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  • Like what is floating there
  • If dandruff prevents you
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  • What you need and what can not be done in the treatment of mycoses

  • It would seem that it may be common between the pool, cat, hair, intestines and women's vagina (hussars, silent!). And, meanwhile, lists the places where the most diverse mushrooms live, which can not only deliver a lot of inconvenience, but also to be transmitted from man to person. Alone, fungal infection will never disappear. But go into a chronic form – Easy to.

    We will immediately agree that there are very many fungal infections, they are caused by the most different mushrooms, and the clinical picture is sometimes not distinguished by bright severity. Therefore, in the overwhelming majority of cases, it is required to take the scales from the skin or smear from somewhere to look under the microscope and determine – What kind of mushroom makes it growing on you. It is quite logical that far from every house there is a microscope, but in a dermatological clinic he is definitely.

    Mushroom kingdom

    The kingdom of mushrooms has almost 100 thousand species. This is both habitual forest mushrooms with legs and caps, and mold on the walls and bread, and yeast, on which the dough rises, and even a rash on the body.

    Pathogentes (that is, they are able to cause human diseases) only about 500 kinds of mushrooms.

    The same applies to treatment. Mushrooms – Very protected organisms and do not give up without a fight. To evict them, it is required to apply heavy artillery in the form of special antifungal antibiotics. Only a dermatologist can be prescribed and control such treatment. It is quite logical that far from every house there is a dermatologist…

    Therefore, in the article, we only briefly touch, where and under what circumstances you can choose the full body of mushrooms. And what to do to avoid this.

    Like what is floating there

    Mushroom time in the bodyClassic meeting with fungus — Public pool. There you can also add public showers (for example, in a fitness club) and a bath. There is everything you need for a happy existence fungus – Heat and moisture. A fairly one sick person to bring fungus on his feet, and «trap» For careless ready. However, a little bit later, first about the manifestations of infection.

    Maintenance «souvenirs», which can be purchased in public waters – Epidermofiytium Stop and Rubrofitiya.

    Epidermife Stop – Those very «Itching and peeling», Mushroom infection is primarily associated with. These are two main symptoms of the disease. When viewed, it can be noted that the interfallated intervals were red and covered with small cracks. If not treated, then it will be only worse – peeling, bubbles, characteristic smell, shorter, legs become completely unsuitable for use.

    Less often you can get a rubred. Here the clinical picture is not so bright, but dry, redness and peeling have an unpleasant tendency to spread through the skin folds – Up to the armpits, and women also climb under the chest.

    What to do to not get infected

    • Be sure to use our own rubber slippers, which, after visiting the pool (bath), thoroughly wash with soap;
    • Do not get up in the shower on a barebid barefoot;
    • do not use other people's bathroom accessories;
    • Do not wear synthetic socks in the warm season (stockings, golfs) and closed shoes;
    • If they moved the epidermophytio stop, the shoes in which they went during treatment, it is best to throw away, otherwise you can get infected again – This time from your own slippers.

    If dandruff prevents you

    Know what is to blame for this too fungus. True, it is impossible to get infected – He is attended from birth on the skin of anyone, even bald as a man's kneel. This fungus is called «Pitirosporum Ovale», feeds on the skin and behaves quietly peacefully. When the Sala's supply schedule changes – For example, during seborrhea, pithyrotrum breaks down from the chain and begins to multiply massively. In response to such aggression, the head of the head is inflamed, and the epidermis (top layer of the skin) – Massly peeling. So we get «snow», And that I «cereals» on hair and clothing.

    It is possible to quickly get rid of dandruffs only in the commercial, in fact, the process is stretched for several months, while therapeutic cosmetics and drugs have to be applied regularly.

    What to do to not get infected

    As we found out, this fungus lives, so our main task – hold it in the framework of decency. To do this, you need to follow the scalp, select the right shampoo and other hair care products. The best assistant in this noble business – Dermatologist or trichologist (specializing in hair diseases).

    Cat – With depriving tummy

    In childhood, you probably had to hear from my mother: «Do not ride a cat, she can be deprived!», At the same time, you wondered what kind of horror was found at such a pretty courtyard Murki, and why it should be afraid.

    With degrading in medicine, a separate story. There are a number of diseases caused by completely different reasons, but called deprived. So, sliding deprived is caused by herpes virus, red flat deprived – The consequence of immune and neurological disorders, about the reasons for pink losing so far there are only guesses.

