Lactase deficiency: Causes and Treatment


It has long been known to all of the need for breastfeeding. About
This is said pregnant women in antenatal, childbirth - obstetricians,
young mothers - doctors at the children's clinic. The fact that breast milk
irreplaceable for babies write on each jar milk mixture all
known baby food manufacturers. Experiencing great happiness
mother breast-feeding her baby, the child grows up confident, with
sense of security, sympathy toward the world, his mind more
resistant than the crumbs receiving bottle feeding.
Memories of Me, nursing favorite child feeding, helping mom
survive the crises of growing up the child, the family rallies.

However, circumstances may arise in which the breast
Breastfeeding, however it may be desirable, it is impossible. there is
certain diseases in which grudnichki need special,
other than from breast, feeding. One of them - the lactase

Lactase deficiency: Causes and Treatment
This pathology is also called alaktaziya (a mild form -
hypolactasia) and represents a flaw lactase enzyme
breaks down the main carbohydrate of mother's milk - lactose.

In order to assimilate the baby milk contained in
its nutrients are broken down by specific enzymes to more
simple molecules. Enzymes found in saliva, gastric juice, bile,
produced by the pancreas and the villi of the intestinal wall.
Enzyme activity in young children normally low and increases
during the child's growth. If harmful effects on the baby's body
depleted enzyme systems, and milk is digested and assimilated

The main energetic and structural part of breast milk -
lactose - milk sugar, a carbohydrate, which is important in the diet of children
infant. It is split by the enzyme lactase for the remainder of
glucose and galactose, which, thanks to its small
size can already be absorbed into the bloodstream. If lactose is not broken down into
components, it remains in the gut, causing dilution of the chair,
flatulence and creating a breeding ground for germs.
Lactose intolerance can be primary and secondary. primary
lactase deficiency is caused by a genetic defect and
is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner, that is, not connected with the floor
baby and appears in the transmission of the altered gene father and mother
child. Much more common secondary lactase
failure, mainly hypolactasia. The reasons for it are
transitory (passing) the immaturity of enzyme systems
gastrointestinal tract in premature newborns and debilitated,
antibiotic - and hormone therapy, acute intestinal infections, severe general
disease kid, allergy to cow's milk proteins and cereals.
Lactase deficiency manifests itself in the first days and weeks of life
child. Symptoms of disease - frequent, liquid, foamy with a sour odor
chair, many babies colic, rumbling and bloating that occur
10-20 minutes after the start of feeding. Sometimes there are regurgitation,
vomiting. Kids lose weight, develop malnutrition.

The diagnosis of lactase deficiency is put a doctor on the basis of
the story of parents, the child's stool studies on carbohydrates, dairy
acid pH, the provocative test with lactose (elevated levels of
Breath hydrogen).

Treatment lactase deficiency

Treatment lactase deficiency diet therapy is based on a
restriction or total exclusion of foods containing lactose:
breast milk, ordinary adapted and non-adapted milk
mixture, fermented baked milk, sour cream, milk porridge and puddings, yogurt, acidophilus. Of
compounds can now be sold to recommend lactose-free AL 110,
low-lactose "Nutrilon low-lactose"Soy mixture:
Alsoy, Enfamil soy, izomil, Nursi. It justifies the use of mixtures,
containing lactase, for example Laktofidus company Danone. If desired,
maintaining breastfeeding, you need to give your baby the enzyme lactase.

Transfer of children on recommended mixture is carried out for 2-3
days in infants is enough to replace 1 / 3-1 / 2 breast volume,
bottle-full replacement of the mixture. At 2-4 days of treatment
the child becomes calm, disappear vomiting, diarrhea, GAZ cars, with 4-5
the day a baby begins gaining weight. Dairy-lures children with
lactase deficiency start giving before watching
dietary diversity and balance of essential nutrients. Of
dairy products in the child's diet can be administered yogurt containing
live bioculture and cheeses, they are digested and the shortage of lactase. at
long dairy-free diet need to be added to the baby's diet
calcium. In secondary hypolactasia complete clinical and laboratory
remission was achieved two to three months, and after passing the test
analyzes can start gently introduced into the child's diet
lactose containing products, noting the kind of supplementary feeding, and the amount of reaction
baby in a food diary.

As long as possible it is desirable not to cancel breast milk, as
It contains a large number of substances (for example immunoglobulins)
that child anywhere but breast milk would not be able to receive.

In infants and toddlers causes abdominal pain, regurgitation,
diarrhea can be not only lactase deficiency, intestinal and
infections, goiter, not sterile (germs), breast milk,
intolerance of cow protein, less breast milk nepravilinoe
administering any lures (including juices and dairy mixes), so that
diagnosis and treatment options are best left to a professional.
You must strictly adhere to the diet recommended by your doctor and other
treatments, keep a food diary, creating a calm child,
comfortable environment in which the recovery will be faster and
It reduces the likelihood of relapse.

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