Myths about the hangover


  • The psychological effect
  • Port wine
  • Champagne
  • Cocktails
  • Beer
  • Tequila
  • Absinthe
  • Five Ways to cope with a hangover

    Experts refute preconceived notionthat different types of alcohol can cause a variety of effects during use and cause a hangover different. They say that for the most part different perceptions of alcohol is associated with folk memories and cultural superstructure hangover phenomenon.

    Myths about the hangoverThe psychological effect

    According to experts, a lot depends on whether towhat mood you started drinking, and the social context. It is assumed here that the effect is a purely psychological effect. These studies speak for the fact that alcohol acts the same way regardless of whether it comes in any form. All depends on the rate of drinking, and the amount of alcohol consumed.

    Alcohol has a simple molecular structure andrapidly absorbed into the blood. So if you quickly drink a few glasses of spirits - usually about 40% strength, in the blood rise sharply alcohol content. Wine is usually slow sip while eating, so it is not drunk so much.

    Port wine

    A common misconception that afterPort wine is a more severe hangover, too, is not unfounded. The fact is that the port is usually in the course after a heavy dinner and a dozen bottles of wine. Therefore, in the morning he is accused in all the horrors of a hangover.


    As for the champagne, it is usually drunk atparties, which is not particularly a lot of food. That this fact is explained by the rapid action of the drink. Furthermore, due to the fact that a carbonated beverage, it is absorbed quickly into the blood.


    Influence of cocktails is also understandable. Alcohol is a depressant and sedative substance, but if you drink vodka with Red Bull or Coke, which is full of sugar and caffeine, the effect will be different than in the use of pure alcohol. Alcohol in combination with caffeine becomes a stimulant, but with a large number just knocks you off your feet.


    Campaign Guinness 20-ies of the XX centuryIt argued that it is useful. In hospitals, it was given to patients in the postoperative period, and donors, citing the fact that beer is rich in iron. Even pregnant women and nursing mothers recommended beer.

    In fact, the beer Guinness contains only1.1 mg of iron per pint (0.57 liters). However, according to one study at the University of Wisconsin, in this beer contains antioxidants that inhibit blood clotting, therefore, the daily consumption of food pints of beer may reduce the risk of heart attack.


    "Tequila worm" is supposedly an aphrodisiac andhas hallucinogenic properties, it was added to the bottle of mezcal as an advertisement to the 1950s. Although it can absorb some amount of alcohol, it affects people slightly. The myth that if you eat the worm, you can experience the thrill as drug use, is due to the confusion between the mescal (a drink, which is a type of tequila) and mescaline, the hallucinogenic drug.


    Danger reputation hallucinogen use andabsinthe. It contains a toxic chemical substance thujone, which is once mistakenly thought has the same properties as that of THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana. In any case, the amount of this substance in absinthe is too small to be able to talk about a noticeable effect. However, the alcohol content in absinthe - 70%, and it can lead to a dangerous state of intoxication.

    Five Ways to cope with a hangover

    1. Fill your stomach: alcohol absorbed into the bloodstream faster and more irritating the stomach wall, if you drink on an empty stomach. Before going to a party, eat something fat that is digested slowly and protect the stomach, slowing the rate of penetration of alcohol in the body. This effect gives a glass of milk.

    2. Prefer light-colored drinks. Compounds contained in alcoholic beverages saturated colors, act directly on the blood vessels, causing and increasing similarity migraine hangover. Generally, the lighter the alcohol, the less of such compounds contained therein. Drinking alcohol on each serving a glass of water, you can help the body cope with dehydration.

    3. wrapped warmly. Alcohol expands the subcutaneous blood vessels, causing the loss of the body's heat, despite the fact that a person subjectively feels cold not. Frostbite as a result of intoxication - a common cause of death in Russia.

    4. At night, drink plenty of water and eat, for example, a toast from wheat flour. This will help to avoid low blood sugar levels on waking.

    5. In the morning drink more water. Drink paracetamol for a headache and antacid. A cup of coffee can help, because caffeine is a vasoconstrictor and helps the blood vessels, but they are not carried away as it also has diuretic properties. As experts believe, the favorite remedy for a hangover - Vitamin C - does not eliminate the symptoms, while the method of "like cures" hangover symptoms tend to recur later.

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