Wake up immunity!


Wake up immunity!

Doctors warn that after the holidays inchild more likely to get sick. However, this does not mean that the child does not need to return to school or daycare and lead a secluded life. The social life of the child and the subsequent exchange of active viruses are inevitable. So the only way to protect your baby from a viral infection - to strengthen its self-protection - immunity.

Everyone knows about the benefits of restorative measures, such assports, walking, tempering. Unfortunately, January - not the best time to start hardening. And the effect of hardening or other restorative effect will manifest itself not as fast as parents would like. And it is necessary to defend right now - when the kids are starting to get sick, one after another, when the desks at school are empty and more and more students miss classes due to illness.

Doctors recommend in epidemiological seasoncombining restorative measures with prophylactic administration of children's antiviral drug, it can give the best effect. Such preparations as Anaferon children, act quickly and do not require time and energy costs. This is especially important if the child has emerged the first signs of the disease. Chances are that the sore throat goes into pharyngitis or, even worse, in a sore throat, and cough is the first symptom of bronchitis.

Anaferon child has antiviral andimmunomodulatory effects. Acceptance of the drug in the early stages of the disease (preferably in the early hours of the disease) and helps stop the disease, or to move it in a more easy, "stripped-down" version. Separately, we note that Anaferon children reduces the risk of developing complications of viral infections. And, as we know, the worst thing is not cold runny nose and sore throat, and complications such as sinusitis, otitis media, pneumonia. A complication is treated for a long time, greatly weaken the body's defenses. In the worst case, the disease can remain for a lifetime with a note "chronic ...."

At the first sign of a cold let the babytherapeutic dose Anaferon children. Start treatment as soon as possible - a viral infection, particularly influenza, are developing very quickly. The smaller the "scale of the disaster," the better the prognosis. The drug starts with the first hours of a cold and lasts until full recovery. Well, as to the child's disease is not caught you at a loss, prepare a first aid kit in advance. Then you do not have to waste time deciding with whom to leave the child and waiting until someone bring medication from the pharmacy.

Help your child strengthen the immune system, and you will not be afraid of cold and flu!

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