Feneuls, instructions for use

When with food in the body of an adult or a child, there is an insufficient amount of such a microelement as iron, or it for some reason is poorly absorbed, the reserves of this important element are gradually depleted in the body. All this leads to the development of iron deficiency anemia.

About iron deficiency anemia

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The role of iron in the body is Great, because it takes part in many physiological processes. For example, blood oxygen transport is impossible without this trace element. Approximately two thirds of the iron entered into the body spent in it for the construction of hemoglobin, which is the main component of red blood cells (red blood cells). A certain amount of iron is postponed to the reserve (deposited in the form of ferritin), in case of the outside, this element will act in insufficient quantities. When the concentration of iron falls below the norm, signs of the disease appear.

Iron deficient anemia It is dangerous that an insufficient amount of oxygen is brought into the cells, so the person is very quickly tired. Feeling of fatigue, breaking comes even after low loads. With this state of affairs and immunity reduced, as a result of which other diseases are associated. It is important that the required amount of iron is always present in the blood. In some cases, do not do without reception inside iron-containing drugs. One of them - Feneuls.

General information about the drug

Anemia, Vitamins, Iron, Feneuls

Feneuls are often prescribed:

  1. If the hidden deficit of the microelement of iron is revealed (such conditions usually happen during pregnancy, after childbirth, in the lactation period, after heavy and too long menstruation, after injuries or operational interventions, accompanied by blood loss).
  2. If diagnosed Hyovitaminosis, When in the body is a clear lack of vitamins of the group in.
  3. When the need for the body in the hardware is raised (in pregnant women or people actively engaged in sports).

MirSoveto wants to warn his readers, which is not necessary to independently assign a given drug if you are pregnant if there are signs of seasonal Avitaminosis, If you feel constant fatigue, or if this medicine is very praised by some of your friends. With illiterate receptions may occur: overdose or unwanted effects, complications.

How to take phenyuls?

Anemia, Vitamins, Iron, Feneuls

Specific dosing mode is calculated by the attending physician. Everything is very individual, the doctor takes into account the peculiarities of health, patient well-being. In most cases, with a lack of iron in the body, patients are accepted by one capsule per day. The duration of such treatment is at least 30 days. To prevent the recurrence of anemia, the course can be extended to 90 days. In the event of avitaminosis, the doctor may recommend taking for 15 days one or even two drug capsules per day. Women suffering from abundant discharges during menstruation, to prevent iron deficiency gynecologist can advise approximately two days before the start of menstrual bleeding start taking one capsule per day. And complete the reception better two days after the selection will stop.

Capsules are accepted entirely, 100 ml of water. It is better to do it during either immediately after eating to minimize side effects.

Fenyuls Capsules are prescribed from 12 years old. For children of more junior, the manufacturer created another dosage form - syrup named «Feneuls complex». His pediatricians write even a newborn.

To avoid overdose, when using phenuls, you do not need to take others Polyvitamin complexes.

It is important to know that it is not necessary to take antibiotics of a number of tetracycline at the same time with a phenyuls, otherwise their absorption will be reduced (suction).

Pyridoxine, available in the drug, can reduce the healing effect of Levodopa. Another drug can reduce the therapeutic effect of thyroid hormones and fluoroquinolones.

It is impractical at the same time with the phenium taking adsorbents (for example, polyfepan) or antacid agents containing in their composition of magnesium salt, aluminum, calcium (for example, Renny, Maalox), as the absorption of iron will decrease then. The interval between the adoptions of these drugs should be at least two hours.

We want to warn that during the reception medication, the allocated urine can purchase a bright yellow color. Do not worry about the fact that this is an indicator of any pathology. This is a normal phenomenon, so the body usually reacts to the reception of riboflavin (we will remind that it is in the capsules). During treatment, it is necessary for the prescription of the doctor to pass tests to the laboratory so that hemoglobin indicators and blood levels are controlled there.

On side effects

Anemia, Vitamins, Iron, Feneuls

Sometimes during the treatment with Fenyuls, patients complain about:

  • pain in the area where the stomach is located;
  • Running or vomiting;
  • constipation or diarrhea;
  • flavor of iron in the oral cavity;
  • dizziness;
  • Allergic reactions.

If such phenomena appear, then you must inform this doctor.

About contraindications

Of course, phenyuls in the form of capsules - Positive preparation. But this fund has contraindications:

  • hemochromatosis, hemosiderosis;
  • aggravation of ulcers;
  • Children's age up to 12 years;
  • Hypersensitivity or individual intolerance to those components that are included in the preparation.

Although Phenyuls capsules are released from a pharmacy without a recipe, treatment with this opposing drug should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor.

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