How to treat a yeast infection?


  • What causes the problem?
  • What are the symptoms of thrush?
  • Should we treat and how?

  • What causes the problem?

    genus Candida. These yeast fungi normally live in the body
    birth. Under certain conditions, their number is growing. these
    conditions include a temporary reduction of immune forces of the body, in connection
    the following reasonsHow to treat a yeast infection?and:

    • Pregnancy
    • Diabetes
    • Against the background of other diseases (SARS)
    • Prevention of oral contraceptives
    • Prolonged use of an intrauterine device
    • Long-term use of antibiotics
    • Menstruation
    • Irritation of the mucous membranes uncomfortable, synthetic, narrow linen.

    Thrush is not a disease, sexually transmitted.

    What are the symptoms of thrush?

    The disease has different stages. At the very light
    one woman only concerned cheesy kind of isolation. On
    the following is added itching and redness of the mucous membranes of the genital
    organs, skin swelling, the discharge becomes more abundant. how
    Generally, yeast infection symptoms a week before menstruation, when
    women are particularly weak immune system. Burning sensation and itching especially
    amplified in the heat: after the bath, under a blanket.

    Should we treat and how?

    To treat it is necessary! Living with a constant discomfort in the genital area, feel pain during sex and urination is impossible.

    In addition, the constant presence of the infection in
    genital area can lead to more serious complications

    In pregnant women, thrush is very common, almost every second.
    It passed from mother to newborn child Brawley than 70% of cases.
    It does not depend on the method of delivery: separate genera or
    cesarean section.

    It is necessary to see a doctor - a gynecologist, who
    He prescribes a comprehensive treatment consisting of drugs for the domestic
    application and antifungal ointments.

    In addition, to remove the sensation of itching, do
    bath with furatsilinom or add to water for cleaning the one spoon
    baking soda.

    In the critical days, do not use tampons, often
    change pads. Avoid synthetic, narrow linen. Follow
    their diet: for the time to exclude sweet, spicy,
    marinated dishes. Avoid using scented
    pads, gels, additives - it will only increase the irritation.

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