Pity pancreas - or herself "eat"!


  • What symptoms can assert itself pancreatitis?
  • What should I do if I have a seizure?
  • How to diagnose pancreatitis?
  • Is it possible to completely recover from acute pancreatitis?
  • Which diet is indicated for pancreatitis?

  • What symptoms can assert itself pancreatitis?

    Pity pancreas - or herself "eat"!
    Excruciating pain in the upper abdomen radiatingin the back (as if encircling the body), nausea and vomiting - so declares itself inflammation of the pancreas, or acute pancreatitis. Often, the disease leads to cholelithiasis and cholecystitis. Bile duct and pancreatic duct are almost next door. And inflammation in the biliary tract, sooner or later captures and pancreas, disrupting the outflow of pancreatic juice from it.

    Inside gland enzymes suitable for makingassimilation of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, are inactive. But, having come across an obstacle, they are activated, and there is a paradoxical situation - the self-digestion of the pancreas. In this group of patients with more women. But "men's" cause of pancreatitis - spirits. And the third provocation - fatty, fried and spicy foods. If a meal is accompanied by alcohol, all compounded, and as a result develop spasms and disturbed outflow of pancreatic juices.

    What should I do if I have a seizure?

    We must be aware of the risk of serious complications andsevere pain immediately call "ambulance." In this case it is better to be safe than to underestimate the danger - only in the hospital have the opportunity to involve the whole complex of intensive therapy in order to avoid irreversible consequences in the development of pancreatic necrosis.

    How to diagnose pancreatitis?

    On the severity of the disease can be judged by the resultsUltrasound, which enables us to determine the size and shape of the pancreas, to see her ducts, detect inflammatory foci. However, ultrasound failed to detect. According to information content today is leading a more detailed method of diagnostics - computed tomography. Another trend in the diagnosis of pancreatic diseases related to its active role in biological processes: investigated blood and pancreatic juice for the presence of pancreatic enzymes and various hormones.

    Is it possible to completely recover from acute pancreatitis?

    Pity pancreas - or herself "eat"!

    In milder forms of pancreatitis in a patientfollowing can be considered practically healthy. Unless, of course, it will not be abused fried and spicy food, alcohol. In severe forms of inflammation (necrosis) disease, unfortunately, it becomes chronic - iron wrinkled, broken allocation of its enzymes, the development of cancer cells, insulin. Very often develop diabetes.

    Which diet is indicated for pancreatitis?

    During exacerbation of the first day is better to starve -drink weak tea without sugar and alkaline mineral water. Next, gently include diet biscuits (not Full-flavored), porridge cooked in water, mashed potatoes without butter. In the following days the diet is gradually expanding. The patient can eat low-fat boiled meat (preferably beef), fish, boiled or steam, porridge, gruel. Whole milk, cream, sour cream excluded. But lean cottage cheese or sour milk, made from skim milk, will not hurt. Meals should be fractional and frequent - 5-6 times a day.

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