The cure for the common cold summer


The cure for the common cold summer  The main reason for a summer cold - hypothermia. Exhausted by the heat, we aim to cool, and in the process get a local or systemic hypothermia. It is difficult to resist the temptation to eat piping cold ice cream and drink iced drink at a time when the body and plunge into the cool water, even if it is very cold. We are glad, if in a hot bus window is open, and we have a warm breeze blowing. Office and car air conditioners cool promise bliss, which seems to be to relax, take a break from the heat ... and catch a cold as much as in the winter draft. It's all in a large temperature difference - hot / cold. It is stressful for our body and the favorable opportunity for the development of the common cold.

In order not to get sick in such a beautiful time of year,enough to follow the simple recommendations. Try to protect yourself from all kinds of drafts. If your office has air conditioning, sit down so that you are not the barrel. Automotive air conditioning is better to use as little as possible. To chill the road, open the car windows on one side. The public transport do not sit at the open window. Icy drinks do not drink immediately - give a little warm drinks and cool - imagine. After overheating in the sun is not in a hurry to rush immediately into cold water to cool down in the shade of the beginning.

As you can see, nothing complicated: avoiding sudden changes in temperature, you protect yourself from summer colds.

When the first symptoms of the common cold: sore throat, stuffy nose, and weakness, take a drug with antiviral action. For example, Anaferon. It is recommended for the prevention and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections (which in everyday life are called "cold"). The mechanism of action is based on Anaferon stimulating immune response. As a result, they develop antibodies that destroy viruses and speed up the healing process. Children form of the drug - Anaferon children - recommended, even the smallest, the medicine can be given to kids, since months of age.

Treatment should be started at the first symptomscolds. Start with the "shock" dose Anaferon - 1 tablet every 30 minutes during the first 2 hours. Then, within 3 days still take the tablets. As a result, you get 8 tablets on the first day of treatment. From the second day, take 3 tablets a day. Treatment lasts 5-7 days or until complete recovery. Note that you need not swallow pills and dissolve. This is convenient, especially if you're on the road or in the office - do not need to look for, what to wash down pill.

Many prefer to self-treat the lungsforms of the common cold. However, in some cases, seek medical advice still have. The reason may be: severe pain in the throat and the appearance of plaque and film, high fever, cough, chest pain, profuse sweating. In the treatment of the common cold is better to err on caution than to miss the beginning of a more serious disease.

Have a good summer!

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