Digestion disorders, or why pancreas suffers?


Digestive disorders, or why does the pancreas suffer?

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one. What function does the pancreas perform?

Pancreas — The most important organ of digestion. It produces digestive enzymes (amylase, lipase and proteases), which are responsible for cleavage of food components and ensuring nutrients. Amylase breaks carbohydrates, lipase — fats, and proteases — Proteins.

2. What is the most suffering the pancreas?

Digestive disorders, or why does the pancreas suffer?First of all, we ruin this organ redundant by quantity and inadequate in quality. Proper nutrition — The most important factor in the preservation of health. We find our diseases at the bottom of the plate. Abundant reception of fatty foods, and sometimes with the simultaneous use of a significant amount of alcohol, leads to enhanced production of the pancreas of the enzymes required for digestion. Pancreas in such unusual extraordinary situations work with overload, but its own enzymes can still be insufficient so that the digestion is full. Therefore, after the festive feast, harbinger of disorders of food digestion appear: the severity in the stomach, belching, heartburn and even pain.

3. If you constantly overload the pancreas, then you can earn pancreatitis?

Pancreas — This is a unique organ that adapts to a certain human nutrition rhythm. And when we overload the pancreas of abundant fat, unusual food, it is forced to produce enzymes. At the same time, they are still not enough and the function of the pancreas is broken. In addition, with such a grueling work of the pancreas, the outflow of pancreatic juice is disturbed and the so-called so-called «Safety of the pancreas fabrics». This process leads to damage to the organ, inflammation, and even irreversible changes of both its structure and functions. As a result, pancreatitis is naturally developing.

4. The number of patients with pancreatitis has increased in recent years.

Digestive disorders, or why does the pancreas suffer?What is it connected with?
One of the main reasons for the appearance of chronic pancreatitis are fatty food and alcohol. And since those who love to eat well and drink, including strong alcohol, we have plenty, then people suffering from this disease becomes more and more. Thus, in the risk group — all lovers of greasy and strong. It is impossible to underestimate the effect of smoking! It has been proven that tobacco smoke breakdown products — The strongest poison for the pancreas. Therefore, if all the above listed negative factors are superimposed, the development of pancreatitis becomes very likely.

five. How to eat, so that the pancreas did not suffer?

Digestive disorders, or why does the pancreas suffer?The nutrition of a healthy person should be optimally balanced in composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, rational in volume. It is also desirable that each person freshed through the daily rhythm (at certain hours).

Food for a sick person is a natural therapeutic factor that allows you to directly and purposefully influence the function of the digestive organs, having a beneficial effect on the course of the disease, reduce the amount of drugs used.

Recommended: In case of diseases of the liver, gallbladder, biliary tract food is prepared in boiled or baked. Kashi recommended — Any, especially oatmeal and buckwheat, pasta, meat and fish of non-fat rafting varieties, soups cereal, dairy, broths are frown, lactic acid products, vegetables any in boiled, baked and raw form, wheat bread and rye (yesterday).

Diet with chronic pancreatitis is distinguished by increased protein content, limit the use of fats, fresh vegetables and fruits, food is also be prepared in boiled and baked.

Digestive disorders, or why does the pancreas suffer?IT IS FORBIDDEN: Dough Dough, Fried Patty, Chebureki, Fatty Materials and Birds, Cakes, Carbonated Drinks, Chocolate, Alcoholic Drinks, Sharp Snacks, Smoked, Strong Tea and Coffee.

In addition to dietary restrictions and complete abandonment of alcohol and smoking, the most important factor in the treatment of pancreas diseases is the choice of optimal enzyme therapy. Enzyme preparations are divided into 2 classes: these are therapeutic enzymes, which contain a large number of active substances and which the doctor appoints, and the prophylactic series, which any healthy person can take in need, to help its pancreas to cope with the load that she has to be reached During the feast.

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