Oh, this thrush!


  • What is thrush?
  • How to ease their plight?
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  • What is thrush?

    Unlike yeast venereal diseases are not caused by infectious
    bacteria or parasites, microorganisms, yeast and fungi,
    living in our body from the moment of birth. Getting on the skin
    newborn at the time of its passage through the birth canal mother, fungi
    soon settled throughout the body: they live on the skin and nails,
    mucous membranes of the mouth, intestinal, respiratory and genital tract
    and even in the internal organs of a healthy person.

    Oh, this thrush!
    In normal
    while fungi Candida differ peaceful character. But it is worth to us
    Only supercooled, loose due to illness, stress,
    overwork, abuse of antibiotics or hormone
    drugs - peaceful neighbors come out from under the control of the immune system and
    turn into arrogant aggressors. With high speed fungi begin
    multiply and become dangerous. In newborns and critically ill,
    usually develops candidiasis oral mucosa. In
    women, whose hands a lot and often in water, usually found
    candidosis nail ridges. In children and obese people fungus Candida can
    inhabit the skin folds in the groin, under the breasts and between your fingers. A
    most women notorious form of vaginal candidiasis.

    manifestation of thrush - a burning sensation in the vagina, it
    swelling and painful itching, forcing a woman combing
    Places affected by fungus, which causes even greater irritation. Then
    on the vaginal mucosa appears white coating, and
    grayish discharge cheesy consistency. However, the selections you
    simply can not see, because a strong itching calls for intensified
    hygiene measures. Rate the overall picture will gynecologist, so you should not
    diagnosis only on the basis of the familiar sensations, and it is imperative
    go to the doctor.

    Asexual infection vaginal thrush is not
    the only way to get sick. The fungi can enter the vagina and
    unprotected sex.

    And, by the way, often with
    they can pick up more and Trichomonas and bacteria that cause already
    more serious diseases of the sexual sphere. "Present" you thrush
    maybe your wrong-term partner - a neutral carrier
    disease between the two women.

    However, the physical suffering - not
    the only cause for concern. Candidiasis is often the first
    a sign of serious problems of the whole organism - the total reduction
    immunity to ovarian dysfunction. Therefore it is necessary to thrush
    take care and do not put off a visit to the gynecologist.

    How to ease their plight?

    thrush is manifested only once, then there is enough local
    treatment. Your doctor will decide which vaginal suppositories you more fit.
    Today there are many medications, so this problem can be solved.

    the treatment of thrush, doctors strongly demand an end
    sexual activity for ten days. It may temporarily harmful fungi
    emigrate to your partner, which, without causing him problems,
    wait out the course of your treatment and then reassert itself. Exactly
    so diagnosis and treatment of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases,
    it is desirable to have both partners simultaneously.

    helpful hints

    • AT
      During treatment should be excluded from the diet of sharp, spicy and
      pickled foods, which make the urine is too pungent, which may
      additionally provoke itch. It is better to lean on fresh vegetables,
      fruit, dairy products, cereals.
    • Give up on from time to
      prolonged physical exertion, heavy feasts, long stay
      in the heat, wearing tight tight clothes or wet bathing suit - from
      all that leads to abundant perspiration, diaper rash and irritation
    • During menstruation change pads more often.
      Menstrual discharge - a suitable environment for breeding
      pathogenic bacteria and the immune system is weakened by these days.
      Better not to use tampons during this period.
    • Constantly
      recurrent thrush can sometimes talk about the presence of a more serious
      sexual infection. In this case, the stroke analysis and consultation
      a qualified person.

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