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  • Unfortunately, it is not. Today in Russia about 420 thousand.
    Russians are infected with human immunodeficiency virus. For many
    years old virus can exist in the body, without showing itself. AND
    man himself not knowing about his illness may be dangerous for others. BUT
    from mistakes and random connections, alas, no one is insured. After all, according to
    Sociological research, sexual contacts on the side
    peculiar to most people. In addition, a significant part of young
    people, not even a drug addict, at least once in life used

    How to keep the epidemic

    Ways to transfer a deadly virus a bit. Head of the Department of Overview of HIV / AIDS of Rospotrebnadzor Alexander Goliowov:

    – Among the media immunodeficiency virus is more than 65% – People, at least once in
    Life used drugs. Approximately 30% have become infected as a result
    Unprotected sex contacts. Rest – these are children who got
    Virus at a birth from a mother infected with immunodeficiency virus.
    Most Virus Media – These are young people aged 15 to 29
    years old. Unfortunately, restrained the AIDS epidemic yet.Life with a plus sign

    Every year
    New cases of infection are recorded, and the number of these cases
    Constantly growing. The most vulnerable to the AIDS virus residents of large
    Cities. In megalopolis with a large population density developed by night
    life and good material possibilities of residents are celebrated
    The greatest number of cases of infection. It is no coincidence in quantity
    of registered HIV cases lead St. Petersburg, Moscow,
    Sverdlovskaya, Samara region.

    In order to change the situation, you need to change the psychology of everything
    Society. It is necessary to make young people began to think about
    its security. But often calls to use a condom when
    random sex contacts or use sterile disposable
    Syringes are perceived by society as a propaganda of sexualism
    or advertising drugs.

    In addition, it is believed to deal with the epidemic
    AIDS – Task exclusively doctors and scientists. But it is not. For that
    To protect young people from drug use and random
    sexual contacts, efforts of all society are needed. Necessary
    organize leisure for children and adolescents, create affordable
    Mugs, sections that could distract children from use
    Narcotics. After all, if it is trite, it sounds idleness – Mother of all
    Pokov. And while the situation in society will not change, keep the epidemic
    AIDS is unlikely to succeed.

    Although positive shifts, of course, have. Within the national
    Project «Health» On the treatment of HIV speakers and AIDS patients stand out
    Enough money. Despite the fact that the cost of drugs for one
    The patient comes to 3 thousand dollars a year, all needing treatment
    can get it for free. Of course, it is impossible to cure AIDS, but
    Cheat the development of the disease can. With proper treatment, HIV media
    can live a few decades, keeping normal quality
    Life. The problem is other. Far from all the diseases really want
    be treated. Among the patients are enough people who use drugs,
    which are often treated in the middle and turn to doctors again
    Only in the event that it is impossible to cope with the manifestations of the disease.

    Prevention will help

    Not yet found medicine against AIDS, the main efforts should be
    are aimed at preventing this disease. And meanwhile from 7.7 billion.
    rubles allocated for identification, treatment and prevention of HIV within
    national project «Health», For financing prophylactic
    measures provided only 200 million. rubles. And in order to cope with
    Dangerous disease, mobilization of medical and public
    organizations engaged in HIV prevention and assistance to people,
    Living with this disease. It is for this purpose from May 3 to 5 in Moscow
    will be held the second HIV / AIDS conference in Eastern Europe and
    Central Asia.

    Tells the Acting Director of the Regional Office
    United Nations HIV / AIDS Program, Doctor of Medical Sciences,
    Professor Sergey Fourgal:

    – There are at least three features that distinguish this
    Conference from previous events. First, it is the biggest
    Regional Conference, which is devoted to the fight against distribution
    HIV in Europe and Central Asia. More will be attended by more
    Two thousand people from 50 countries. Secondly, this is the first regional
    The conference that is organized by the Government of the Russian Federation
    with the active participation of the United Nations, international
    Societies in AIDS and Global AIDS Fund, Tuberculosis
    and malaria.

    The third feature of the conference is her theme itself:
    «Ensuring universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and support
    People living with this disease». This conference is one of
    steps to stop and turn back by 2015
    AIDS epidemic. The Government of the Russian Federation provided the most
    Large financial assistance for the conference, confirming
    The commitment of our country to implement measures in response to the epidemic

    During the conference, issues dedicated to
    developing a system for providing high-quality treatment in combination with
    Preventive programs. In particular, it will be about programs,
    addressed to vulnerable groups of the population – Injection consumers
    Drugs, people providing sex for money.


    Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) itself is not
    Disease. However, without appropriate treatment, the virus causes development
    Diseases called «The syndrome of the acquired immunodeficiency»
    (AIDS). The disease amazes the immune system, and the body ceases
    fight any infection. As a result, a person can die from
    Banal cold.

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