The flu epidemic is on the decline, but should not relax


  • Tips moms: how to protect your child?
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  • How to save babies from the flu?
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  • Tips moms: how to protect your child?

    The flu epidemic is on the decline, but should not relax
    According to official data, in the period from 31 January to 6February epidemic threshold incidence of influenza and SARS has been exceeded by more than 50 regions of Russia. Fortunately, entered quarantine in many children's facilities will mitigate the situation and reduce the incidence doubled. Still, parents should not relax - no one is immune from the new influenza wave, which usually covers us at the end of February - beginning of March!

    A special "risk group"

    At particular risk flu and SARS inchildren are first and foremost. That is quite understandable. They go to kindergartens and schools, in various circles and sections. This means that large catch the virus from the infected peers.

    Because the flu virus is easily transmittedby droplets (coughing, sneezing and talking). Therefore, in large collectives infection spreads at lightning speed. Should one become ill child cough in school, in a few days, most of his classmates would have to lie at home with a high fever.

    How to save babies from the flu?

    Pediatricians attach great importance to preparationsacting directly on the cause of the disease, ie the virus. This therapy is the most good for the flu. And one of the tested drugs in this group - rimantadine. But, unfortunately, its use in pediatric practice is strictly limited age range. In other words, it can not be used for the treatment of very young patients.

    And now the good news. Scientists Institute of Influenza rimantadine have developed a new generation - "Orvirem" for the prevention and treatment of influenza. This drug with improved pharmacological properties. Firstly, it operates faster and longer. Secondly, it is better tolerated by the child's body. And, thirdly, it is not a bitter pill, and sweet syrup. That, of course, pleasant to the young patients. Children drink "Orvirem" with pleasure!

    But all this is, so to speak, the first line of defense,Only when the disease begins to attack. "Orvirem" capable of more. It prevents the development of the common severe complications such as laryngitis and pneumonia. And after "Orvirem" disease allows the child to regain health quickly: get rid of the general weakness and restore activity and vitality.

    Secrets of prevention

    After all, as protects our body from infection? On the surface of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat are always specific immune molecules - immunoglobulins A. These are the defenders. They make it impossible to penetrate into the body of many bacteria and viruses. Ruthlessly "sweep" them, thus preventing, infection.

    However, it happens when good immunity. But when in the respiratory tract immunoglobulin A little longer, viruses prevail. "Orvirem" as time and reduce such risks, contributing to a significant increase immunoglobulin A in the nasal passages and throat. This means that during the epidemic of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections your child will increase the chances of avoiding infection, even after contact with a sick person.

    So how do you properly use "Orvirem" for the prevention of influenza and SARS? It should be taken once a day for 10-15 days. Depending on the extent of the infection.

    Incidentally, "Orvirem" safe and effective intherapy not only influenza but also other respiratory infections: the adenovirus, MS - viral and mycoplasma infections. If you start treatment "Orviremom" immediately, patients recover faster. And the risk of complications is greatly reduced!


    "Orvirem" the only drug in the form of syrup,having antiviral effect, which is approved for use in children from 1 year already. And so, dear mother, it should always be in your medicine cabinet.

    "We prescribe it even tiny children ..."

    Comment executive director of the Association of pediatricians, infectious disease specialists, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases Medical University, MD, Professor Olga Shamsheva

    - Olga, and yet, due to which, in contrast to the well-known rimantadine new drug "Orvirem" it became possible to give even small children?

    - To begin with, that our clinical trials"Orvirema" gave very serious, good results. Moreover, not only the flu. The drug showed himself and SARS. So now my colleagues are happy to appoint "Orvirem" his young patients.

    What is the secret of the efficacy and safety"Orvirema"? The fact that it uses sodium alginate from natural algae. This alginate and forms together with a special polymeric matrix rimantadine. In other words, in a matrix built rimantadine, slowly releasing the longer works in the body and is harmless even crumbs with 1 year of life.

    - Now the children badly hurts "intestinal flu". Can a "Orvirem" confront this disease?

    - "Orvirem" just might. After all, what is "intestinal flu"? This is especially debilitating diarrhea. He is afraid of dehydration. So, sodium alginate, which is part of a new product - a unique substance able to retain water in the body of the child. It is understood that "Orvirem" and has excellent direct antiviral effect and immunnostimuliruyuschim. So what better way with "intestinal flu", I think not.

    - Why "Orvirem" being such a safe, available in pharmacies by prescription only? After all, the traditional OTC rimantadine in Russia!

    - Yes, but "Orvirem" - a new drug, and how manynew drugs indicated for the treatment of children, prescription. But I'm sure that this drug without prescription issue shortly. The drug has gained popularity in pediatric infectious diseases and trust caring parents.

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