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  • lactase deficiency
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  • lactase deficiency

    To the body of the child has learned the mother's milk, it contains
    nutrients are broken down by specific enzymes. One of them
    - Lactose - is located in the intestinal mucosa. it was he who "lots" on
    the main components of carbohydrate in the diet of infants - milk sugar,
    or lactose (not to be confused with the name of the enzyme!), helping its elements
    absorbed into the blood. If enough of the enzyme, the milk
    sugar gets into the colon where fermented by lactic acid bacteria.
    And this is a favorable environment for microbial growth that promotes
    flatulence and soft stools. It appears
    lactase deficiency.

    of its main reasons - the immaturity of the enzymes in the stomach and intestines
    weakened and premature children. After lactose activity reaches
    only the necessary rules for the 36th week of pregnancy.

    Lactase deficiency can also cause acute intestinal infections, allergy to cow's milk protein, as well as antibiotics.

    Lactase deficiency may occur in the first weeks
    a child's life. At the same time the baby becomes restless, he refuses
    Food. The chair had frequent, frothy, sour smell and a large
    of water. Starting to feed the child, within 10-20 minutes'
    You notice that his tummy swells and begins to hum. Scarce can
    belch. All this is not conducive to good digestion, so
    the baby is not gaining weight. Of course, these symptoms - reason for
    an urgent appeal to the pediatrician.

    If you suspect a lactase deficiency is the most important analysis - the study of feces on the carbohydrate content.

    Treatment lactase deficiency

    • As the lactose contained in the milk of conventional adapted
      mixes, they would have to limit or exclude from the child's diet.
    • If you are breastfeeding, do not rush to go directly to
      lactose free mixture. Save precious nectar for baby help
      special preparations which are added to your milk for 2-3 hours
      before feeding. Unfortunately, such "assistants" road.
    • Kid-bottle-suited unemployed or Low-mixture: AL
      110, Humana drugs soya blend (Frisosoy, Enfamil Soy Alsoy, NutriSoya).
      Or mixtures containing lactase (e.g. Laktofidus). translation into
      the mixture gradually over 2-3 days. Pipsqueak who received breast
      milk substitute 1 / 3-1 / 2 the feeding amount required bottle-
      complete replacement of the mixture.
    • Babe older can be given a 3-day kefir, in which little lactose (0.5%).
    • Due to the state of normal diet kids enough
      fast. Within 3-4 days diarrhea decreases colic disappear.
      Gradually reduced and the activity of lactase.

    If a healthy baby, breastfed,
    not gaining weight, his green, unstable chair and problems
    Skin, before moving it to the artificial feeding and
    prescribed by the doctor to pass the examination and treatment, try
    see if breastfeeding is organized correctly.

    What is lactase deficiency
    Try to learn the correct attachment to the breast, to establish
    frequent feeding on-demand, and avoid the use of pacifiers
    nipple and dopaivanie, establish a good night feeding and
    negate the breast pump, if any. After about 2-4 weeks
    look at the results again. In 99% of cases, no artificial feeding,
    any examination or treatment of your baby does not need.

    Lactase deficiency, goiter and non-sterile milk
    often regarded by doctors as a reason for the termination of breast
    feeding. whether such a verdict is justified?

    Once a group of consultants but breastfeeding has received
    an assignment from his superiors to answer questions about their American
    colleagues, consultants, La Leche League (International Dairy League).

    The fact that many online parent conferences, and
    Also at the meeting with the experts moms often discuss three
    question: lactase deficiency, goiter and seeding of milk on

    What do you mean? The first two states resemble that in
    LLL imbalance called front and rear milk and dysbiosis. These
    state are by no means terrible pathology, but are discussed
    our mothers it is from this point of view. As regards milk seeding
    Sterility, the foreign colleagues interested. Why our doctors
    conduct this analysis? Consultants but breastfeeding started
    to work and that's what found out.

    Reasons lactase deficiency

    According to the special literature, diseases of carbohydrate metabolism,
    associated with changes in the activity of enzymes that break down sugars and
    including lactose, are extremely rare. Data for different countries
    are not the same. The frequency of these diseases ranges from 1 in 20,000 to 1
    200,000 children. Why pediatricians say lactase
    failure almost every second child? How could survive
    mankind, if this disease (resulting, for example,
    Left untreated for malnutrition and death) occurs in the majority of

    The fact that the true lactose intolerance caused by
    and genetically related to the complete absence or serious lack of
    necessary enzymes, is very rare. And what is the constant
    faced by modern doctors? Basically with lactase
    failure, resulting in incorrect result
    organized breastfeeding.

    If you feed the baby every 6-7 hours, collect the milk, decant
    after feedings, or shift the baby while feeding it to
    one or the other breast, the probability of lactase
    failure, the cause of which is the imbalance between the way
    called the front and rear portions of milk. It turns out that the child
    It feeds usually front milk, containing a liquid and
    a large amount of lactose. In the breast between feedings is also going
    mainly milk front, the rear is more dense and greasy,
    formed primarily during the suckling child. If the shift
    kid in 3-10 minutes after the start of feeding to the other breast, and he from
    suck the milk carried forward and back and then you have to decant. Kid
    is not good to put on weight, it may soon appear
    diarrhea with herbs and foam. You will think that you have bad
    milk, although it much.

