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  • Bartolini - an inflammation of the Bartholin glandor in other words, a large gland vestibule. The inflammation is caused most often a combination of micro-organisms. This staphylococci and streptococci, and Escherichia coli, and, rarely, Proteus. But Bartholinitis may occur in gonorrhea and trichomoniasis. The defeat is often the one hand, but sometimes there is a two-way and Bartolini.

    Manifestations bartholinitis

    As a rule, initially affected excretory ductBartholin gland. Its mucosa swells and this leads to difficulty in the beginning, and then to stop the outflow of prostatic secretions. At the same time producing cells continue to secret function as usual. The secret is stored and this causes an increase in cancer. Formed false (uninfected) Bartholin gland abscess. With the further spread of the infection and its penetration into and involvement in the inflammatory process of the prostate tissue, there is a true abscess with purulent melting gland and surrounding tissue. If untreated, the inflammation can capture and nearby tissues of the vulva. In this case the disease becomes severe course.

    What should alert you and get to see a doctor?

    bartholinitisAt a time when only the inflamed ductBartholin gland and formed a false abscess, general condition is not particularly changed. Sometimes the temperature rises to 37 - 37.40, there is a slight indisposition. Already at this stage of the disease can disturb the feeling of fullness, and sometimes palpable pain in the vulva, worse movement, pain during sexual intercourse.

    Independently examining yourself, you may noticeredness and swelling of the mucous membrane of the vestibule at the exit site Bartholin gland duct. On the border of the middle and lower thirds of the labia majora, on the outside, or, more rarely, inside visible noticeable swelling, painful on palpation. The skin over the area of ​​swelling is hot, flushed, sometimes with a bluish tint.

    At a later stage bartholinitis, that is, wheninfection of the gland itself and the formation of the abscess, the picture of the disease becomes severe. The general condition of women varies considerably, which is reflected in the increase in body temperature to high numbers, the appearance of fever, weakness, lethargy. In general, there are signs of general intoxication. Pain in the vulva are intense, limiting the mobility of women.
    Increased swelling in the location fieldcancer patient, the skin becomes bright red, strained to shine, with signs of cyanosis. By clicking on the iron there is a sharp unbearable pain.

    If not treated at this stage Bartholinitis, abscessIt can be opened independently. Abscess pus begins to stand out through the hole and pull the tissues decreases. At the same time there is a significant improvement of health: reduced temperature, reduced pain, and it seems that the disease recedes. However, this is unfortunately not the case. In the absence of proper treatment, after a brief period of prosperity, the disease returns. Bartholinitis becomes chronic. Manifestations of the disease are Just noticeable, but permanent. During exacerbation become more pronounced. Chronic Bartolini is much more difficult to treat. It requires more effort on the part of the doctor, and a good supply of patience on the part of women.

    With long-term existence of chronicinflammation, Bartholin gland cysts formed. She no longer has the inflammatory manifestations and expressed only by the presence of tumor in the area of ​​the labia majora. Bartholin gland cyst can fester.

    So, you have time to notice the signs at large gland vestibule inflammation and turned to the gynecologist.

    Diagnosis bartholinitis

    What the survey you conduct?

    First of all, an ordinary inspection and outerinternal genital organs. Seen from the affected area, a physician will see a complete picture of Bartholin gland inflammation. Stands out from the flow, with pressure on the gland pus, will be taken on the microbiological examination. sowing results stand out, talk about the microorganism or combination of microorganisms that caused inflammation. They can be taken vaginal swabs. With the opening of an abscess in the study is taken and its contents.

    The results of blood tests exclude such dangerous diseases such as syphilis and HIV.

    Other special examination methods, as a rule, is not required. For the correct diagnosis and selection of treatment methods bartholinitis, doctor enough the above research methods.

    bartholinitis Treatment

    bartholinitis Treatment is gradual and depends on the stage of the disease.

    In the acute stage of the disease are shown:

    • Bed rest, sexual abstinence.
    • Chill on the area inflamed Bartholin gland.
    • Total antibiotic therapy, taking into account the sensitivity of the selected microorganisms to antibiotics, will be assigned to you by your doctor.
    • The use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs such as tablets and rectal suppositories.
    • Local anti-inflammatory therapy (warm hip baths with manganese, with furatsilinom lotions, ointment application with ihtiola, liniment for Wisniewski).

    Physiotherapy is used for calming the severity of the process.

    With the deterioration of women - raisingbody temperature to 38 - 39 degrees, sharp pain in the Bartholin gland, severe weakness, malaise, abscess formation is suspected - the doctor will refer you to a gynecological hospital.

    In the case of the formation of an abscess (abscess) willunderwent surgical treatment. During the operation will be carried out the autopsy abscess, removal of pus, drainage cavity and rinsing it with disinfectant solutions. At the same time prescribed antibiotic therapy.

    When a woman has cysts barotolinievoygland, it is to be removed. The operation is carried out is generally carried out without exacerbation. With frequent inflammations gynecologists also recommend removing Bartholin gland.

    When gonorrheal origin or Trichomonas bartholinitis, along with the above treatment, shows a special treat infection in a woman and her sexual partner.

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