How to choose a dental clinic?


  • How to look for a dental clinic
  • What to clarify by phone at the administrator of the dental clinic
  • What to pay attention to the receipt of the dental clinic
  • What to watch in the dentist's office

  • Polls showed that patients treated for help in private
    Dental clinics of Kiev, over the past five years later changed
    three-four dentists. Became to choose a dental
    clinic and experienced dentist, which can be completely trusted, not
    so simple.

    Unfortunately, the teeth are able to treat not everyone who received from
    State diploma and license for this type of activity. Are there
    criteria for which you can navigate when choosing a dental
    Clinic? These professionals can be found in luxury private
    clinic, and in the modest office of state medical institution. but
    Dentistry in modern performance – it's not just skillful hands
    Doctor, but also multifunctional equipment plus the latest materials and

    How to look for a dental clinic

    Best Recommendation for Dental Clinic – Not loud advertising,
    And the number of patients using clinic services from year to year. And if
    At the dentist of its own «Fan club», consisting of patients who go
    only to him, boldly sit down in his chair.

    Therefore, better dentologist
    Search by acquaintances. Asking who from friends where was
    Naturally, in the dental clinic, look around. But it is possible
    Lee, first turning to the dental clinic, estimate its level,
    At the same timeHow to choose a dental clinic?mm not being a dentist?

    There are several signs that determine the professional approach to the treatment of teeth.

    What to clarify by phone at the administrator of the dental clinic

    • IN
      The clinic uses a reliable patient protection system and a doctor from
      infections (hepatitis, AIDS and other), modern disinfection methods
      tools and disposable carpill syringes;
    • At the institution
      There is a license for the type of work you need. Have a B
      The form that the license needs to be able to read: say, caries treatment
      Determined by the term «therapy», Fixing bite – «orthodontics».
    • The administrator does not shy away from the response to the patient's questions about the possibilities of the clinic and approximate treatment prices.
    • IN
      The clinic has a radio composition (computer hybrid and x-ray
      tubes) – The device that allows you to see bone tissue and the state of the roots
      teeth with minimal dose of irradiation.

    What to pay attention to the receipt of the dental clinic

    • Everywhere
      Cleanliness and order, at the entrance you were offered to put on disposable bootings.
      At the same time, the luxury of the entourage clinic does not matter, and in the rich
      decorated clinic can be asked a unskilled doctor with
      curves hands.
    • On the walls of the Hall - certificates of passage
      Dental qualifications: the more, the better and the more languages,
      that is also better (different countries). At the same time, the scholarship of the dentist,
      experience (age) and the category of meanings practically do not have. Many
      Professor dentistry with hands at a very high level to work

    What to watch in the dentist's office

    • Appearance Doctor and Assistant: They work in complete equipment – disposable gloves, masks, sometimes – In protective glasses.
    • Work
      with one patient is conducted «Four hands» - Assistant helps a doctor.
      Technical equipment level of a modern dental office
      So high that one doctor is not able to cope with everything
    • The patient is half a chair - just so treats
      Teeth All Civilized World (Dental Installation Having
      Programmable drive lifting and lowering chair, chooses
      Optimal body position).
    • Each dental installation
      Equipped with special devices – Portable Slyunovosos I
      vacuum cleaner. They allow the doctor quickly without being distracted by removing from
      oral cavity saliva, pieces of teeth and sealing materials.
    • Almost all types of work are performed using local anesthesia: you will not be offered «beat a little».
    • The doctor does not shy away from the response to the patient's questions about the clinic's capabilities, discusses the treatment options with you.

    You can write about the perfect doctor in an ideal dental
    clinic, ideal assistant with perfect legs and t.D., but
    Almost no one will be ready to fully draw such
    Dental services. Therefore, the choice of a doctor depends on the relationship
    a concrete person to his health, namely how much money and how
    often he is ready to pay for this health. Always and in all that
    close to the ideal, it is very expensive. Price and quality are closely connected, but
    do not necessarily follow one of the other.

    Of course, desperate lovers
    Experiment with their teeth can look for a clinic by the method
    busting until they find the one that suits. But risk with treatment
    Do not advise. After all, teeth – part of health and therefore save on yourself,
    Luxury Luxury Luxury. Saving health sooner or later
    Any more complex problems, not in vain among today's
    customers of a good clinic nearly a quarter of those who rewor
    Once with someone closed hole cement. Tooth is either removed or
    leaving, but more times more expensive.

    Therefore, do not start
    your acquaintance with the dental clinic immediately from the price list.
    It is more important to pay attention primarily to another – How else
    An unknown medical organization will prove to you that she is able
    high quality and comfortable (that is without pain and nervous) cure your
    Precious teeth?!

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