Painful menstruation and premenstrual syndrome


  • What is PMS?
  • Gaskets or tampons?
  • Useful tips, how to behave during menstruation
  • It is necessary to know about menstruation

  • What is PMS?

    Menstruation pain
    arises as a result of a contraction of the uterus, rejecting the spent mucous membrane
    Shell. Easy pain will help warm bathPainful menstruation and premenstrual syndrome Or consult a gynecologist
    (or advice more experienced woman, such as mother or older sister).

    radical means - receiving an anesthetic. Reduce painful sensations
    Also help simple physical exertion.

    Perhaps you have heard
    About premenstrual syndrome or PMS. PMS - violation of the body, which
    Preceded menstruation. Women suffering from PMS are tested,
    Pain in the back feel irritability and prone to quick shift
    moods. In addition, the common symptoms of PMS are swelling and
    Increase the sensitivity of the breasts, as well as the feeling of emotional
    Insecurity and vulnerability.

    Some women PMS unfamiliar,
    and some have not only all of the above symptoms, but also
    some others. There are medicines that help alleviate the symptoms of the PMS
    and which can be bought without a doctor's prescription. Reducing salt consumption and salted
    Food also facilitates the flow of PMS. If the symptoms of PMS spoil and poison your
    Life, contact your doctor for help - he will surely advise some
    Effective means of fighting PMS.

    Gaskets or tampons?

    You have not yet decided than
    use when menstruation - gaskets or tampons? Well, the choice is entirely
    And completely yours.

    Useful tips, how to behave during menstruation

    pay attention to
    The intensity of the menstrual stream - it will tell you how often it follows
    changing gaskets or tampons. Usage «Ultra-absorbing» Tamponov -
    far from the best idea. It is best to use tampons designed for
    weak stream, and more often change them. In addition, simultaneously with tampons, you can
    use mini-gaskets thatPainful menstruation and premenstrual syndromelet dry dryness and convenience as well
    securely protect underwear and clothing.

    Today you can find
    a variety of types of gaskets and tampons (sometimes called them «means
    Female hygiene»). With all the wealth of choice, it is sometimes difficult to determine that
    Suitable exactly to you. As a rule, it will help you to help absorbing
    The ability of tampons or gaskets (t.E. For what amount of blood they
    calculated) specified on the package. Try to relate the characteristic
    The intensity of your menstrual stream and the desired absorption capacity
    with data on packaging. Carefully read all special recommendations
    manufacturers of tampon or gaskets on the use of their product. Hanging
    several different funds, you will surely find tampons or gaskets,
    which are suitable for you.

    Be sure to start the calendar,
    To celebrate monthly «critical days» - their beginning and duration.
    This will allow you to determine the duration of the menstrual cycle and in advance
    prepare for the beginning of this unpleasant period.

    Do not let the monthly catch
    You are surprised! Try to wear several tampons or pads on the handbag on
    case if menstruation finds you on the way when you do not have access to
    hygienic means. Even if you have never had menstruation, this
    Simple precaution will help «Meet guests» In fully vessel. except
    In addition, you can always borrow a tampon or a gasket of an unprepared girlfriend,
    What happens quite often.

    It is necessary to know about menstruation

    First menstruation can
    differing significantly from. To establish a menstrual cycle
    need for several months, a few months will need you to
    Get used to monthly. Refuse to your own body with understanding and
    patience - you enter into a new period of life. If you have questions,
    Contact your mother or older sister.

    It is advisable not to use
    flavored gaskets or tampons. Chemical ingredients that
    Parts are included in flavors, may cause irritation of mucosa or skin.
    Normal menstrual stream has no unpleasant odor. If you still
    encounter the problem of smell, then you do not support the necessary
    Intimate hygiene. Also in this case we advise more often to change the gasket or
    tampon. If it does not help get rid of the smell, please contact

    Some women even in a mature
    Age is tasted with an awkwardness when discussing this topic and shy
    hygiene assets in a pharmacy or shop. If you feel about this
    Categories Remember that menstrual cycle is a natural and integral part
    Life of any woman.

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