Colitis does not prick?


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  • When colitis and quantitative occurqualitative changes in the intestinal bacterial flora. Fermentation and putrefaction can significantly increase, this leads to bloating, rumbling and transfusion in the intestine, abundantly produced gases. Pain in chronic colitis are quite common, especially typical of the pain associated with bowel movement.

    Question №1. What else is going on in the large intestine in a healthy and a sick person?

    The large intestine digestion endscertain foods. Absorbed liquid part of the intestinal contents and feces of healthy people normally acquire dense texture. When colitis usually broken stool consistency, it is liquid or pasty. Bowel movements several times during the day. Diarrhea is sometimes replaced by constipation. Colitis can be expressed in a systematic constipation.

    Together with the feces with colitis frequently isolated intestinal mucosal inflammation products - mucus, and in more severe cases, in the acute stage, - pus and blood.

    Question №2. Only if diarrhea is due to illness?

    The origin of diarrhea play the role of two reasons: or increased separation of intestinal juice (intestinal hypersecretion), or, more usually, more rapid progress on the contents of the large intestine - increased motor (motor) bowel function.
    The secretory and motor activity of the intestinenervous system is governed. Violation of this activity often depends on the nature of nervous disorders. Diarrhea can be caused by strong emotion.

    Question №3. What feels sick colitis except for specific pain?

    should first of all say that the intestinal floraIt plays a role in the assimilation of vitamins. Some vitamins under the influence of life processes of bacteria are destroyed, others, such as some of the B vitamins are synthesized microorganisms. Therefore, in colitis, intestinal bacterial flora when changing body often lacks vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin B.

    If the disease process was limited to onlycolon overall health usually suffers a little because the processes of digestion and absorption of food generally do not occur in the colon and the small intestine. Simultaneous disease of both intestine (called enterocolitis) often leads to emaciation and various metabolic disorders in the body.

    Long malfunction of the intestinereflected in other digestive organs - stomach, liver and biliary tract. Therefore, chronic colitis, often combined with catarrh of the stomach, cholecystitis, hepatitis.

    In patients with colitis often depressedmood, dark thoughts. Typically, these psychological reactions do not depend so much on the poor physical condition of many of the misconceptions about the nature and severity of the disease and from unfounded fears.

    Question №4. Why do people become ill with chronic colitis?

    Colitis does not prick? The reasons are many. A significant influence on the occurrence and course of colitis have other diseases of the digestive system: gastritis with low acidity, diseases of the pancreas, liver and small intestine.

    The most common cause is not fullyhealed acute infectious colitis. In some cases, this colitis is a chronic dysentery, that is the causative agent of the disease causes dysentery. But more often it happens that, as such, dysentery passes, dysentery bacillus disappears and colitis remains as previous infection has led to changes in the mucous membrane of the state and the neuromuscular apparatus of the intestine in its bacterial flora, etc.

    Sometimes, chronic colitis caused by worms orprotozoa: Giardia, trichomonads, amoebas. Relatively often chronic colitis is caused by eating spoiled food - stale meat, rotten and fermented dairy products, etc. However, these products can get into the body harmful bacteria or toxic substances formed as a result of the activity of these bacteria.

    The cause of chronic colitis may be othererror Power: irregular meals, excessive in terms of the amount of food, coarse, indigestible food - unripe fruits, vegetables, or very oily mess, and abuse of spices, hot spices, specific additives, alcohol.

    Colitis can be caused by long-term use of drugs that irritate the gut, especially laxatives.

    Question №5. It is believed that chronic colitis - an incurable disease and that only a temporary improvement can be achieved in the best case. Is it so?

    Fortunately, this is not the case, and the "opinion" is - justonly prejudice. In many cases, rational and purposeful treatment helps to achieve a lasting restoration of health. However, this treatment requires time and patience - it should be long-term, systematic and planned and can be carried out only under the guidance of a doctor. Attempts to treat yourself, or on the advice of friends usually leads to sad results.

    The main method of treatment of chronic colitisIt is a diet that prescribed by the physician depending on the patient's condition. In the acute stage need food that is easily digestible and non-irritating to the digestive organs. Different foods have different effects on the motor activity of the intestine. Accelerate these activities sweeteners and foods containing organic acids (sour milk, mare's milk, kvass, black bread, sour fruits, berries). The same properties have mineral water, products containing or forming the acid, such as yogurt, meals rich in salt and cold food. The gentle power modes, these nutrients are eliminated and, on the contrary, are introduced such that slow motor function. For example, foods containing tannin (blueberries, tea, cocoa, red wine). And besides, mucous soups, pureed oatmeal and hot liquids. To limit the fermentation processes in the gut, avoid large amounts of carbohydrates and mechanical roughage. This also contributes to reduction of rotting in the colon.

    Colitis does not prick? Diet colitis patient should containa sufficient amount of protein - not less than 100 grams per day - and many vitamins. In the initial stages of treatment are very useful cheese, minced meat. To enrich the food with vitamins in the diet include the infusion of rose hips in which a lot of vitamin C, as well as yeast, containing B vitamins can enjoy and vitamin preparations.

    But restrictive sparing diet needed only in the acute stage, and only for a short time.

    Gentle diets do not contain all the substances,necessary for normal living organism and proper bowel activity. They do not promote compensation processes, which play an important role in the mechanism of recovery. The patient suffers as well as his mind. Each meal reminds man about the disease. As a result, develops a fear of food, many patients begin to increasingly restrict their diet and sometimes bring themselves to extreme exhaustion. Abuse sparing diets leads to the fact that the method of treatment becomes a diet factor that supports disease.

    Successful treatment can only be gradually accustoming himself to a full and varied diet.

    In most cases, chronic colitis successfullytreated on an outpatient basis. Only heavy-borne patients to the hospital. Everyone, without exception, patients benefit bracing means, sufficient rest, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy.

    Question №6. To be healthy, we must remember the poster "

    Wash hands before eating "?

    Yes, you need to carefully guard againstinfections and intestinal parasites. It does not eat not only clearly poor quality food, but also one that is in doubt. If there was even a slight diarrhea, it must be carefully and promptly treated. Well, the main way to prevent chronic colitis - a rational, full and regular meals.

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