Eating Disorders, or why suffer the pancreas?


Eating Disorders, or why suffer the pancreas?

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1. What is the function of the pancreas?

The pancreas - the most important organdigestion. It produces digestive enzymes (amylase, lipase and proteases) that are responsible for the breakdown of food components and providing nutrient absorption. Amylase breaks down carbohydrates, lipase - fats and protease - proteins.

2. From what most affected the pancreas?

Eating Disorders, or why suffer the pancreas?First of all, we destroy this body by excessinadequate quantity and quality of food on. Proper nutrition - a key factor in maintaining health. We find our sorrows at the bottom of the dish. Abundant intake of fatty foods, and sometimes with the simultaneous use of large amounts of alcohol, leading to enhanced development of the pancreas enzymes necessary for digestion. Pancreas in such unusual situations, extraordinary works with congestion, but its own enzymes could still be enough to make the digestion was complete. Therefore, after the festive feast appear harbingers violations digestion of food: heaviness in the stomach, belching, heartburn, and even pain.

3. If you constantly overload the pancreas, it is possible to earn pancreatitis?

The pancreas - a unique bodywhich adapts to the specific rhythm of human nutrition. And when we overload the pancreas abundant fat, unusual food, she is forced to intensively to produce enzymes. At the same time they are still insufficient and pancreatic function is impaired. In addition, with such a grueling work of the pancreas is disturbed pancreatic juice outflow and developing so-called "self-digestion of pancreatic tissue." This process leads to organ damage, inflammation, and even irreversible changes in both its structure and function. As a result, naturally developing pancreatitis.

4. The number of patients with pancreatitis increased in recent years.

Eating Disorders, or why suffer the pancreas?What is the reason?
One of the main causes of chronicpancreatitis are fatty foods and alcohol. And since those who love good food and drink, including hard liquor, we have plenty, and then the people suffering from this disease, it is becoming more and more. Thus, at risk - all the fans of fat and strong. Do not underestimate the impact of smoking! It is proved that the decomposition products of tobacco smoke - the strongest poison to the pancreas. Therefore, if a overlaid all of the above negative factors, the development of pancreatitis becomes highly probable.

5. How should we eat to the pancreas does not suffer?

Eating Disorders, or why suffer the pancreas?Eating a healthy person should be optimallybalanced composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, in terms of the rational. It is also desirable that each person ate at worked out daily rhythm (part time).

Food for the sick person is a naturalhealing factor that allows directly and specifically affect the function of the digestive system, beneficial effect on the disease, reduce the amount of drugs used.

Recommended: in diseases of the liver, gallbladder,Biliary food is prepared in boiled or baked form. Recommended cereals - all, especially oats and buckwheat, pasta, meat and fish low-fat varieties of boiled, soups, cereals, milk, broth imperfect, milk products, any vegetables in boiled, baked and raw, white bread and rye (yesterday).

Diet in chronic pancreatitis characterized by a high content of proteins that limit the use of fats, fresh fruits and vegetables, food and definitely cooked boiled and baked form.

Eating Disorders, or why suffer the pancreas?DO NOT: pastry, fried pies, pasties, fatty meats and poultry, cakes, soft drinks, chocolate, alcoholic drinks, tapas, meats, strong tea and coffee.

In addition to dietary restrictions and a complete failurealcohol and smoking the most important factor in the treatment of diseases of the pancreas is the choice of optimal enzyme therapy. Enzyme preparations are divided into two classes: this enzyme treatment, which contain large amounts of active substances and are prescribed by a doctor, and a preventive series, which can take any healthy person with neobhodomosti to help your pancreas to cope with the load, which it will make during a feast.

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