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  • Men's thrush

  • What is thrush

    Thrush or candidiasis - is a fungal infection of the mucous
    membranes and skin, which is caused by intensive breeding
    yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida. Normally, the fungus Candida permanently
    present in the healthy human body in small amounts. Under
    the influence of different factors is a violation of the balance of microorganisms and
    excessive proliferation of Candida. Urogenital candidiasis is more common in
    and women can be sexually transmitted.

    There are frequent cases of family candidiasis,
    When cured the woman again infected by a partner for non-compliance
    requirements of the attending physician to abstain from sex during treatment, or
    use a condom. The man at the same time can be a carrier and thrush
    not experience any symptoms.

    The causes of this disease are several:

    • reception
      without concomitant antibiotic or antifungal agents for
      a long period;
    • sugar
    • anemia;
    • decrease
    • stresses
      or psychological overload.

    Women often are causes of candidiasis
    dishormonal disorders, pregnancy. Performing at this treatment only
    partner and continuing to have sex during the course of treatment, the couple at risk
    get the most "ping-pong effect" mentioned above.

    Men's thrush

    Men suffering from candidiasis much less women as
    fungus simply washed out of the urethra urine. Physiologically mushroom family
    Candida is very bad, "take root" in the male genital organs. therefore
    manifestations of the disease in men - rather alarming symptom,
    It shows a decrease in the immune defense of the body or the presence of other
    infections, sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore it is very important not to engage in
    self-treatment, and undergo a complete diagnosis and examination by a physician profile.

    Active candida infection in men is characterized by
    the following manifestations:

    • burning
      and itching;
    • soreness
      during sexual intercourse;
    • redness
      in the penis;
    • edema
      prepuce and glans penis;
    • strong,
      unpleasant, sour smell;
    • perhaps
      formation of a white plaque on the glans penis.

    Usually thrush begins in men with candidiasis
    urethritis (inflammation of the mucosa of the urethra). Its incubation period is 10-20 days, and the most striking symptom
    onset of the disease is the appearance of thick white mucous discharge from
    the presence of certain strands of similarity. This may feel discomfort when
    urinating. When Candida urethritis on the glans penis and the inner
    piece of foreskin often appear typical cheesy spots - a sign
    balanoposthitis (inflammation of the glans penis). It is important to begin treatment at the first signs of infection,
    since the lack of timely treatment could provoke further
    promotion of infection and as to flow in the chronic form of the disease, and
    the development of serious diseases - chronic prostatitis, vesiculitis (inflammation of the seminal vesicles); and
    the spread of candidiasis in the bladder and kidneys. Because of the high
    adaptability of candida infection penetrates into the various organs and leads
    to change their operation. The absence of these treatments
    diseases may cause infertility.

    Men's thrush
    The chronic form of yeast may lead to frequent
    relapse of the disease. Most often they are the cause of any secondary

    Typically, the initial treatment of candidiasis in men
    apply a topical treatment. Preparations in the form of a cream applied to the head
    penis, twice a day for a week. In any case, the kind of the drug
    and the duration of its use may be prescribed only by a doctor. to self-medicate
    in this case, not only short-sighted, but also dangerous. In chronic forms
    the disease is prescribed antifungal drugs for oral administration. Also in
    Depending on the stage of the disease, antibiotic therapy can be administered
    and preparations for the recovery of the body microflora.

    In the course of treatment is recommended to follow a certain diet,
    excluding sweet, spicy, pickled and spicy dishes. Eliminates reception
    liquor. For efficient and effective treatment is recommended
    to abstain from sexual activity for the entire course. In order to support and
    activate immune system can take immune-boosting drugs, as well as
    vitamin complexes, as recurrence of the disease will be difficult
    avoided with weakened immunity.

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