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  • Hormones: The Rise and Fall
  • Risks and thin smoke
  • Precancer - cancer is not
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    Hormones: The Rise and Fall

    When a woman becomes pregnant, her bodythere is a certain hormonal changes, aimed at preservation of the pregnancy. Some hormones are produced in large amounts, while others - in smaller. One gets a certain balance, aimed at the uterus, ovaries and mammary glands as a hormone-dependent organs. And suddenly - the uterus is emptied, the ovum is not ... Where to go to hormones? It begins the real hormonal storm: the hormones hit a backhand and the uterus, and ovaries, and breast cancer.

    After an abortion, because abortion ...Suffer hormone-dependent organs. huge wound surface created in the womb. If it sits at least one microbe might be inflamed with a lot of unpleasant consequences: a chronic inflammation of the appendages, cervical inflammation, inflammation of the uterus itself, uterine inflammation.

    If the inflammation lead to scarring, a woman may be infertile. Scarring between the walls of the uterus, or adhesions, practically exclude the possibility of pregnancy, cause recurrent miscarriages.

    During the operation an abortion the cervix is ​​notIt opens and breaks. It is a lot of cylindrical or ring-shaped, muscular. These muscles are forced to stretch and tear. In subsequent pregnancies may lead to miscarriage when the term of 18-20 weeks. Cervical Lesions also lead to endotservitsitah - inflammation of the cervix. This inflammation may eventually lead to infertility.

    In addition, early release frompregnancy - severe psychological trauma for a woman. As much as it may be opposed to the unborn child, maternal instinct is not going anywhere. Interrupted pregnancy causes any woman a feeling of dissatisfaction. A woman can become embittered, neurotic, withdrawn, irritable.

    - How does an abortion provokes the development of gynecological diseases?

    - The fact that all the organs of the reproductiveWomen systems are defined cyclic hormonal changes. In different periods of various hormones it becomes something more, some less. All together they create a harmonious system. Suddenly everything breaks - interrupts the normal cyclic ratio in the woman's body. Against this background, perhaps anything, the consequences are unpredictable.

    Risks and thin smoke

    They found that approximately 40% of womenafter 40 years there is a disease of the breast. It is also noted that women who had an abortion, an 8-fold higher chance of getting cancer of the reproductive organs than women, abortion is not done. The young especially nulliparous higher chance to get infertility. Women who have already had pregnancy and childbirth, easier to tolerate the ups hormones. As a result of termination of pregnancy, and hormonal changes in young increases the risk of a significant failure of the menstrual cycle.

    - Who are the women, if I may say so, is predisposed to infertility?

    - For gynecological diseases, leading toinfertility, women are more likely weak body - skinny, pale little, little, as well as their complete opposite - large, thickset, mannish. In addition, smokers. Drinking alcohol does not affect, but nevertheless it is also a negative point. More at risk are women who have sex without pleasure. They constantly experience the frustration, resulting in poor circulation and stagnation of blood in the genitals.

    Moreover, the risk is higher in women withpredisposition to cancer. The latter can be activated rapidly after abortion. Hazardous conditions include some types of cervical erosion, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, breast, sealing in the mammary glands (painful or painless).

    In my opinion a conservative, women, breast augmentation with silicone, a higher risk of rebirths in the breast, especially if they have suffered an abortion.

    - Repeated abortions are less harmful to the woman's reproductive health?

    - Addiction to abortion do not and can not. The more abortions, the more storms, which the body can not adjust in any way. One abortion - risk, two abortions - double the risk, three abortions - risk four times. Four abortion - an eightfold risk ...

    Precancer - cancer is not

    - Quite common gynecological complications - precancer and cancer. What is the difference between precancerous and cancer, and under what conditions one can go to another?

    - Precancerous condition called specific,in which the risk of cancer increases repeatedly. By themselves, they are not dangerous - danger of a possible rebirth. With this condition you can live life. Take, for example, cervical erosion. This is where the cervix has already happened for some degeneration of cells. They even look different. This is not a cancer, but it is quite possible rebirth. If erosion women without the risk of cervical cancer by about 1: 1 000 000, for women with the risk of erosion of 1: 100 to 000. That is 10 times higher.

    After an abortion, because abortion ...Pregnancy is - one of the best natural,Natural treatments for precancerous lesions. Therefore, timely, effective treatment of infertility is a powerful tool for cancer prevention.

    For these women it is necessary to observe and treat erosion, it is too late. It is the same with other precancerous conditions - myoma, ovarian cysts and mastopathy.

    - If the woman is already suffering some gynecological disease, but in addition she had an abortion, the events will develop in what scenario?

    - The disease begins to flourish wherever it may be. After hormonal storm occurs all over the body.

    - How are diagnosed diseases caused by abortion?

    - When it comes to the cervix, do socalled colposcopy. Insert an 8-16-fold magnification of the vagina and look. The changes can be seen before the abortion or somewhere in a month after the surgery. Previously, there prevents blood look, or can be confused with damage after an abortion. When it comes to fibroids or cysts, they are diagnosed by ultrasound.

    Unfortunately, a woman can not feel anything as long as it does not go spotting. They can be observed after syringing. And then come the time.

    How to avoid complications

    - What should a woman do in order to timely detect at complications after an abortion?

    - It is necessary to do a colposcopy, to look into the microscope. Regularly, once every six months, gynecologists invite women - and women, as a rule, do not go. We should regularly examine their breasts.

    - No matter how much we say that abortion - terribleevil, Russia still occupies one of leading places in the world for the number of abortions ... What do you recommend to women to reduce the risk of gynecological problems after an abortion?

    - First. If you do decide to, you go to an abortion as soon as possible. The smaller the period, the lower the hormonal storm and uterine damage. Second. Immediately after abortion should not start having sex. You must wait at least until the next menstrual period. Third. At least temporarily, for a month or two, it is necessary to arrange a good diet, mode, quit. Fourth. Both before and after the abortion can not douche caustic solutions. For example, potassium permanganate. It dries.

    In the vagina normally live their good microbesthey prevent the occurrence of bad microbes out there. If a woman washes them out over and over again, and even dries the mucous membrane of potassium permanganate, the bad bacteria can settle there. It is better to simply douche with clean water, add a little soda. Fifth. In principle, all gynecologists are set to careful diagnosis in terms of relevance to the patient that underwent abortion. It is better to be wrong 10 times, diagnosing cancer than once not to diagnose.

    In conclusion, I want to emphasize that abortion -state, leading to inflammatory disease and infertility. Untreated infertility often leads to cancer. Thus, an effective treatment for infertility not only gives a woman the joy of motherhood, but also saves you from the deadly disease.

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