Children's gynecologist - "terrible" doctor


  • The first and subsequent visits to the doctor
  • Why girls are afraid of gynecologists
  • How to prepare a child to visit a gynecologist

  • The first and subsequent visits to the doctor

    Surely all women remember well my firsta visit to the gynecologist. As a rule, it is caused by a disease or pregnancy, but in any case, the vast majority of the fairer sex familiarity with the gynecologist was not held as a child. Few women know that there is a doctor - a gynecologist and a children's first visit to him should take place well before the advent of problems or difficulties in the sexual sphere.

    For the first time the girls genitals exposedexamination immediately after birth, but the main purpose of this survey - to determine the sex of the baby. Subsequently, all the girls have to go through two more inspection: before going to school, that is, in 6-7 years, and in adolescence, ie 10-12 years. After that, according to statistics, the next meeting with the gynecologist is deferred until the occurrence of any disease or abnormalities. But so many problems with intimate health can be avoided if the age of 14 to teach the girl a year to visit the gynecologist, on their own or under the supervision of parents. Before that age it is recommended to show the child a specialist every two to three years to monitor the physiological development. It is important to remember that any girl is born with the same "set" of the genitals, are with an adult woman. This means that many diseases, congenital or acquired, can be detected as early as infancy. Doctors say that 15 to 25% of adolescent girls suffer from some gynecological pathologies: fibroids, cysts, menstrual disorders, inflammation of the genital organs. The earlier the treatment, the more likely it is that the reproductive future adult women will be able to save.

    Why girls are afraid of gynecologists

    Children's gynecologist - "terrible" doctorThe girls have a strong prejudice againstGynecologists, which is based on the wrong sex education. The fact that my mother just did not explain her daughter, who is a gynecologist, why do you need it to attend, leading to tragic consequences - the girls get their information from unreliable sources: not only knowledgeable friend, questionable literature, the Internet rumors and so on. As a result, the child's mind formed an unreasonable fear of the "terrible aunts", which makes "sacrifice" to get on a "worst chair" and leads to a faint one kind of "terrible iron pieces." The child needs to be clarified that the examination there is nothing terrible, that the doctor does not cause pain, not cause to climb on a chair and not be entered into the instruments. As a rule, children's gynecologist examining a patient by palpation: probes stomach, rectum checks. By means of a mirror or Vaginoscopy he uses only as a last resort, and then use special devices that are much smaller than for adult women. This guarantees and no pain, and preserve the integrity of the hymen.

    Another reason that girls facefear of the gynecologist, is in the early onset of sexual activity. child's logic is simple: "After examination the doctor finds out that I'm not a virgin, and tell their parents." This is totally a misconception, because the doctor has no right to disclose such information without the consent of the patient itself.

    How to prepare a child to visit a gynecologist

    Before you bring a girl for the first time onreception to the gynecologist is necessary to prepare it for inspection and especially psychologically. Each child is different, and the mother should try to find the right approach to your child.

    On the one hand to make a visit to the doctor as much as possiblecomfortable, on the other hand do not overdo it with the injection of fear and anxiety. On a visit to the doctor is better to come to mum with a daughter rather than my grandmother or nanny. This will secure the situation, will create the necessary emotional protection and help the doctor at work, in particular the collection of information.

    What should know and understand the mother:

    • A visit to the doctor is a perfectly natural event.
    • No manipulation in the office of the children's gynecologist can not harm the child or hurt.
    • Clear and accessible information on age, it is much better than shrouded in mystery and uncertainty of the upcoming visit.
    • In order to understand what the child is afraid to talk about it with him. The more confident and calmer mother feels, the calmer the child will feel.
    • When talking about the upcoming visit to the doctorgynecologist with her teenage daughter is appropriate to refer to my own experience, figuring that it was disturbing and raises concerns girls: shyness, lack of confidence in painless manipulation, fears related to the health condition, the possibility of publicity.
    • It is necessary to pay attention to hygiene. If the child is small, the entire responsibility lie on the mother, a teenage girl herself is able to perform the necessary actions, which should tell her mom.

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