Symptoms and treatment of chlamydia


  • Who is at risk
  • What is chlamydia
  • Symptoms of chlamydia
  • Diagnosis of chlamydia
  • chlamydia Treatment

  • TO This group of diseases also applies to chlamydia. It is the least
    gentle towards their "relatives". And yet,
    the risk of chlamydia infection is high.

    Who is at risk

    In recent years the trend
    is that chlamydia can be infected each. Catching
    oral-genital, anogenital or classic sex, chances
    Make this disease exist. If infection has occurred, it is not
    Tighten it. The treatment would be quick and painless, if
    observe the rule: "The earlier the diagnosis of the disease will take place, the easier
    she recovers. "
    From the unpleasant consequences of chlamydia running primarily affects
    women. This is due to the fact that women can carry a hidden disease
    , which impedes the formulation of early diagnosis. For this reason
    recommended medical examination of all persons brought into ComteSymptoms and treatment of chlamydiaCT
    sick man.
    For young women chlamydia can cause irreversible damage. launched
    disease contributes to infertility. Therefore, if there
    any signs of infection without fail
    recommended to undergo a medical examination. Thus, you podstrahuete
    themselves from the effects of the disease itself.

    What is chlamydia

    The reason
    chlamydiosis are naturally Chlamydia - intracellular
    microorganisms. Chlamydia are divided into two types. The first type is usually
    It affects mammals and birds, but mutated virus may meet
    and humans. A second type of chlamydia occur exclusively in
    Chlamydia insidious fact that in its manifestation are intermediate
    place between viruses and bacteria, i.e. have signs of both other.
    That is why the diagnosis of chlamydial infections is difficult.
    The incubation period until the first signs of chlamydia lasts 24-48 hours (depending on the state of the human immune system).
    In men, chlamydia can initially hit the urethra
    channel. Then comes the defeat, and other organs. The list may
    to get prostate gland, seminal vesicles. Moreover, from
    Chlamydia urethra can penetrate into uric
    bubble thereby causing it to inflammation.
    In women as in men, for chlamydia primarily occurs
    the defeat of the genitourinary system. The clinical course of the disease can
    resemble other diseases of the genitourinary system. Women often
    there is cervical lesion. Next, the infection can affect the uterus,
    fallopian tubes, ovaries and the peritoneum. It is not ruled out infection skid
    the cervix into the rectum, causing tissue damage. But
    the most dangerous complication of chlamydia is considered to infertility.
    Upon infection of a newborn baby from an infected mother
    affects the baby's eyes, nose, throat and lungs. The infection is dangerous because
    for several months it proceeds without any clinical

    Symptoms of chlamydia

    all men inflammatory process can proceed without any changes
    in organism. Frequent symptoms of chlamydia are bad
    sensations, itching and pain during urination. This may be accompanied by
    frequent urination. In severe disease
    Pain may occur in the scrotum, perineum. As well as possible
    pain in the lumbar spine.
    A typical symptom of chlamydia are muco-purulent
    urethra. They are free to follow or
    found when pressing on the channel. When the disease occurs
    most calm, isolation can be in the form of "drops of morning." Urine
    frequently transparent but has a impurity mucopurulent filaments. at
    prolonged urinary retention observed sticking the external opening of the jaws
    Chlamydia in women occurs with minor complaints. Itching
    urethra, painful sensation at the beginning of urination
    and frequent urge to it - this is a standard course of symptoms
    chlamydia. Also, there is itching and burning sensation in the external genitalia
    authorities. When pressure is applied to the damaged area of ​​tissue may
    appear mucous discharge (may be scarce, non-color,
    and often without any noticeable discharge).
    The inflammatory process in the cervical canal is accompanied by
    muco-purulent discharge from the vagina. Patients may complain of
    high humidity genitals. And the feeling of heaviness with pain
    the lower back during menstruation is also seen. Besides
    observed changes in cervical erosion area as
    When chlamydia also appears malaise, fever, abdominal pain, irregular menstruation.

    Diagnosis of chlamydia

    Diagnosis of infection is complicated
    the fact that under the guise of chlamydia may be hiding, and other diseases
    genitourinary system. Therefore, taking a swab for Chlamydia - a
    a subsidiary procedure in the diagnosis. With this method
    You can only suspect the disease.
    The standard assay for the detection of bacteria chlamydia is sowing
    on Wednesday, Ms-sou. Its disadvantages are considered to be time-consuming work,
    the high cost and long period of preparation. Not all patients are satisfied
    This method of diagnosis.
    Besides taking scrapings from the urethra men / women held
    Immunoassay analysis of blood. The method is good because it brings
    infectious agent, in addition to determine the stage
    the flow of chlamydia.
    The most reliable way to identify infectious agents considered
    DNA diagnostics, it is also called PCR (polymerase chain reaction). Method
    authentic and 100% sensitive, i.e. reveals chlamydia
    even at low concentration of Chlamydia.

    chlamydia Treatment

    Selection of appropriate medicines should be engaged directly
    Specialist Medical Centre. Timely treatment to employees
    health care - is the key to your speedy recovery. Treatment
    Chlamydia infections in the home is extremely dangerous serious
    complications, especially considering that chlamydioses able to take
    In the treatment of infections caused by chlamydia, use a combination of
    therapy. Chlamydia insidious in that it can grant yourself and others
    disease. Often the disease is accompanied by other diseases,
    sexually transmitted diseases. Hence the difficulty in setting the correct
    diagnosis. Until now, scientists are searching for solutions of this
    Problems. Therefore, the treatment used broad-spectrum antibiotics
    To this group belongs can chemotherapeutics
    pinitsillin, sulfonamides and tetracycline. Together with
    antibiotic treatment is carried out with the use of
    immunokorreguliruyuSymptoms and treatment of chlamydiaing drugs to maintain immunity ill
    human. tsikloferona injections are commonly used. It effectively
    fights infection, due to this, the complications are
    minimal and the disease itself more easily tolerated.
    In the fight against chlamydia professionals can use azithromycin. For
    This is assigned an individual course of treatment. Not excluded
    the use of clarithromycin. It is less lenient because of its toxicity.
    Possible course of doxycycline 100 mg 2 times a day. And vilprafen 500
    mg 2 times a day. This rate applies for five days, but
    above should get professional advice.
    Some medical centers are recommended to accompany treatment
    chlamydial infections blood laser irradiation, which increases
    the effectiveness of antibiotics contributes to the improvement of the immune
    system. Also assigned to a speedy recovery
    multivitamin complex and peculiar diet.
    It should be remembered, and that chlamydia treatment should be dealt with, both
    partner. Otherwise, all efforts will be in vain. At the end
    Course conducted test samples for the presence of infection. at
    detection of bacteria is carried out the repeated cycle of treatment. If the results of
    for Chlamydia analysis will be negative, it shall be appointed
    control recurrence of the disease. It is within the next two months
    after his recovery to make the surrender of strokes (once a month for
    check for relapse occurrence of chlamydia would be enough).

    Remember that to protect yourself from chlamydia can each. The main thing to take
    all necessary measures to prevent the disease. compliance
    safe sex - the main point in the prevention of
    chlamydial disease. Contraceptive methods are now available to everyone.

    And how do you react to the disease itself, it depends on the welfare of your health and the health of your children.

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