthorn on the eyelids.

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