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  • Acetional syndrome

    Acetional syndrome in childrenAcetional syndrome - symptom complex arising in children with increased accumulation in the blood of ketone bodies - products of incomplete oxidation of fatty acids (β-Oxymalassic acid, acetone, acetoacetate). Leads to this state an increase in the body of a child's level of uric acid.

    The high level of uric acid occurs in violation of the exchange of purine bases and may be due to congenital metabolic disorders (primary acetional syndrome) and violations of metabolic processes due to certain diseases - diabetes, tumors and injuries of the brain, liver diseases and gastrointestinal organs (secondary acetional syndrome).

    Primary acetional syndrome develops in children with congenital neuro-arthritic anomaly of the Constitution, which is characterized by a violation of the exchange of fats and carbohydrates, as a result of which there is a periodic increase in blood levels of ketone bodies (acetonemia), leading to the occurrence of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting.

    Neuro-arthritic anomaly of the Constitution (neuro-arthritic diathesis) is already manifested in the first months of the child's life. Children are usually lagging behind in a body weight set, they are characterized by thinness, accommodation, sleep disorders. In terms of neuropsychic development, such children are noticeably ahead of the peers - earlier they begin to speak, differ in good memory and abilities in school, although they often show stubbornness and quick temper.

    The first manifestations of acetional syndrome arise at the age of 2-3 years, to 6-7 reach their peak and to the beginning of puberty disappear.

    Children with neuro-arthritic diathesis often have night pains in joints, spastic abdominal pains, headaches, allergic reactions. In older children, there is often awesome-vascular dystonia, astheno-neurotic syndrome, pyelonephritis.

    Acetional crisis is manifested in the form of a single or multiple vomiting, an increase in body temperature to 37-39°With stomach pain. Very often, the smell of acetone is felt. The baby is sluggish, dried, pale, on the cheeks - unhealthy blush. Strips tests on acetone give a positive result.

    The attack of indoorable vomiting may arise suddenly, but often it is preceded by the absence of appetite, lethargy (or vice versa - arousal), nausea, abdominal pain, headache, smell of acetone from mouth.

    Treatment of acetional syndrome

    Wrivery the occurrence of acetional crime can viral infections, psycho-emission stress, overeating and unusual products with high fat content.

    At the very first manifestations of a acetional crisis, a child need fractional doses, desirable alkaline mineral water. You can make microclism with an alkaline solution (1 teaspoon of soda on a glass of water). With large losses of the liquid, the freedon is shown. In any case, the child must receive a liquid volume of at least 100ml / kg of body.

    In the first day after the attack of a child, it is advisable not to feed, from the second day carefully begin to give crackers, cookies, rice porridge, vegetable soup. Feeding – frequent and small portions. You can later enter buckwheat, oatmeal or wheat porridge, steam cutlets, fish.

    To prevent new attacks, first of all, you must comply with the diet. Contraindicated products from poultry meat, veal, broths, canned food, smoked. Limit bean, mushrooms, sorrel, tomatoes, tea, coffee, chocolate. Preference is given to fermented milk products, eggs, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, cereals from.

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