Pancreatitis, or Do not allow your pancreas to suicide!


Enzymes and antienzymes

Among the pancreas, digestive organsentrusted with a very important task - to ensure the digestion of food, which could not handle the stomach. Therefore, pancreatic juice secreted it contains a set of less active chemically enzyme that can cleave and dissolve almost any nutrients, making them suitable for assimilation. How could she, poor thing, is continuously generating less aggressive substances, it is possible to avoid most of the damaging effects?

The enzymes within the pancreas arean inactive form and attain full strength, already hitting the intestine and mix with food. But if due to any reasons for their activation occurs prematurely, it can actually lead to serious consequences.

Of course, some kind of self-digestion protection fromIron is: along with the enzymes it produces and substances that inhibit their activity. Enzymes and antienzymes how to balance each other. Under normal circumstances, this is quite enough. However, when the balance is disturbed - close to disaster.

If the amount of juice produced by glands markedlyincreased (or on his way there was any obstacle) - he just does not have time to flow in a timely manner in the intestines. Then the pressure in the duct increases the pancreas, which leads ultimately to an increase in the activity of pancreatic enzymes.

In such cases, protection becomes antienzymeinsufficiently developed and that in scientific language is called "inflammatory and destructive syndrome", or more simply - the damage of pancreatic digestive enzymes. This is - of course, in a simplified form - the mechanism of the disease, called pancreatitis.

"ER" for pancreatitis

Pancreatitis, or Do not allow your pancreas to suicide!The main symptoms of pancreatitis - an agonizing painthe upper abdomen (often zoster character), nausea and vomiting. Distinguish acute pancreatitis (in the case of a single attack) and chronic when the attacks are repeated regularly.

The most dangerous form of acute pancreatitis -pancreatonecrosis: self-destruction of the pancreas. Fortunately, not every case of acute pancreatitis (fairly common disease) ends pancreatic necrosis. On the contrary, it is - a rare exception. However, any person to feel pain in the abdomen, it is helpful to remember about the possibility of serious complications and adhere to certain rules in order to reduce this risk to a minimum.

  • When the pain in the stomach should immediatelycall a doctor. It does not matter if the alarm would be exaggerated; worse when precious time will be lost. The sooner you start treatment, the more hope of success.
  • Discard the food and to examination by a doctor - and fromdrinking, as any food eaten or taken a drink cause additional irritation of the pancreas and stimulates the production of pancreatic enzymes.
  • Put ice on the epigastric region - the part of the abdomen, which is between the navel and rib cage. If ice is not present, you can use the hot water bottle with cold water.
  • Do not take any medication before the arrival of the doctor. Be sure to go.
  • In no case do not give up treatmenthospital, even if you find that easier: in many diseases of the abdominal cavity, including acute pancreatitis, may occur a short period of imaginary well-being, followed by disease pounces with redoubled force.

In most cases, doctors canabort an attack of pancreatitis during the day. To avoid irreversible consequences in the development of pancreatic necrosis, intravenously administered large doses of drugs antifermental, similar actions in vivo. If this does not help, it is necessary to resort to surgery.

But even at the easiest attack do not rush todischarge from hospital a few days stay, needed for insurance to avoid a repetition of the attack and find out what triggered the pancreas to "revolt".

Alcohol and stones - the perpetrators of pancreatitis

Doctors have counted about two hundred factors that contribute to the development of pancreatitis. Among them there are two indisputable leader - cholelithiasis and alcohol.

Quite often cases where people live toa ripe old age, neither sleep nor the spirit of its stones unknowingly. And because the doctors to find a patient "silent" stones are usually not in a hurry to their removal. Recommend that the patient follow a diet and prescribed re-examination within six months - a year.

But if gallstones declare themselves boutspain, surgery is necessary. After the bile duct and pancreatic duct before flowing into the duodenum is almost come together, with the output restriction - excretory duct, in which the stone came out of the gallbladder, may get stuck. It is easy to imagine how to behave like pancreatic enzymes, "stumbled" on this barrier.

In addition, such a stone violates the outflow of bile -there is jaundice, plummets liver's ability to neutralize accumulated toxic substances in the body. In this situation, delay in operation is fraught with the most serious consequences.

As for alcohol ... Of course, it is better not to drink at all. Well, for those to whom this task is not able to do, saying that pernicious just not the alcohol acts on the pancreas (though it irritates her pretty much), and the combination of liquor with spicy and oily food. Thus, it is preferable to drink a glass, slowly, as a snack with fresh cucumber, apple, lemon, but no bacon or smoked sausage.

aides pancreas

Pancreatitis, or Do not allow your pancreas to suicide! Exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis usually provokes annoying (ie fatty and spicy) food, meats, drinks - everything that stimulates the production of pancreatic juice.

Digestive enzymes have received the widestdistribution in medicine as a medicine. For clinical purposes, they are obtained by recycling pancreases livestock. Many people are probably familiar drugs such as festal, panzinorm, solizim, mezim - they are taking today are constantly or occasionally, millions of people suffering from chronic gastritis, colitis, duodenitis, or more simply - the fact that when something is not quite right call "indigestion".

These wonderful tablets taken with meals,help relieve digestive system, normalize its work to improve the digestibility of nutrients, which are essential for the human body and which present our food, even abundant, not excess.

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