Manifestations of avitaminosis on the skin in children


The role of vitamins in the work of the body is enormous. They are involved in
leakage of many important internal processes contribute to strengthening
Immunity, responsible for the beauty of hair, nails and skin. And it is skin covers
The first begin to serve signals about the lack of certain vitamins.

Manifestations of avitaminosis on the skin in children

Avitaminosis in children: leather damage

Avitaminosis on the skin in children may occur due to lack of vitamins of the group B, vitamins A, E, C and D. IN
The corners of the lips appear characteristic «Saint», cracks, and the face becomes
peeling and dry. All these vitamins are contained in food, but when
some diseases are disturbed suction of many nutrients that
Often lead to avitaminosis. With a meager nutrition can also start
manifamosis in children,
face or other body.

Skin reaction for a lack of vitamin A

  • Reduced
    Development of skin sala.
  • Worsen
    Vision is evolving «Chicken blindness».
  • Appears
    dry skin, characteristic papulese rashes covered with horny
  • Arises
    Reducing the thickness of the hairproof, Seborrhea.
  • It appears hyperpigmentation of the skin and mucous membranes.

Symptoms of avitaminosis of the vitamins of the group C and in
in children

Group Vitamins include: thiaminebromide (B1), riboflavin
(B2), nicotine acid, pyridoxine (B6), pantothenic acid,
Paramyinobenzoic acid, Lipocaine. With a lack of, for example, nicotine
Acids arise by avitaminosis in the hands: the children appear hyperpigmentation,
Bullous dermatitis develop.

If the child's body lacks vitamin B6, then arise
Inflammatory reactions on the skin in the form of rash and chronic dermatitis. When avitaminosis vitamin C on the skin, hemorrhages appear, gums are becoming
loose, prone to bleeding.

Prevention of avitamin development in children

Manifestations of avitaminosis on the skin in children

  1. Watch out for
    Powering child. All necessary vitamins must be present in his diet,
    Microelements and amino acids. Do not allow food to eat and eat
    Unnatural food.
  2. In the prescription of the pediatrician in the autumn-winter period, let the child special
    Vitamin complexes in which all the necessary useful substances are present.
  3. Walk more with a baby in the fresh air, go to nature. Moderate number
    Ultraviolet has a beneficial effect on the synthesis of vitamin D, the immune system and health
    Musculoskeletal apparatus children.
  4. In the diet of children there should be a lot of fruits and vegetables. Take a child to a healthy food,
    which is rich in useful substances and is well absorbed. Fruits contain
    A large amount of fiber that has a beneficial effect on the intestines, cleans
    it normalizes chair.

Remember that selecting vitamin preparations should
Only doctor. It is impossible to independently decide on the use of this or
other means. Only a specialist, examining the child and conducting the necessary
Diagnostic studies may assign a necessary combination of vitamins
and determine the multiplicity of drug reception. Excess Vitamins (hypervitaminosis)
can be very dangerous for the health of the child, and not less than vitaminosis.

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