retinal detachment is curable


    Before surgery

    In preparation for surgery, a few daysto it you need to do regular blood and urine tests, an electrocardiogram, chest X-rays, to conduct dental checkups, otorinolyaringologa and therapist.

    On the morning of the day of surgery is instilled into the eye drops that expand the pupil. You can also offer a mild sedative to help relax and not worry.

    In the operating room with you will be a surgeon,his assistant, an operating nurse, anesthetist and nurse Anesti zistka. about retinal detachment operation is carried out with the general and local anesthesia under the operating microscope.

    What operations there

    retinal detachment is curableThe goal of surgical treatment of retinal detachmentIt consists in detecting retinal tear and it is closed. To do this around the gap is caused by inflammation (exposure to cold cryopexy or laser) and subsequent scarring in the retina rupture. This restores its tightness (integrity). To improve the sealing is made closer eyeball membranes in the following way: the outside of the eyeball sutured special silicone seal in the form of a cord, which presses the wall of the eye and brings the choroid to retinal detachment.

    Depending on the particular type of retinal detachment surgeon will choose one of the specific operations or a combination of methods:

    • filling in the local area is carried retinal tear when the retina is partially peeled off;
    • circular sealing is used in more severe cases, when the retina is detached completely;
    • vitrectomy technique in which the eye is removed from themodified vitreous and instead introduce a necessary formulations: saline, a liquid silicone compound as a perfluorocarbon liquid or a special gas, which press down inside the retina to the choroid;
    • laser coagulation to limit the area of ​​rupture and retinal thinning areas.

    The combination of these interventions is selectedindividually for each patient, depending on how much time has passed since the emergence of retinal detachment, which is largest, as it breaks where they are located, etc. Depending on the case treatment may be carried out in one or several stages.

    For the surgical treatment of severe retinal detachmentretinal developed and successfully applied the method alloretinopeksii combination in which they plantaty flexible elastic copolymer collagen fixed to the retina and choroid sclera using special nails.

    Depending on the complexity of operations forafter a few days it is necessary to keep the patient's head in position. For example, lie face down on the high pillows or at all without them. First 1 3 days, experts recommend bed rest.

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