Chronic gastritis with low acidity


  • The concept of chronic gastritis with low acidity
  • The main symptoms of the disease
  • Treatment of gastritis with low acidity

  • The concept of chronic gastritis with low acidity

    Chronic gastritis with low acidity -chronic inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane of the stomach is accompanied by functional impairment, impairment of his motor and secretory functions.

    Chronic gastritis with low aciditydevelops under the influence of repeated and prolonged malnutrition, eating spicy and rough food, eating cold food, alcohol abuse, long-term use of irritating the gastric mucosa of drugs (phenylbutazone, antibiotics, salicylate), industrial hazards, hereditary factors and so on.

    The main symptoms of the disease

    Chronic gastritis with lowacidity is characterized by atrophic changes of gastric mucosa. This form of gastritis may be asymptomatic, but usually there is a violation of appetite, bad taste in the mouth, belching air, food, nausea, feeling of heaviness and pressure in the stomach, bloating (flatulence in the abdomen).

    In chronic gastritis with lowacidity in patients with concomitant lesions may develop liver and biliary tract, anemia (iron deficiency, B12-deficient), neuro-psychiatric disorders (asthenia, cancerophobia - fear of cancer). For help in the treatment of this disease should consult a doctor who will prescribe medications. Otherwise, the risk of complications (peptic ulcer, acute flow and others.).

    Treatment of gastritis with low acidity

    Chronic gastritis with low acidityFirst of all, it is necessary to eliminate as much as possiblecause which disease is caused. You must stop smoking and drinking, observe the correct diet. In exacerbations of the process prescribed bed rest for 1-2 days, a strict diet before the disappearance of acute symptoms. Gastritis with low acidity is a diet №2. After passing the main symptoms of the disease gradually expand a diet. It is necessary to strictly observe the diet in the same hours 4-5 times a day in a relaxed atmosphere with the exception of alcoholic beverages, fatty meats, smoked meat, pickles, mushrooms. At low acidity is recommended digestible food (cereal, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled eggs, mashed potatoes, etc.).

    When the pain is prescribed no-silos, papaverine, Halidorum,platifillin. When secretion of gastric mucosa disease (gastritis with low acidity) appointed festal, pancreatin. Recommended vitamins B, PP, C.

    Prevention of the disease is in compliancediet. You must stop smoking and alcohol reception, carefully treat acute gastritis. Patients with chronic gastritis should be treated and perform preventive measures under the supervision of the local doctor. Gastritis with low acidity and atrophic gastritis increases the likelihood of developing gastric cancer, in connection with which these patients should undergo a comprehensive examination for early diagnosis of cancer.

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