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  • «Samai unpleasant in dysbacteriosis is that it does not exist»
  • Why me?
  • How to recognize the enemy
  • Trust Dr

  • Dysbacteriosis & ndash; Thunderstorm manager

    First, everything is fine: you do not save money on cosmetics, per figure
    Watch, full of forces. And, of course, you do not feel any desire
    interested in such trifles as malicious microbes. Yes, B
    own intestines!

    And they are glad. Feeling permissiveness,
    Quickly begin to spoil the hostess life. Eye do not have time to blink,
    how the face is found, the power runs out, the mood will not be combat, but
    Career will begin problems. Like this – once! - And no manager.

    «Samai unpleasant

    OE in dysbacteriosis is what it does not exist»

    Right done. In our body, according to scientists, about two
    kilograms of microbes – «Bad» and «Good». Useful microbes -
    Biofidobacteria, lactobacilli, bacteroids and intestinal sticks -
    Real friends.

    They are involved in digestion and fat exchange,
    Protect from allergies, support the immune system and even reduce
    The likelihood of developing oncological diseases.

    And still kept in the cord
    Human enemies: staphylococci, proteins, streptococci, whom we also have
    abound. The number will decrease «Good» Microbes - immediately restruct
    Power to Hands «Bad». And there will be to you dysbacteriosis.

    Why me?

    leading to dysbacteriosis, several. For example, it may be
    Gastrointestinal diseases,Dysbacteriosis & ndash; Thunderstorm manager at least the same gastritis on which
    Young and beautiful try not to pay attention. And maybe
    Stress: Fore major circumstances at work will be praised on the chair, and
    constipation, as you know, malicious microorganisms just adore.

    Suddenly you sit on a diet? Then the likelihood is that useful
    microbes or not get due nuts, or in the body are present
    Substances that contribute to their death. Remember: fermented milk products and
    Plant fiber Create a nutrient medium for the flora you need,
    and preservatives kill this flora.

    Well, if you have pets,
    You inevitably fall into one risk group. Can «pick up» from
    of their favorites of parasites (roughly speaking, worms or some
    the simplest), and they allocate substances that destroy all the same
    unfortunate useful microbes.

    And last: do not resort to
    antibiotics without extreme need, even if you really want
    Immediately recover and run to work again. Try to take
    Soft tools. Antibiotics kill not only «Bad» Microbes,
    with whom are designed to fight, but also «Good».

    How to recognize


    unpleasant in dysbacteriosis what it does not exist. By
    At least this is not an independent disease, but the manifestation of different other
    diseases or all sorts of troubles that fall periodically
    On our fragile shoulders. In many other countries, even such a term
    This is not known. And since the dysbacteriosis is not a disease, then he does not have
    some special symptoms inherent in him, all – general.

    Belching, heartburn, nausea, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, smell from
    mouth, allergic reactions to innocuous products… Familiar signs?
    Then it's time for a gastroenterologist – to start. And then to determine
    the cause of dysbiosis, you need to understand which microbes are inhabited by the intestine and
    in what quantity, and for this will have to agree to a special
    study, and maybe not even one.

    Now O
    pleasant. The best thing is in dysbacteriosis is that by starting it
    treat, at the same time you have to do other your problems, whose decision you may have been postponed for a long time «for later». because
    Dysbacteriosis, that is, the investigation can finally be defeated, only for
    Company with a disease-cause. Doctors understand this and will deal with you
    Dysbacteriosis & ndash; Thunderstorm manager
    Of course, treat gastrointestinal diseases
    The tract is not an occupation of the most exciting, but you just think: how
    Just all in your office when you see the result!

    By the way, he is always
    Reflected on the face: Fresh skin color, lack of acne, edema and bags
    under the eyes that carefully masked cosmetics.

    Trust Dr

    Dysbacteriosis usually discharge a number of drugs that are capable
    Restore the former balance between useful and harmful bacteria.
    These drugs are divided into three main groups. First group –
    Probiotics, stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria.

    As part of the second
    Groups - Live useful bacteria or their disputes (acipol, Linex,
    Bifidobacterin, bificol, colibacterin). Finally, the third – Preparations,
    containing bacteriophages (viruses affecting certain types

    Mandatory and means that improve digestion.
    Some of them contain pancreatic enzymes, others (adsorbents)
    remove toxic substances from the body. Third normal are normal
    Entrious wall. With the same purpose applied
    Igloreflexotherapy, Special Massage Systems and Self-Resource.

    But the course of treatment is appointed only by the doctor. No independent decisions – You are not at work!

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