Application of aloe extract on Fedorov

It is impossible to overestimate acute vision and pleasure from the beauty of the surrounding world. At the same time, the eye is one of the most vulnerable organs of the human body - there is a huge number of factors undermining the quality of our view. To improve and preserve this valuable gift of nature, Aloe Extract for Fedorov was created.

Natural biologically active components served material preparation material. Svyatoslav Fedorov became the author of a unique recipe - the famous ophthalmologist of the last century. The composition and technology of creating a medicinal agent The doctor refined for 10 years, and today the drug is rightly named after it.

Why spoys eyesight

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Before assessing the composition of the drops, let's consider the most common reasons for the deterioration of our vision. Nature is intended to 80% of the information from the environment entered the brain through the eyes.

For several recent decades, the social lifestyle has drastically changed: we actively enlightens television, carries out computers monitors, touch phones and tablet displays. Increasingly, you have to strain your eyes, peering into electronic images. And everything would be nothing, that's just no delicate, almost jewelry, optical eye system for daily enslave technological progress. This means that the eyes sometimes cannot quickly adapt to the rapidly increasing load. It is not surprising that recently the number of young and young patients has increased dramatically, and various diseases of the visual apparatus continue to progress.

Feature Aloe Extract on Fedorov

Eyes, Eye Drops, Ophthalmology, Fedorov, Aloe Extract

The drug, created on the basis of the meal juice, saturates the tissues of the organs of the nutrients and vitamins, regenerates «Weak» Plots of the eye muscle increases local immunity. In addition to the Aloe extract prepared according to the unique methodology, there are silver ions and honey droplets at the expense of these components, the efficiency of the drug is significantly increased. The listed components are supplemented by benocconium chloride, pyridoxine, adenosine and vitamin C.

Each substance in the composition of aloe extract on Fedorov is unique and valuable in its own way.

According to the strength of the disinfection properties of silver is inferior only Antibiotics. In addition, metal particles are distinguished by grinding and rejuvenating qualities.

Natural bee honey has always been famous for its antifungal, regenerating and nutritional action.

Benzalconium chloride is an antiseptic substance that has an antiviral effect. This component is mercilened with respect to staphylococci, streptococcal, anaerobic bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms that cause the development of an inflammatory response.

Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C improves tissue trophy, strengthens the retina and wall vessels of the eye, which significantly reduces the risk of hemorrhage. But perhaps the most valuable property of ascorbic acid is the ability to regulate intraocular pressure, thereby reducing the risk of development Glaucoma. A sufficient amount of vitamin C makes eye muscles more enduring.

Pyridoxine, or vitamin B6 is characterized by antioxidant activity. The substance forms and maintains a visual impetus, and also normalizes metabolic processes in the eye retina.

Under the action of adenosine fabric eye acquire «second wind». Due to this substance in organs of vision, nutrition processes, microcirculation, metabolism and regeneration are improved.

The medium for combining the components of the drug is demineralized water saturated with silver ions.

Aloe Extract on Fedorov - a means to help protect the health of the organs of vision during their long-lasting voltage. The drug perfectly copes with eye fatigue, providing them with full nutrition and operational regeneration of tissue structures. There is an assumption that drops improve vision, increasing its sharpness by 0.5 diopters for several months of application.

Indications and Contraindications to Use Drops

Eyes, Eye Drops, Ophthalmology, Fedorov, Aloe Extract

The drug can assign if a person suffers from the following ophthalmological diseases:

  • dry eye syndrome;
  • myopia and hypermetropia;
  • glaucoma;
  • «Chicken blindness»;
  • Dystrophic pathology retina;
  • keratitis;
  • clouding lens eye;
  • adaptation disorders;
  • blufarite;
  • Irit;
  • barley;
  • Diabetic damage to the retina.

The use of aloe extract on Fedorov is strictly prohibited if the patient has an allergy at least one of the components of the drug. Other specific contraindications in the drug.

Application of aloe extract on Fedorov

The drug is suitable not only for adults, but also for children. 2 drops of extract are buried in each eye 3 times a day. The duration of the course of treatment is usually 1-1.5 months. Permanent work at the computer, eye disease caused by virus activities, or injuries of the organs of view are a significant reason for the extension of the course of therapy. Then Aloe Extract on Fedorov is permissible to use more than 7 weeks.

Medikov and Doctors about the drug

Eyes, Eye Drops, Ophthalmology, Fedorov, Aloe Extract

MirSoveto notes that the opinions of people about the fund under discussion often diverge, and sometimes the most radical way.

Doctors make the emphasis on the fact that drops consist exclusively of natural and useful ingredients. Alone alone extract created from plant juice stimulates the normal vital activity of all eye structures and provides high-quality functioning of the visual system. The remaining ingredients increase the overall efficiency of the drops. Always need to remember the honey in the preparation - the natural product of beekeeping can cause an allergic reaction.

Opinions of patients regarding this medicine. Some assure that they began to experience much less problems with the eyes after using the miraculous means, while others did not find anything special in these drops and went to search for cheaper and efficient medicines to maintain vision in the norm.

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