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    Candidiasis, or How to deal with thrushMost women find yeast harmlessphenomenon, and how such advertising would even free us from having to go to the doctor. Thrush, candidiasis or rather, is not really a disease dangerous, if not self-medicate. Remember that candidiasis - is a disease, it is necessary to treat, and cure only under the supervision of a gynecologist or urologist.

    Yeast, but not those

    At the beginning I would like to dispel the myth that the thrush - exclusively female disease, and men do not get sick by it. It is not true. Men, too, are subject to candidiasis. And this is the explanation.

    Unlike venereal diseases thrushnot cause infectious bacteria, yeast and fungi. These fungi live in our bodies from the moment of birth. Getting on the newborn skin at the time of passage through the birth canal mother, fungi soon settle throughout the body: they live on the skin and the nails, the mucous membranes of the mouth, intestinal, respiratory and genital tract and the internal organs even a healthy person.

    Like some other fungi in the body,fungi causing thrush are controlled by the immune system. And it should only weaken our immunity after experienced stress, disease, etc., these fungi are satisfied with "rebellion" in our body. One of the main causes of thrush is banal lowering immunity.

    Thrush male and female

    Men are less susceptible to the fungus, to the callingthrush. Therefore, when used in men thrush usually topical treatment. As a rule, these measures for the treatment of male yeast enough. However, in cases when the disease is well established, and access to a doctor it was quite late, the patient is prescribed antifungal drugs for oral administration. However, it should be noted that only the absence of latent infections and chronic diseases can guarantee a man full recovery from such troubles as candidiasis. And this will help you understand just urologist.

    In women, candidiasis occurs not as an example more often. And the symptoms and treatment of yeast infections are much more serious than that of men. Most women notorious form of vaginal candidiasis. And the first symptom of this form of yeast infection usually becomes a sharp, fast growing and becoming almost constant itching in the perineum and vagina. Nature endowed women are particularly large number of nerve endings in the body, so a vaginal candidiasis - the most intolerable and delivers the greatest number of problems.

    The most common yeast infection in women inranging from 20 to 45 years. Often accompanied by thrush infections of genital organs and urinary system. In addition, according to statistics, more than candidiasis patients in the group of women exposed to diabetes.

    Trust your doctor, not advertising

    Itching is just the first symptom of thrush. After the terrible itching appear white plaque on the vaginal mucous membrane and grayish "cheesy" discharge. But due to the fact that a strong itching calls for enhanced hygiene measures, discharge characteristic of thrush, you may not have noticed. Only a gynecologist can assess the overall picture of the disease, so you should not diagnose yourself, only on the basis of the familiar sensations.

    It is not always discharge, itching and burning -sign of candidiasis. The exact same symptoms are possible with gonorrhea, bacterial vaginosis, genital herpes, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, and other infections. Especially not permissible to appoint a treatment, as do the energetic ladies of television advertising.

    But even if you are absolutely sure that yourThrush is not terrible and you have successfully treated and deal with it yourself, it's worth to make a preventive visit to a gynecologist. Because candidiasis is often the first sign of serious problems of the whole body - from reduced immunity to ovarian dysfunction, but it is much easier to treat in the early stages.

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