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  • Question number 1. What should be fearful in everyday life?

    The existent point of view that a short man must lead
    Special, emphasized cautious lifestyle, erroneous. For example, in
    medical practice for a long time was believed that if myopia
    pregnant woman is above 5 diopters, then she can not give birth independently.
    In this case, the woman was prescribed mandatory generic operation -
    cesarean section. In fact, the loss of visual acuity is not
    Always dictates restrictions of physical exertion. Special norms of behavior
    are not connected with a degree of myopia, but with changes in the retina.

    Question # 2. You want to say that a woman with myopia, let's say, minus seven can decide on independent birth?

    If there is nothing wrong with the retina, then the woman can safely lead
    The familiar lifestyle, yourself to give birth, play sports. More
    Togo Many Sports: Swimming, Badminton, Table Tennis,
    Skating and Skiing - Excellent Accommodation Training
    Muscles eye. Often with a high degree of myopia retinal state
    It remains steadily satisfactory. Happens the opposite when
    weak myopia, not exceeding 1-2 units, the retina is weakened, on
    Eye DNE has a lot of hemorrhages. The second situation is much
    More serious. People with progressive changes on the retina make up
    Basic risk group. They need restrictions in daily loads
    on the eyes. The main rule at myopia is regularly, not less than one
    time a year, contact an ophthalmologist in order to verify changes to
    retina eye.

    Question number 3. There was a short
    Woman S «

    Good» retina should not take special measures for
    Preservation of vision and should not stick to the regime of a gentle load?

    For the normal functioning of the eye, it is necessary to execute the rules
    Hygiene view. They are aimed at the eyes not overnamed,
    Regularly rested. The main symptoms of overwork include:
    Evening fatigue, redness of proteins, frequent hemorrhages on
    The protein shell of the eye, characteristic headaches when from
    Tense eye pains are directed through the forehead to the top.

    Question number 4. What these rules are?

    Mostic eyes
    First, a comfortable workplace. It should be enough
    Illuminated, the light field is evenly distributed across the area
    workspace, rays of light should not get straight into the eyes.
    The distance from the eyes to the book or notebook should be 35-40 centimeters.
    Install the book is better not in the horizontal, but in the inclined position
    at an angle of 45? When viewing the TV shows you need to sit down from the screen on
    such a distance so that your eyes are not strained, but not closer 2-2.5
    Meter from the screen. Keep your head right without tilt forward.
    Periodically for a few seconds need to close the eyelids to give
    Muscle eyes relax and relax.

    When working on a computer through
    Every 40 minutes you need to do a ten-minute break, during
    which is desirable to see in the distance. The monitor field must be closed
    the protective screen, as much as possible from the eye, is not less than on
    50-60 centimeters. If at such a distance you are experiencing difficulties and
    I fumble see the image, it is better to choose a larger font for work

    When working on a computer it is necessary every two or three hours
    put on hole glasses that remove the eye muscle spasm. Women,
    Whose myopia exceeds 2 - 4 units, you must have two pairs
    Points: for work «near» and «for Dali». Not recommended long
    time to read in transport, lying on the back or in a weakly lit
    Room. Such are the general norms of hygiene of view.

    Question number 5. And what to do those who have a negative dynamics on the retina?

    In such cases, even with stable and small myopia is necessary
    go to a quieter lifestyle. Fully eliminate raising
    gravity more than five kilograms, abandon sharp slopes, jumps
    in water and loads associated with the acceleration of the pace.

    Question number 6. Is there a special diet for vision?

    In the diet of people with weakened vision should be products,
    which are able to effectively strengthen retinal vessels, «Safety»
    Eyes: blueberries, black currant; Vegetables most useful carrots. IN
    Mortar diet should constantly attend the liver of cod and
    Greens: parsley, dill, green onions. During retinal dystrophy is useful
    daily drink infusion of rosehip.

    Question number 7. What vitamins are preferable for those who suffer myopia?

    From the vitamins of the new generation, I would advise «Trovit». It follows
    Drink twice a year: late autumn and early spring. You can stop
    On a well-known drug «Aevit». It is usually applied three times a year in
    For 10 days, in the morning and evening, one capsule, 20 minutes before meals.
    You can choose other vitamin complexes in which multivitamins
    combined with trace elements, first of all with calcium. Useful everything
    Preparations based on blueberries: from domestic, quite affordable
    Vitamin costs «Phyticland» to expensive Mirtilene Forte.
    Those who suffer from eye diseases costs once a year to take a course
    Fish fat.

    Question number 8. How effective is the gymnastics for the eyes, and how to perform it correctly?

    The most tangible benefits of gymnastics brings young people. Desirable
    fulfill «Eye» a set of exercises and those who work for
    computer, and those whose eyes are prone to overwork.

    Question number 9. With what funds can be removed the eye voltage?

    Remove fatigue help eye wash with black and green tea,
    Warm rows on closed eyes from a decoction chamomile. And the last
    CAUTION - you need to take care of the eye from ultraviolet exposure
    sun ray.

    Gymnastics for eyes

    one.Horizontal eye movements: right-left.
    2.Movement with eyeballs by vertical line: up-down.
    3.Circular movements with eyes: clockwise and in the opposite direction.
    4.Intense compressions and squeezing eyes in a fast pace.
    five.Eye movement diagonally: Copy your eyes in the left lower corner, then
    straight translate look up. Similarly, in the opposite
    6.Nude. To do this, put your finger to the bridge and look at it - the eyes are easy «connect».
    7.Frequent blinking eyes.
    eight.Work of the eye «Distance». Go to the window, carefully
    Look at the close, well-visible detail: a tree branch growing
    outside the window, or on the scratch on the glass. Can be pasted on the glass
    Crazy paper circle. Then send the distance away, trying
    see the maximum remote subjects.

    Each exercise should be repeated at least 6 times in each direction.

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