    The same situation may be, if the limit of the child to suck,
    like strictly for 15-20 minutes. Baby often does not have time to get to
    Rear milk and, in addition, not enough to stimulate breast
    milk production, if 15-20 minutes, he sucks 6-7 times per day.
    Therefore, in addition to the above situation will develop
    lack of milk. If you start to lure crumb mixture lactose free,
    he will get fat, all relieved, and minds will be strengthened
    a myth that milk may be bad and have all modern moms

    What to choose: breast or bottle feeding

    There are also temporary lactase deficiency. The child has
    a properly organized breastfeeding, with a good increase
    weight and well-being, in the first 2-3 months of life (sometimes
    longer) there frothy stools. If you tell your doctor, who
    probably order tests. and analysis is likely to be
    found sugar. Child transferred to lactose-free mixture. but
    incomplete absorption of lactose - a common phenomenon for the child at the breast
    feeding (66% of children aged 6 weeks and 60% of children under 3

    One mother, for example, mentioned in the following situation: "your child
    experiencing extreme pain! Look what his flatulence! A
    you continue to feed him her milk! It is for him - poison!" Of course
    well, so there are not all pediatricians. Some doctors, seeing that
    child well being, it does not require immediate treatment,
    relying solely on laboratory results obtained, and is not appointed
    additional inspections.

    Let us remember that the last few decades, doctors have been dealing
    mostly with the kids who were fed formula. Respectively,
    knowledge and many laboratory tests are only applicable to this group
    children. The presence of sugar in the stool baby-bottle-a
    pathology, but the child is breastfed is
    norm! A considerable amount of sugar may be a consequence of said
    the above error in the organization of feeding, as the crumb gets a lot of
    lactose front rich milk.

    Dizbakterioz a child

    This diagnosis is probably the most popular to date. Kid,
    as is known, is born with a sterile gut. If from the moment of birth
    into his mouth does not get anything but maternal nipple (namely, that
    provided by nature), then rather quickly the gastrointestinal tract
    Child sown normal microflora. In colostrum and breast
    milk contains factors that promote the growth of normal microflora and
    inhibit pathogens.

    What is lactase deficiency
    If breastfeeding was organized wrongly (and
    This case, unfortunately, the most common), if in the first
    day after birth, dating to maternal microbiota, kid started
    obtain a mixture, intestinal colonization is far from ideal. But
    Even in this case, the mother's milk to help cope with the problems.

    The most interesting thing happens when a newborn finally
    It is at home. Normal stool crumbs breastfed
    liquid, yellow, white lumps can be 7-10 times per day for
    bit or 1 every few days, but a large volume. Most often in
    kids first months of life is a chair 3-5 times a day. Precinct
    Pediatricians often called this normal baby poop and diarrhea
    appoint fecal dicbakterioz. (This does not take into account
    the fact that the baby first six months of life has the right to dysbiosis in
    intestine and stool any, provided that it grows well and
    evolves.) Then start the treatment, one of the points that
    is a translation of the child, such as a mixture of lactic acid. Pediatricians do not
    fault - they are accustomed to a child's chair, located on an artificial
    feeding, more dense and monotonous.

    Even more interesting situation occurs when, in spite of
    reception, for example, a variety of biological products, the child continues
    of pathogens, not suitable for his bowel. In that
    the case of my mother say that the whole thing in her milk, and insist on
    termination of breastfeeding. Illustrative in this respect such
    case: the baby, whose mother nursed constantly and in large
    quantities sown fungi Candida and hemolytic E. coli.
    No treatment for these microorganisms has not acted. mom doctor
    convinced that the blame for milk. No supplementary feeding of the child and up to a year, Mom
    I took him away from his chest. The child began to get sick often, and mushrooms and chopsticks
    remained the same amounts.

    What is the seed of milk for sterility

    Quite often, doctors began to prescribe another analysis - seed milk
    Sterility. Thus in 50-70% of cases appears that in milk
    there are a variety of microorganisms, most often gold and
    Staphylococcus epidermidis. Mom prescribed treatment
    antibiotics and week baby feed mixture, then it is usually
    He refuses the breast. Option two: mother and child prescribed
    biologics or appoint hlorofillipt.

    Meanwhile, the presence of staphylococcus in milk means nothing! AND
    Staphylococcus, and Staphylococcus epidermidis live human skin, and
    It is also available on most surrounding objects. (For example, when
    moving the stack of diapers number of staphylococci in the air dramatically
    increases!) Along with breast milk the baby gets
    Specific antibodies to assist him when needed to cope with
    staphylococcus. It turns out that maternal milk staphylococcus
    He comes to the child with protection from him and is not dangerous for the baby!
    Moreover, the baby must be in the first hours after birth settle
    Mama's staphylococci. From this it will be protected aureus her own
    antibodies that receive colostrum and milk. All microflora
    mother's organism has "know" baby's immune system, thanks
    antibodies cross the placenta.

    For crumbs dangerous colonization of the microflora of the hospital, including
    hospital strains of staph that is resistant to antibiotics: a
    these organisms he is not familiar and settling their skin and
    the gastrointestinal tract is dangerous for the baby. If the child does not
    opportunities settle my mother's microflora, it is populated with what we have
    around. As the saying goes, a holy place is never empty. If not
    capabilities "home" a strain of Staphylococcus aureus to settle on
    baby, it will be replaced by hospital strains. But it's not scary
    child breastfed - the mother will help him,
    producing corresponding antibodies.

    The presence of staphylococcus in milk has no effect on its quality.
    Staphylococcal enterocolitis, which often frightened mothers, urging them
    stop feeding their "toxic" milk - an extremely rare condition,
    occurring in diseases of the immune system and the emergence of
    which promotes artificial feeding! Because if
    even the baby for some reason the immune system is weakened, with the mother's
    milk, he will still receive significant support. When translated into
    artificial feeding, he is deprived of this support.

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