Eyes to the nose and from the nose


    Cutting squint

    Eyes to the nose and from the noseConverging squint occurs 10 times more often than divergent. County squint in 70—80% of cases are combined with hyperiness. Therefore, it is believed that the untreated hyperopia is one of the factors contributing to the emergence of a convergence of arbitracy, while the farewell eye is constantly experiencing a load. As a result of the systematic motivation of both eyes with increased work, not required to clearly consider items located at close range, one of them begins «Kost» toward nose.

    Characteristic signs of farsightened:

    • The appearance of stupid pain in the forehead and near the eye;
    • headache;
    • feeling of pressure in the eyes;
    • letters when reading merge, become unclear.

    After a break in visual work, these phenomena are usually eliminated for a while, but when renewed, classes appear again.


    Eyes to the nose and from the noseDrying squint is accompanied by approximately 60% of cases by myopia. It is believed that myopia can be one of the factors contributing to the emergence of a divergent squint. This is explained by the fact that near the peaceful people eye sees as much as possible, without trying to compensate for the defect of the view by changing the form of the lens (the main lenses in the eye system). Without eye load starts to deviate towards the temple.

    Myopia (myopia) - an eye optics defect, in which parallel rays of light, coming from remote light sources, are not focused on the retina, but before it. In this case, on the retina instead of a point, a blurred spot is formed.

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