Causes of drug allergy


Causes of drug allergy

multiple cases of various allergies, allergens act where
food, plants and animals around us, everyday objects, all
a greater proportion of recaptures allergies to medications. It must be clearly
to differentiate it from the side effects, developing at their reception, and
also with symptoms of overdose. occasionally
even the physician is difficult to understand the situation, but there are a number of features that make
determine the development of a true allergy. This is what we discuss below.

on drugs

manifestations are diverse, and is particularly difficult to distinguish them from other symptoms,
which suffers from a sick man, who was forced to take medicine. After
drug allergy can develop both immediate and delayed on the type, the
there occur after a certain period of time. But often we do not see
any symptoms after the initial use of the drug. Signs of allergy
It appears when the body is already sensitized to the drug that is developed
antigens are ready to respond. In response to a secondary medication use
It is developing fast and detailed allergic response.

such cases are diverse and range from skin manifestations - itching, swelling
certain areas of the skin, diffuse redness, rashes to severe pitting
Anaphylactic reactions to the loss of vascular tone and loss of consciousness that
in the absence of immediate assistance can lead to death of the victim.

drug allergy

Several theories explaining the reasons
drug allergy. On the one hand, it is well understood cascade
mikromolekulyarnyh reaction that develops in response to an antigen that
versatile enough. But what happens to the immune system before you hit
antigen that causes it to respond to some perverse falls into
body material - this can only be guessed at.

Causes of drug allergy

Big role
among the causes of drug
Allergies Heredity plays. It is possible with a high probability
allergic person to believe in the existence of an unfavorable background among his

Sensitization occurs often after eating animal meat,
treated with these or other drugs in the process of growing - antibiotics or
hormonal agents that are increasingly common in modern agriculture

Big role
plays and increased occurrences of drugs uncontrollably in
the process of self-medication, which is associated with their availability.

population growth sensitization especially in big cities. On this occasion
hygiene theory emerged - the higher the isolation of man from early antigens
childhood, when there is a formation of the immune system, especially
imperfect, it seems afterwards.

One of
predisposing factors is the presence of background diseases, parasitic
invasive, molecular defects, hormonal disorders that create
favorable background for the change of the immune response.

allergies are not caused by drugs themselves, and their decay products, or
complexes which they form with the protein in the body.

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