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  • Recipe №1: Baby antiviral agent
  • Recipe number 2: Mineral supplements containing zinc
  • Recipe number 3: Vitamin C
  • What can be done if a child is ill

  • Recipe №1: Baby antiviral agent

    Stop coldThe list of recipes for colds antiviralvehicle must be parked in the first place - this is an important drug for the treatment of viral diseases and their symptoms resolve. In contrast to symptomatic drugs that eliminate sore throat or stuffy nose, an antiviral agent directly affects the cause of the disease - a virus.

    Anaferon child has not onlyantiviral, and immunomodulatory effects - it gives immunity to signal that the body needs increased protection. With this protective begins to produce various proteins and cells that destroy viruses and toxins.

    The natural protection mechanism is triggered and withoutdrug, but it takes time, during which the child has time to get sick. Anaferon children acts as a natural helper for immunity. Thus the drug does not cause depletion of immunity, however, not only drug used for the treatment of viral diseases, but also for their prevention.

    For prevention rather one tabletAnaferon child per day. The duration of an average of 2-3 weeks, but prevention can take three months if necessary. Thus, the mother will be able to protect children in almost all epidemiological period.

    Treatment should begin as soon as possible, inthe first hours of the disease. The sooner you start giving your child Anaferon children, the greater the likelihood that the child will recover quickly and will bring mild cold symptoms. children recommended to start receiving Anaferon even if the child is sick - it will speed up the recovery and reduce the risk of complications (bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis media, sinusitis).

    Recipe number 2: Mineral supplements containing zinc

    Zinc - a trace mineral that affects manyprocesses occurring in our body. For example, it is required for nearly 300 tons of enzymes! This element except that promotes wound healing, even enhances the immune response (which is a good prerequisite for combating a viral infection).

    The source of zinc for the child may become vitamin and mineral supplements and certain foods. For example, seeds, and legumes (beans, lentils, soy).

    Recipe number 3: Vitamin C

    The benefits of vitamin C is well known, perhaps, everything. This vitamin is able to reduce inflammation and affect the immune processes, increasing the production of macrophages - cells that destroy harmful substances to the body (viruses, toxins, damaged cells).

    Vitamin C also affects the production of special protective proteins that increase the body's resistance to infections.

    High doses of vitamin C can help to stopdevelopment of colds (however, much depends on the state of the child's immune system). You can cook for a sick toddler vitamin drinks with lemon or cranberry, give syrup of rose hips and fresh fruit.

    It can also be used for children effervescent vitamins, which include vitamin C: not scratch beverage irritated throat, unlike pills.

    What can be done if a child is sick:

    • Hurry to shoot down the temperature of the body if it is notgreater than 38 ° C and the child carries it without complications. Increased body temperature - a protective reaction of the organism in response to the invading virus .. Against the backdrop of increased temperature slows down the multiplication of viruses - for them it is unfavorable conditions. In order to facilitate the child's condition, open it, remove the warm clothes and wipe the body with a sponge dipped in water at room temperature - evaporating liquid from the skin is cooled.
    • Giving your child antibiotics, especially withoutthe prescribing physician. Nearly half of Russians believe that the need to treat colds with antibiotics, but this is not true. Antibiotics have no effect on viruses, they are intended only for the treatment of infections caused by bacteria. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics if he suspects joining the so-called secondary infections - when joined to viruses and bacteria even (and that they are to blame for complications are most common). Unjustified use of antibiotics is able to break the intestinal microflora, which can not only cause long chair upset (diarrhea), but also weaken the immune system, which will require additional long-term treatment.
    • Do not force your child to attend school or childgarden, if the viral disease is a normal body temperature. With a cold to spend a few days at home better. This will reduce the risk of hypothermia and the deterioration of a cold baby, not to mention the ability to infect other children.

    There are contraindications! Carefully read the instructions before use.

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