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  • Hazardous banks

    Anyone who is engaged in canninghome, it should be remembered that the non-compliance with the rules of processing fruits and vegetables, and precautions you can get a low-quality product. Well, if it will simply damage, bombazh, mold, fermentation, bloating covers when you can observe and prevent the consumption of spoiled canned food, and thus to avoid poisoning.

    But the fact is that such a difficult and dangerous food poisoning like botulism can be obtained by having used the products that look and taste like were completely normal.

    To avoid this, let's find out what is botulism, where it comes from and how to prevent it.

    Sword of Damocles

    Danger under the hoodBotulism - a very serious disease, manycases leading to death. Called toxins that distinguishes wand - botulism. This microbe is widely distributed in nature and falls to the ground in canned if poorly washed raw materials, or poor-quality water. The microbe may be canned and if reprocessed poor-quality raw materials, if not complied with, or sterilization regimens used poorly washed utensils and equipment.

    When sterilization botulism sticks perish, but disputes that they are breeding, since to destroy them you need to boil for 5-6 hours.

    Once in the canned, spores germinate, grow, and the strongest emerging microbes secrete poison.

    But attention! For the development of rods must be one prerequisite: must be completely absent air. Those. microbe can develop only in a hermetically-sealed cans. The same microbe do not develop in a very acidic medium, ie in marinades with acidity of not less than 1.6%.

    Especially need to be careful whenharvesting mushrooms. Because mushrooms in direct contact with the ground, the probability of hitting the mushroom canned botulism sticks higher than the procurement of other fruits and vegetables.

    More importantly what can be infected with botulism canned food did not differ from the ordinary. The taste, color and smell to determine the presence of the poison is not possible.

    be careful

    Danger under the hoodTo protect yourself and your family from getting infected by this terrible disease, it is sufficient to perform a few simple rules:

    • Thoroughly rinse with running water berries, vegetables, fruits and mushrooms especially intended for preservation
    • Use only clean equipment, utensils washed and sterilized jars and lids
    • Strictly observe all canned cooking technology
    • If you want to prepare the mushrooms, then anyDo not roll up your jars with metal lids. Jars with marinated mushrooms and pickled better to cover with two sheets of paper and tie tightly. Store in a cool place
    • The toxin is destroyed by boiling. Therefore, if it is suspected that the contents of the jars with mushroom canned food should be boiled for 25-30 minutes

    Remember these simple rules, take precautions and stay healthy!

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