Ways to recognize the drug addict in time


  • Circle of friends
  • Suspicious signs
  • Express tests

  • In order to determine whether the child does not use drugs, it is completely optional to drag it immediately into a drug clinic and to make blood test. This event is justified only if suspicions appeared. If you give a sufficient amount of attention to the child, you can always notice if something goes wrong.

    Circle of friends

    Ways to recognize the drug addict in timeOn the suspicion can lead first of all the circle of communication of the child. A drug addict with experience is not so difficult to distinguish in the crowd, because drug use imposes its imprint to appearance and behavior:

    • Long sleeves of clothes are always, regardless of weather and settings
    • Unnaturally narrow or wide pupils regardless of lighting
    • Looks
    • Often sloppy look, dry hair, elastic handbrushes; Dark, destroyed, «broken» Teeth in the form «Penkov»
    • Osanka more often suway
    • Nepny, «stretched» speech
    • Clumsy and slow motion in the absence of smell of alcohol from mouth
    • Explicit desire to avoid meetings with representatives of the authorities
    • Irritability, sharpness and disrespect in responses to questions
    • After his appearance in the house, things or money disappear

    Traces of injections drug addicts do not usually show, but sometimes they can be noticed on the back of the brushes, and in general, drug addicts make themselves injections anywhere, and traces need to be sought in all areas of the body, not excluding the skin on the heads under the hair. Often traces of injections look not just like multiple red dots, and merge into dense bluish-bugs in the course of veins.

    Of course, these signs relate to drug addicts with great experience. The smaller the experience, the harder it is to understand that a person uses drugs. Here is the main thing - attentiveness.

    Suspicious signs

    Ways to recognize the drug addict in timeRegardless of the circle of communication of the child, you need to constantly look closely to him in order to notice suspicious signs in time, talking about the possible use of drugs:

    • The increasing secrecy of the child (possibly without deterioration of relationships with parents). Often it is accompanied by increased time «Walking», When a child leaves home at a time that he had previously spent in a family or behind lessons
    • Perhaps the child goes to bed too late and rolled out longer in bed in the morning
    • Increasing interest in learning or to familiar hobbies and hobbies may be parents learn about school classes
    • Defending performance decreases
    • Financial queries are increasing, and the young man is actively looking for ways to satisfy them, prompting money in all increasing quantities (if money from parent wallets or valuable things are started to disappear - this is a very disturbing sign!)
    • New suspicious friends appear (but at first a young man usually meets with quite decent on the type of drug addicts) or the behavior of old buddies becomes suspicious.
    • Conversations with them are in a whisper, incomprehensible phrases or in solitude
    • The mood of the child is a very important sign - changes for incomprehensible reasons, very quickly and often does not correspond to the situation: good nature and lethargy in the scandal or, on the contrary, irritability in a calm situation
    • Finally, you can see traces of injections (t.E. Ukolov) in the course of the veins in the hands

    Experts recommend, not embarrassed, ask directly and thoroughly about all incomprehensible and disturbing parents actions and child words. Now around too much drugs to calm themselves with considerations like «everyone has it» and «can be secrets in humans». Drugs are sold in schools, and completely eliminate that the child will not come into contact with them, it is impossible.

    If parents accidentally bring to see the syringe in a teenager, some dried grass, incomprehensible powder, multi-colored pills with squeezed on the surface of pictures or stamps that are not very similar to postal, do not listen to any excuse. Everything is too obvious.

    Express tests

    You can always check if the child does not use drugs using express tests. At the same time contact the doctor is completely optional.

    Ways to recognize the drug addict in timeExpress drug tests by type and device are similar to pregnancy tests. The testing system is a paper strip, on which something harms is stuck. This «blotter» Impregnated in certain places with several chemical and protein compositions. Drug solution (for example, watering drug addict) rises up «flush» and enters with mentioned compositions in a series of consecutive reactions. As a result, staining appears in the place where the final one occurs. Reactions are immunochemical, that is, they occur between antibodies and antigens available in «flush», And very sensitive. In the urine, for example, the express test catches the traces of drug-opiates for 5 days after one-time reception.

    The test itself is performed as follows: the strip for 5 seconds is lowered in the urine to the designated horizontal line in the lower part of it. If within 5 minutes in the middle part of the strip, two brownish-red transverse dashs will appear, then everything is in order - the drug is not detected. If the transverse child is alone, then in the sample of urine there is a drug. Finally, if there is no dash at all, it means that the test is incorrect and it must be removed.

    Now in specialized centers, you can find test strips to determine various types of drugs, and it helps many to do everything you need on time. And yet it is finally approved for drug use only after a specialized examination.

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