    Actually fungal lishaev two – White and ringing (the only one that can be infected with direct contact).

    Meanwhile, harsh (or trico) – The only five kinds of listened, which can not only become infected, but also to other people «surprise» hand over. By virtue of the increased cat-and doggyness, the carrier of the infection is mostly children of junior and middle age, as well as their parents. Especially difficult to make moms – Women Trudhophias very often goes into a chronic form.

    The clinical picture is quite characteristic: ring foci on the skin are formed with raised and blushing edges. Hair in the focus of the lesion of the fungus cuts into the root, sometimes leaving the penetment of 2-3 mm. This is especially noticeable on the head, hence the name is deprived – «Streaming».

    Getting rid of the unreasonable «Volosorba» — The process is long, using a large amount of a wide variety of means, both inside and locally, in the form of ointments. If trihophyties got sophisticated on the head, it is necessary to cut the foci with periodicity once a week. Presented a picture? Then carefully read the next paragraph.

    What to do to not get infected

    Never take on the hands and not stroking the courtyard cats and dogs, no matter how desired they did not look. The same must be explained to children. If you suddenly notice the child's ring foci in the skin – Refer to the dermatologist immediately.

    Cheerful thrush

    Thanks to television advertising, we learned enough about two main female problems. First – Critical days that do not have any relationship to mushrooms. Second – thrush, and here we'll talk about her.

    Official Medical Name of the thrush – candidiasis. And then it is distinguished by localization – The process can be in the mouth, and in the intestine, and in the kidneys. It is caused by yeast mushrooms of the genus Candida (hence the name of the pathology). What is talking about in advertising – This is a vaginal candidiasis.

    In contrast, let's say, from their intestinal fellow, the vaginal version is rather unpleasant than dangerous. Burning and thumb, cotton selection (and hence the second name — «thrush») – Neither to sit down, nor sit, nor in bed with a loved one. And faces this trouble with the overwhelming majority of women, and many live so all life – Alternating periods of exacerbation and remission.

    Treats vaginal candidiasis doctor gynecologist. To it and you should contact – The smear must be done anyway, because often candidiasis arises against the background of other, non-criminal infections, as well as hormonal and other failures. Even error in diet (alcohol, yeast foods) can provoke appearance «Cottomier».

    Men, as a rule, do not hurt with a thrush. An exception – Uncaped representatives of strong sex that have an extreme flesh. They have every chance to earn inflammation of this flesh – So-called Candadozny Balanopostitis. Such a man can infect all the partners that will communicate with, and they, in turn, will «undo» his. It turns out a kind of cycle of candides in nature.

    However, nature «Pursed» And about men, having allocated their personal fungal pathology. Only men, women sick in gag epidermofitia – Very and very rare. The process is localized in the inguinal and femoral and inter-fodded folds, foci tend to merge, forming a single brownish mocking array. Subjectively, men feel the same as women with vaginal candidiasis – Pain, burning, difficulties in walking and other types of activity.

    What to do to not get infected

    Personal hygiene – at the first place. Sponges, washcloths and other accessories must be strictly personal. It is necessary to teach a partner to wash not only after sexual intercourse, but before him. In doubtful cases and in the absence of a permanent partner to use condoms.

    What you need and what can not be done in the treatment of mycoses

    Here are a few not that need to be considered to get rid of any fungal attack forever:

    • Do not run the process. Doubt – Contact your doctor, it will assign the necessary analyzes and confirm or disquires your fears;
    • Do not assume that «Hurt and pass». Alone, fungal infection will never disappear. But go into a chronic form – Easy to. And then heal it is incredibly difficult.
    • Do not engage in self-medication. This is especially true for advice «experienced» girlfriends or «Knowing» friend. Not at all the fact that it will help you that helped them. It is likely that the clinical picture is simply licked and goes into the shadow, and then see. second.
    • Do not throw treatment in the middle. Unpleasant symptoms disappear pretty quickly, and the fungus is still a couple of weeks feeling very good. And may well organize the second wave of the offensive. Control analysis after the course of therapy is required.
    • Not to get involved in sweet during treatment. Sugar – The perfect nutrient medium for the overwhelming majority of pathogenic fungi.

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