Pregnancy after miscarriage

According to medical statistics, half of allof pregnancies end in miscarriage. While most of the woman about her new position does not guess. Arbitrary miscarriages occur during the period of a few days from conception until several weeks. After that the body needs to help deal with the situation.

Causes of miscarriage

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The reasons for abortion may be several:

  1. Each embryo passes the so-called "natural selection", that is, if it is laid at the genetic level with disabilities, its very nature removes the first few days of life.
  2. Sexually transmitted diseases, which causesevere inflammation in the body. When a woman becomes pregnant, these diseases are exacerbated and dissolve the uterine tube, so that there is an inflammation of the endometrium, which contains a fertilized egg. Sexually transmitted diseases are dangerous not only abortion, but also the fact that after these women can not always get pregnant.
  3. The woman may have after miscarriage abortion, Operations on the genitals, in the deformationuterine adhesions. Sometimes the cause of a miscarriage can be a bending of the uterus, in this case, the fetus may not grow as nature intended and out. Often the cause of miscarriage becomes weak cervix, which is unable to keep a fertilized egg.
  4. One of the most important roles during pregnancyhormones play. They are produced in the thyroid gland and the adrenal glands. Any imbalance on their part to provoke a miscarriage. And this can happen at any stage.
  5. Can provoke miscarriage and chronic diseases, such as problems with the cardiovascular system, metabolismIf there is overweight or underweight.

Planning for a new pregnancy

pregnancy second pregnancy, miscarriage, women's health, conception, planning to become pregnant

To the situation with the abortion is not repeated, it is necessarymake a series of tests and examinations. While both partners. The first woman donates blood to study hormonal and urine keto steroids. This survey will make it clear what the concentration of women in planning in the body of sex hormones. Their overabundance can be seen with the naked eye, such women have excess body hair, toes, have "whiskers" on the face and the abdomen has dark hair.

Further work is required to analyze the adrenal and thyroid gland, only if there is a failure in their work, it is possible to plan the next pregnancy. Vyvit deviation is possible by means US and blood tests. Also with the help of ultrasound examination of the uterus look at the structure of the anomaly and appendages whether tumors.

Both parents compulsorily examined for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, if detected, it means to be a long treatment until they are cured.

Sometimes it happens that the miscarriage occurred, and the testpregnancy continues to show two strips. If this happens, be sure to consult a gynecologist, because the test may show a positive result if the membranes of the uterus were not completely removed. If they are not removed in time, the inflammatory process can begin.

How to successfully get pregnant

pregnancy second pregnancy, miscarriage, women's health, conception, planning to become pregnant

The doctor will help to eliminate all his problems and diseases, and when he gives the go-ahead, you need to properly prepare yourself for a new pregnancy.

  1. Do not be nervous. Just eliminate as far as possible from the environment all stimuli. It is best to change the situation at all, go together with her husband on a journey, to rest. Mental state of a woman directly interacts with its physical condition. If you still can not fully protect itself from stress, train yourself to drink tea with mint or lemon balm, it calms the nerves.
  2. No smoking, alcohol and other bad habits,if you have them. Besides abandon all harmful need as a future mother and father. Nicotine worsens quality of sperm, because of this woman can not get pregnant for a long time, as the fetus develops with disabilities.
  3. Avoid medications. Or cut them to a minimum. If you have any drugs constantly taking, check with your doctor as they will affect the pregnancy and the condition of the fetus. If possible, you should replace them with vegetable analogues, or dietary supplements and do without them.
  4. Eating just the right. Forget for a moment, and the better and forever on the fast food and any other junk food. You must now eat a healthy, full homemade food. If you differ thinness, it will need to include in your diet more protein and fat, but not just any, but valuable, for example, fish oil or flax seeds. These two components, proteins, and fats in the body to affect hormone. If you are on the contrary, are overweight, and hormones with normal, you need to eat as many fruits and vegetables in your diet, they should be more than half of all the food, though most of the fruits and vegetables you need to eat raw . And the rest is preferably boiled or stewed.
  5. Intake of vitamins and folic acid. Among the vitamins necessary to isolate vitamin E. It was he on a par with folic acid is responsible for the development of the fetus without deviation in the first place, the most dangerous weeks of his life.
  6. And most importantly - the right spirit, without which a successful pregnancy is difficult to occur. Believe in your strength and that the child will soon appear, and your wish will come true.

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