Herpes under control


  • Do not bite the lips!
  • Where thinly, there and tear
  • enemy Awakening
  • Decoy duck for the virus
  • Beware, the bubbles!
  • Immunity to the start!
  • Be careful with antibiotics
  • bit you in a timely manner
  • More vitamins!
  • Folk remedies
  • Homeopathic prophylaxis

  • The culprit itchy rash on the edge of the lips, which are so annoying
    many people come here to stay: fully recover from
    infection is not possible. Once having got the body, herpes becomes our
    true, though unwelcome companion for life. In addition, to protect themselves
    from it is practically impossible - 90-95 percent of the population is infected
    herpes simplex virus (HSV 1) and the remaining five simply
    impervious to it - for reasons unknown to science. such rampant
    infection because the virus spreads very easily,
    being transmitted by airborne droplets directly contact:
    through utensils, towels, handrails in public transport ...

    Most people
    can not guess that the virus found refuge in their
    body. But at least once in his life, when the immune system is weakened,
    herpes somehow manifest itself.

    Do not bite the lips!

    the most
    common form of manifestation of the virus - a labial herpes. at first
    one feels the tension, throbbing pain and itching of the lips.
    Then there are red spots that turn into blisters.
    By themselves or under the influence of mechanical bubbles burst,
    replaced by ulcers, from which oozes a clear liquid. With time
    wound tightened crusts. Pluck them can not in any case!
    Firstly, these crusts are formed by white blood cells that fight the virus,
    and beneath the sore heals faster. Secondly, since you can
    further infect the mouth, causing the situation will only worsen.

    sores on the lips ruin our lives for 7-10 days. If symptoms
    persists, consult a dermatologist: perhaps it displays etc.Herpes under controlugoy

    Where thinly, there and tear

    rashes appear on the nose wings and other parts of the skin. At all,
    forms of herpes are so many, including genital, and the most dangerous
    considered herpes eye - it can have very serious consequences,
    up to blindness. It happens that the virus affects the internal organs -
    target of becoming the most attenuated of them. The disease
    complicated when herpes "works" in the company of other viruses.
    For example, if herpes activated simultaneously in the female body with
    human papilloma virus, is fraught with the development of cervical cancer.

    usually relapses triggered by colds and other diseases,
    stresses, hypothermia or overheating, even menstruation -
    In short, the appearance of bubbles on the lips indicates a weakening of the
    immunity. However, there are external factors, for example, excess
    ultraviolet irradiation.

    To protect themselves from infection is almost
    impossible (most often a virus to us in the early childhood "give"
    kisses with relatives), so it should solve two problems: to fight
    with rashes when they appear; strengthen the immune system to
    protect themselves against herpes recurrences.

    enemy Awakening

    Herpes - a DNA molecule and a few shells. To cell could
    multiply it should be present in an RNA molecule, which virus
    Herpes deprived. Therefore, finding himself in the skin, he approaches
    our own cells, destroying its shell, penetrates and finds
    Statement of RNA - a partner for reproduction. In the infected cell due to its
    resources starts to produce new viruses that were later abandoned
    alma mater by budding - and immediately begin the same
    prodelyvat with neighboring cells.

    The rate of formation of new
    virus in diseased cells depends on the intensity
    intracellular metabolism. The highest rates of metabolism inherent
    epithelial cells, so herpes is most often occupies the skin and
    mucous. A cell in which replication of the virus occurred,
    It is filled with liquid and dies. This process reflects the bubbles
    on the skin.

    For the first time penetrated into the body, the virus will multiply
    spreading bloodstream and nerve fibers, settling in
    nerve ganglia: right inside the cell. The immune system is not able to
    detect it and remove from the body. And herpes quietly waiting
    his "finest hour." When our immune system for one reason or another
    weakens, the virus drifts to the selected site and to engage actively
    multiplies, and then again, "runs" in their shelter.

    Decoy duck for the virus

    the body of a cunning virus is impossible, but exists Existing-facility that
    can extinguish the outbreak of relapses. In 1988, for his invention of the drug
    Acyclovir Gertrude Elion received the Nobel Prize: the only
    medication that fights directly with the virus. Other,
    that treat influenza and other infectious diseases are

    To combat the herpes scientists used
    mechanism decoy. Acyclovir replaces a cell partner,
    which is necessary for the virus to procreation. medicine
    It enters the cell, where he began the virus to reproduce. Last
    leave alone cellular organelles and merges with acyclovir.
    The resulting compound can not multiply. Enemy neutralized! fully
    Herpes medication does not overpower, but to stop it from spreading and deliver
    by rashes. The drug is sold in the form of tablets and ointments (gerpevir,

    It is best to start taking drugs acyclovir,
    when you just feel the tension and tingling in the area
    lips, so you can avoid the appearance of bubbles

    Beware, the bubbles!

    • Sores on the lips can be scratched. But still, be patient, do not touch them with your hands: so you just raznesesh infection.
    • So far have not been rash, do not touch once again to face, especially the eyes.
    • Ointment
      Pumps on the lips clean with a cotton swab. And the use of lipstick
      and lip pencils during the exacerbation should be abandoned.
    • Wipe the lips with a disinfectant solution.
    • Delhi is not anyone utensils and towels. We'll have to do without kissing, and to refrain from oral sex.
    • If you feel that soon the bubble will attach to this place a piece of cloth wrapped in ice.
    • Use tea compresses. Anti-inflammatory properties also have teas of chamomile, willow bark and horsetail.Herpes under control

    Immunity to the start!

    avoid the manifestations of herpes, you need to strengthen your immune system. unfavorable
    environmental situation, stress, poor diet, bad habits
    - All this weakens the protective functions of the body.

    Be careful with antibiotics

    immunity contributes to massive use of antibiotics. Special
    they are harmful to children. A little child is ill, the pediatrician immediately registers
    antibiotics, and in fact can only assign them strictly on the testimony.
    The word "antibiotic" means "against life": he kills
    Useful cells.

    In normal GI first necessary
    to clean the gastrointestinal tract, because the immune processes
    "Run" is in the walls of the intestine. To this was
    OK, the food must be digested well.

    bit you in a timely manner

    sanitize the centers of a chronic infection. Many of us, for example, go to
    carious teeth, do not go to the dentist. And the forces of the body in this
    time aimed at combating infection, from which you can easily
    get rid of.

    More vitamins!

    vitamins are not always absorbed, especially if there is a problem with
    digestion. And from food the body itself will take whatever he needed.
    Therefore, in the diet should be plenty of vitamin-rich foods:
    vegetables, fruit. It is also very useful porridge of whole grains.

    Folk remedies

    enhance immunity have long used natural remedies: Rhodiola
    pink, echinacea, ginseng. Immunomodulator is a good broth
    rose hips, but always it is impossible to drink (the load is increased by

    Homeopathic prophylaxis

    defenses can be with the help of homeopathy - is harmless and
    effectively. If you carry out preventive maintenance in the spring and fall,
    It increases the body's resistance. Chronically weakened immunity
    must be systematically strengthened.

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