Critical days without pain


  • How can they make it easier?
  • Why is this happening
  • Movement - Life
  • More vitamins
  • Helps massage
  • The warmth and comfort
  • Relaxing!
  • Looking for a tablet? Choose correctly
  • Take care of yourself!
  • Herbs will remove the pain

  • How can they make it easier?

    cause of menstrual pain - muscle contractions of the uterus caused by
    excessive production of prostaglandins hormones. discomfort
    amplified during stress, as occurs muscle spasm that
    It intensifies the pain. Most women suffer stoically these manifestations and
    horror waiting for the next month, which again for a couple of days "turn off"
    of their normal life. However, there are many ways to relieve the pain,
    and without absorption handful of different pills.

    Why is this happening

    monthly (algomenorrhea) suffers every second woman
    reproductive age. Moreover, approximately 10% of menstruating women
    accompanied by such severe pain and general malaise that
    It deprives them of the possibility of a normal life and work - is necessary for
    a few days rest at home and swallow the medication, feeling sick
    and helpless.

    Primary algomenorrhea occurs most often in
    young girls and is not associated with impairment of the structure or work
    internal organs. As a rule, are not painful periods
    immediately, but after a year or two after they start. The least enjoyable is
    the first day of the cycle: pain are cramping in nature, may
    accompanied by general weakness, nausea, loose stool. Usually no
    pathologies of the structure of female genital mutilation, as well as inflammatory
    disease is not detected during the surveys, and the main cause of
    the above symptoms is the increased production
    prostaglandins. This kind mostly algodismenorei
    It passes on their own, often after birth.

    algomenorrhea associated with diseases of female genital mutilation:
    endometriosis, endometritis, fibromatous nodes, gynecological
    operations and inflammatory diseases. Pain is aching in nature,
    often it gives significantly in the lumbar region. There may be other reasons -
    they reveal a detailed examination. Diagnosis is only right to put
    physician self unacceptable. Therapy secondary algodismenorei
    carried out by directing its efforts on treatment of the underlying disease.

    Movement - Life

    the critical days most of us want to hide in a corner and
    not to move, but it is fundamentally wrong. Move - and you will
    much easier! You do not have to run and jump till you drop: as you can
    only increase cramps and bleeding. For achievement
    desired analgesic effect is simple enough
    comfort and physical activity.Critical days without pain

    Stretching exercises
    relax and strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and lower back, calming effect
    the nervous system. It is best to do them every day during
    a few minutes, but if the regularity is not for you, try
    begin to engage at least a few days before menstruation:

    • Arise
      straight, put your hands on the belt. Do the right foot step forward, bend the knee
      and lean on his hand. Bring your left foot back, straighten. Not
      torso, gently bend the right leg even more. soak so
      10-20 seconds. Slowly return to starting position and repeat the movement in
      this time relying on the left leg;
    • sit cross-legged, take in
      palm ball. Raise your hands up, pulling the trunk, lean as possible
      further forward. The shoulders and torso should form a straight line;
    • sit down
      on the big ball (about a meter in diameter), and supporting himself with his hands, lie down
      on his back so that the ball rested back. Spread and straighten
      legs, arms, tear off the floor and try lying on the ball in this position,
      maintain balance;
    • very useful lessons in water - in
      natural waters or in the pool. But they can not be held
      directly during menstruation, as a fairly high risk
      bring an infection.

    More vitamins

    nervous and physical stress will help diet. relaxing effect
    It has microelement magnesium, as well as hormone serotonin. use
    products that enhance the production of this hormone: pasta from hard
    wheat, whole wheat biscuits, cereals and vegetables. On the nervous
    system vitamin B6 positively influence - they are rich in yeast, meat and
    offal (especially liver), wheat germ and walnuts. Highly
    useful seafood, fish, vegetable oil - contain a lot of
    vitamins (A and E) and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

    It is proved that a diet rich in these foods, if you apply it
    in the second half of the cycle, it helps to carry much milder
    monthly. It is recommended to completely give up on this time from sweet
    carbonated beverages, coffee, spicy and fried foods.

    Helps massage

    abdomen massage relaxes the muscles, soothes the nerves and
    It helps to reduce pain. Use with massage 4-5 drops
    eucalyptus, marjoram or rosemary essential oil (valid
    relaxing) dissolved in a spoonful of olive oil. stroke
    The abdomen was soft and delicate movements (clockwise).

    The warmth and comfort

    Dry heat helps relieve
    tension with the muscles and reduces the painful cuts. can you make
    to the abdomen warm (but not hot) heating pad or small towel,
    soaked in warm decoction of rosemary. Note: In case of heavy
    monthly hot compress absolutely contraindicated, as it
    It will further increase the bleeding.


    It has a beneficial effect on the entire body while relaxing
    painful menstruation. Bath with aromatic oils - ideal, but in
    menstrual period should replace it with a shower. Pour in aroma lamp
    few drops of oil (e.g., lavender, geranium, anise)
    and light it for a couple of hours before bedtime. To escape, Loans pleasant
    things: read, listen to music, and in good weather, be sure to come out
    to walk.

    Looking for a tablet? Choose correctly

    If the pain is too strong, maybe you need medication. And it is important not to hurt yourself!

    from the time when the pain is too tired, you can enjoy a soothing
    means. To the drug and caused no acted
    side effects, it is necessary to choose correctly. During
    menstrual pain well established drugs such as
    Nospanum (contains Drotaverinum - acts on the uterine muscle relaxing) and
    Ibuprom (containing ibuprofen - reduces the release of prostaglandin).
    Often in the first three days of menstruation, doctors prescribe vitamin E. When
    painful menstruation is not less effective, homeopathy, herbal medicine,

    Your doctor will help you choose the right directly
    you means for relieving pain and discomfort during reduction
    menses. The main thing is not to get involved in the treatment unnecessarily.

    Home ways do not help, consult a gynecologist.
    Be sure to go to the doctor, when menstruation is very painful, too
    profuse, or, on the contrary, very few selections. This is a signal that
    the body that something is wrong.

    Take care of yourself!

    During menstruation try to maintain a gentle way of life:

    • do not get carried away in physical activity, particularly related to the load on the muscles of the abdomen and back;
    • wear easily, clothing should be loose and not squeezing the body, especially the abdomen;
    • observe the regime of the day, good rest;
    • eat right and drink plenty of fluids to rid the body of all unnecessary.

    Herbs will remove the pain

    painful menstruation is quite possible to manage without medication.
    Use herbal infusions and teas - and certainly the pain go away:

    • 2
      Art. l. chopped celery root zaley glass of cold water.
      After 2 hours, strain through cheesecloth. Take a third cup 3 times
    • 2 tbsp. l. crushed water pepper leaves zaley 0.5 l
      boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes, cool and strain. Drink 100 ml three times a day;
    • root
      valerian, mint leaves and chamomile flowers mixed in a ratio of 1: 1: 2, zaley
      cup of boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes in a warm place, after which the
      Strain. Drink 2 tablespoons. l. 3 times a day after meals;
    • 2 tbsp. l. lemon balm leaves zaley two cups of boiling water, leave for an hour. Drink half a cup 3 times a day before meals.

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