Hardening as a treat


  • Step One: "warm" procedure
  • Step two: the freshness of the air and water
  • Step Three: Time of contrasts
  • Step Four: cold culmination

  • Step One: "warm" procedure

    The basic principle
    Hardening: from simple to complex. Therefore, you can start from the
    easy and enjoyable way: hot rubdowns. Dampen a sponge, soft
    towel or mitten hot water, quickly wipe the whole body.
    Hot water immediately evaporates, taking with it the heat and cooling the skin. So
    repeat several times. The higher the temperature of the air and water than land
    the room, the more intense evaporation and cooling. Vessels such
    way do "exercises": narrow and expanded, regulated
    heat, and as a result - an unexpected supercooling work
    a protective reflex, which prevents the occurrence of colds.
    However, because of the ease and pleasantness of this procedure there
    it is a risk to get carried away and quietly supercooled. therefore
    first wipe hands only a few days, and then you can proceed
    the whole body. The main thing - to prevent the feeling of chill. As soon as
    lost a sense of comfort - it is necessary to stop the process and grind the body
    dry towel.

    Note! Hot
    hot shower and cool off - things are quite different. Standing under the hot
    shower, on the contrary, reduces muscle tone. It is therefore not recommended
    every day to wash with hot water - facial skin quickly loses elasticity.

    What's next. The next
    a nice step for lovers of "warm" quenching bath can be.
    Here the main thing not to forget about time Hardening as a treatstay in the steam room office.
    For the sauna is not more than 10 minutes for the steam bath - no more than five.
    Beginners enough to make one go to the steam room for 4 minutes after
    then take a warm shower.

    Step two: the freshness of the air and water

    In the fall, when it
    the heating season, the ideal place for hardening will
    your apartment. Just open the window wide open, let fall fresh
    (Which eventually will become the winter) and wait
    the thermometer drops to 20 degrees. Then close the window
    (To avoid any drafts) and quickly undress - to start
    better to the waist. You can lie, sit or something to do, the main
    - Again experience a sense of comfort. If the skin turns pink, it becomes
    warmer, it means to develop resistance to colds. However,
    stay too long in this form is initially not more than 15 minutes. AND
    only gradually increase the duration to two air baths
    hours, and the room temperature decrease (up to 15 degrees).
    The appearance of "goose skin" - a signal to the dressing.

    Note! If
    the street is damp, drizzling rain and the air in the room is very humid,
    reduce by one third the procedure. "Rainy" air bath
    It cools the skin much more intense, and it can knock you out of the schedule
    hardening and cause the common cold.

    What's next.
    Once accustomed to enjoy scheduled air
    baths, it is logical to go to water - for example, sponging with cool water.
    First, wipe the upper part of the body with a wet sponge and rub it dry
    towel. Then do the same with the bottom. Hands - from
    palms, then the neck, chest and back, and then from the toes - up to
    belt. Use cool water (20-24 degrees), every day
    lowering its temperature by one degree. The duration of the entire procedure -
    4 minutes.

    Step Three: Time of contrasts

    Starting reception
    contrast shower should be with warm water, the temperature of which
    corresponds to body temperature, then just subtract the hot water to
    jet became cooler. After standing for 10 seconds, so, again, switch valve
    the warm water. Time pouring hot water is not limited.
    Check douche need to cool water, then
    you must rub the body dry with a towel. After every two days
    lower the temperature of cold water 1-2 degrees, bringing it to
    the minimum that will not deliver the body to discomfort.
    Gradually increase the time of reception of a cold shower from 10 seconds to 2
    minutes and the total duration of the procedure - from 5 minutes to half an hour.

    Note! Sometimes
    newcomers inspired example of friends immediately begin to pour the
    hot, then ice water, waiting for the "explosion of immunity." Probability
    ill - 90 percent.

    What's next.
    Once your body gets used to the regular contrasting soul,
    You can easily go to the cold. The procedure was the same: a gradual decrease
    water temperature and increasing residence time under the jet. So,
    the duration of a cold shower you can gradually increase to 20
    seconds to 5 minutes.

    Step Four: cold culmination

    you have already mentally prepared to fall in love really cold water, but not
    passed the stage of a contrast shower, take the time to dive into the hole.
    Inconsistency can lead to colds. First try
    wash in cold water, while tempering the throat - rinse it in
    morning with water, lowering the temperature. If there is no discomfort,
    Take care of your feet: every day before going to sleep for a minute immerse your feet in a basin
    with water. Start with 25 degrees, and then gradually increase the time and
    lower the temperature. When the leg can remain in cold water
    tap water for 10 minutes, and on the back will not run any goose, you
    ready for pouring. The first time water must be neither cold or
    the more ice. As always, start with a warm (quite suitable
    30-degree) - pour into a bowl and quickly tilt on his head.
    Daily turn down the temperature a degree.

    And now remains
    only make the last step to perfection - learn to accept
    cold baths. It does not matter if all the previous steps have been done
    you right. Proceed in the same way as always: daily
    lower the water temperature by 1 degree. Stop should be on
    "Mark", for which the discomfort zone begins.

    Note! Cold
    Bath can not replace completely hot. It strengthens the immune
    system of the body, but the body clean from dirt and bacteria are not able to.

    What's next.
    Having mastered the technique of receiving a cold bath, can be safely deleted
    Foot hardening, wiping, pouring, and other procedures that have been
    only a prelude, and do winter swimming. If you want.

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