Early menopause


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  • Question №1. What could be the cause of early menopause?

    Early menopause has many causes. Early cessation of menstruation at
    Most women tied to some kind of stress factor - death
    family member, loss of employment, a major operation. It may also be
    the result of genetically determined lack of ovarian activity,
    Infectious diseases period sexual
    maturation, immune thyroid disease complicated by
    birth sepsis, serious surgical operations, injuries.

    Question №2. What are the problems faced by women in early menopause? How does it affect their health?

    Once the climax came early, respectively, and all the negative
    moments inherent in menopause also begin earlier. varies
    skin structure, it becomes less elastic and less elastic,
    change and hair and nails. A woman can start to gain weight Early menopauseor vice versa,
    lose weight. Change blood biochemistry, contributing
    the development of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction. There are changes in the state of bone tissue is accelerated reduction of its density process.

    Question №3. What treatments used in such cases?

    Given the variety of changes in the body, treatment of early menopause -
    multidisciplinary problem and requires the participation of different specialists -
    neurologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, or other trauma.
    However, the most effective method of treatment is replacement
    hormone therapy, when a woman is appointed by the drugs
    preparations containing a ovarian hormones that are lost
    body. Hormone replacement therapy reverses symptoms climacteric
    syndrome: hot flashes, hot flashes, mood instability, and
    It warns all those metabolic disorders which are associated with menopause
    - Atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, urogenital disorders.

    Previously, such a woman was prescribed symptomatic therapy for each
    item, for each complaint, and as a result there is a whole list
    drugs. This list it created additional stress.

    With hormone replacement therapy is compensated by that function,
    violation of which led to all of this set of problems. I.e
    method treats not the symptoms, and the mechanism of injury.

    we can not give a woman synthesized drugs, and natural
    estrogens that are being recognized and easily digestible by the body,
    compensate for lost ovarian function.

    Question №4. What can you say about the preventive measures early menopause?

    With regard to prevention, it would have to start already with period child bearing. All stressful external factors should be excluded, lifestyle pregnant should be the most favorable.

    We must try to ensure that the number of infectious diseases that
    accounts at the girl for a year of life was minimal. To do this,
    temper the child to feed him. It is important to respect,
    time to get up, go to sleep, to eat properly. Extremely important
    period puberty. In that period
    is hard work to establish communication between the centers that
    regulate the function of a woman's ovaries. Therefore it is necessary to minimize
    possibility of stress.

    Stress - is when a teenager, for example,
    It is in a state of chronic fatigue, psychological
    tension against excessive loads.

    Question №5. Which mode should comply woman period early menopause?

    The American Association of gynecologists-endocrinologists held
    studies have shown that: for a sufficient prevention of disorders
    bone condition the woman must have four times a week
    30-40-minute load. It can be swimming, jogging, aerobics.
    Very important in this period It is becoming
    balanced diet. In order to prevent atherosclerosis
    diet should prevail fats of vegetable origin,
    Recommended dosage of calcium should be less than one gram per day.
    Enough sleep, exercise, proper nutrition - these words sound
    corny, but in fact all of these recommendations should be implemented. it
    It does not require a woman nothing but their own efforts.

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