Bacterial vaginosis in men and women


  • Bacterial vaginosis in men
  • Infection gardnerellezom
  • Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis in women
  • Complications of bacterial vaginosis
  • Diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis
  • Prevention of bacterial vaginosis

  • The composition of the normal microflora in the vaginamay include a small amount of Gardnerella vaginalis, Mycoplasma hominis and anaerobic bacteria (genus Mobiluncus), and others. These microorganisms are present in small amounts in the vagina of most healthy women.

    Bacterial vaginosis in men

    Bacterial vaginosis is by definitionvaginal dysbiosis. Sometimes agents of bacterial vaginosis cause urethritis in men, which is manifested by pain and burning sensation when urinating. In this case treatment.

    Infection gardnerellezom

    Bacterial vaginosis is not a classicsexually transmitted diseases. It is closely linked to risk factors for sexually transmitted diseases (multiple sexual partners, a recent change of sexual partner). Therefore, women with gardnerellezom advisable to examine the main sexually transmitted diseases.

    Factors contributing to the development of bacterial vaginosis:

    • Bacterial vaginosis in men and womenFrequent douching (Often women withthe occurrence of symptoms of gardnerellosis (unpleasant odor of vaginal discharge) independently resort to douching, associating an unpleasant odor with insufficient hygiene. In this case, douching causes an even greater exacerbation of gardnerellosis.)
    • Douching chlorine-containing antiseptics (Gibitan, Miramistin);
    • The use of contraceptives containing nonoxynol-9 (candles "Patenteks Oval", "Nonoxynol" candles);
    • The use of condoms with spermicidal lubricant (nonoxynol-9);
    • Multiple sexual partners;
    • The recent change of sexual partner;
    • Reception of broad spectrum antibiotics;

    Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis in women

    Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis in women includenot abundant, malodorous, uniform, watery, grayish-white discharge from the vagina, uniformly covering its walls. At the same time the smell of vaginal discharge like the smell of rotten fish.

    Complications of bacterial vaginosis

    Bacterial vaginosis is considered a risk factor for uterine appendages inflammation, female infertility, preterm labor, complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

    Diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis

    Diagnosis is based on clinical presentation andthe results of the total stroke. Identification of pathogens bacterial vaginosis (Gardnerella vaginalis) by plating, by direct immunofluorescence. In a small number gardnerelly present in the vagina of most healthy women.

    Prevention of bacterial vaginosis

    Prevention comes down to the abandonment of irrigation andthe use of contraceptives containing nonoxynol-9 ( "Patenteks Oval", "Nonoxynol"). When casual sex and contacts with non-regular sexual partners should use condoms. Before the end of the treatment is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse without a condom into the vagina. Treatment of sexual partner does not reduce the frequency of relapses in women.

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