Gastritis. human disease


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  • Where does

    "Gastritis is inflamed mucosastomach, there is an increased secretion of gastric juice and hydrochloric acid, disrupted the normal movement of food in the intestines. There is pain in the upper abdomen, discomfort, fullness in the abdomen, a burning sensation (heartburn) after meals, and for bacterial gastritis characterized by the appearance of hungry aches and pains at night, - says Deputy Head of the Department of Food and gastroenterology SRC RF-IBMP of RAS, leading Boris Afonin researcher.

    Gastritis. Muscovites disease - Vomiting may occur when an aggravation of gastritis,weakness, dizziness, change in stool. In severe cases, possible stomach bleeding. gastritis danger is that the process itself is not fully passes and can lead to atrophy of the mucosa, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer. "

    In most cases, gastritis occurs becauseactivation of the microorganism Helicobacter Pylory (Hp). These bacteria are already in the stomach more than half the population, and in the event of unfavorable factors, they are felt.

    Hp hit up to 60% of the world population (insome countries 70-80%). It is transmitted from person to person often through utensils (especially spoons), drinking from bottles (each second is infected with HP). You can become infected by a person with a kiss and a long time (more than 3 months) in contact with bacteria carriers (in the family, at work).

    Infection begins in childhoodpeaks in adults. We are not dealing with the occurrence of gastritis, and to a greater extent with its aggravation caused by adverse factors (eating disorders, nervous tension, an excess of harmful substances (alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and so on. N.).

    What else can provoke disease

    • Improper and irregular meals: dislike for the first dishes (mainly soups, which should be eaten every day) receiving the dry, spicy, too cold or hot food.
    • Overwork, nervous stress and exhausting physical work.
    • Alcohol. To the doctor more often resorted amateurs feasts - after abundant libations in combination with acute fatty foods. As a rule, after which a short time later there is an exacerbation of gastritis.
    • Smoking. Nicotine destroys the gastric mucosa and provokes the appearance of gastritis.
    • Admission drugs (eg, aspirin, which can irritate the stomach, hormones, antibiotics).

    Treatment for gastritis

    To make a diagnosis "gastritis", the doctor usuallysufficiently described the symptoms and pattern of their occurrence. Treatment often is not burdensome and successfully. However, in severe cases it requires in-depth studies, most of which are informative - gastroscopy.

    First of all, you need to remove the symptoms of gastritisdiet, eat little and often (5-6 times a day), well cooked food. Your doctor may prescribe drugs that normalize the acidity of the stomach, protecting the mucosa, neormalizuyuschie gastric emptying.

    Feeding gastritis

    Gastritis. Muscovites disease In acute gastritis doctor may recommend a special, very sparing diet Sample menu conscientious patient who struggles with the disease can look like this:

    liquid porridge (oatmeal, cream of wheat, rice) or steam scrambled eggs, milk tea, jelly (it is better not to drink at once).

    Lunch: boiled egg or a little cottage.

    Dinner:vegetable soup (best soup), boiled meat or lean fish, or steam cutlets, pasta, juice or sour juice.

    Snack:Biscuits, yogurt, mild cheese,

    Dinner:potatoes (or any vegetable) puree water, fruit jelly.

    The second dinner (at night):a cup of yogurt or baked apples, white bread.

    Where treated

    • Central Research Institute of Gastroenterology: Highway enthusiasts, 86. tel. (495) 304-30-39
    • SSC Coloproctology Medical Technologies: Str. Salam Adil, 2. Tel. (499) 199-39-01, 199-04-09.
    • State Research Center for Preventive Medicine: Petroverigsky Lane, 10. tel... (495) 923-86-36.
    • Approximate cost lecheniya- 3 thousand. Rubles.

    The products are contraindicated in gastritis

    First of all, acid-containing products (acidic foods). Be sure to exclude margarine and products in which it may be used (practically all confectionery).
    Spicy foods and products stimulating gastric secretion, soft drinks, coffee, strong broth, aspic, tinned.

    Cabbage, cucumbers, onions, fresh bread, cakes, fatty meat, milk, fat, spices, grapes, prunes, strong tea, smoked, marinades, chocolate, ice cream, alcohol.

    Healthy foods

    White biscuit, raspberries, strawberries, jam, yogurt, cereals, liquid, low-fat soups, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, boiled chicken, vegetable soups, cocoa, jelly.

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