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    Features of the national hangoverWhat is hangover - no one should explain to anyone. Speaking by Mikhail Zadornov, this is a Russian national holiday, celebrated in the morning. Only the holiday is usually sad - the head splits, the body refuses to obey, and the sounds and smells are annoying, inhibit and ride in despondency.

    How to behave during a hangover, and whether medicine can help in this case - we talk about all this with a narcologist, a candidate of medical sciences, the chief doctor of the clinic «Alkeved» Nikolai Valerievich Chertnichenko.

    Fire hangover Rotni

    - So what a hangover is?

    - First of all, I will say that there are two states that followed by separation. A hangover in healthy people is the consequence of intoxication by ethyl alcohol and its decay products. Peculiar effects of excess alcohol in the body. The hangover of alcohol-dependent people is an abstineent syndrome caused by a disadvantage of alcohol in the body.

    And that and another condition proceeds quite hard, only in the second case there is a sharply pronounced physical need to improve its state of receiving alcohol.

    - As evidenced by hangover in a healthy person?

    - That the dose of alcohol adopted on the eve exceeds all reasonable limits. However, the hangover is also a kind of alarm, especially when it happens systematically.

    Often a repeating hangover indicates that a person does not control himself, in addition, to achieve the desired «Condition» every time it takes a big dose. And these are already signs of the formation of the disease characteristic of the first stage of alcoholism.

    - And how the hangover occurs from people dependent on alcohol?

    - Usually patients do not stand and take alcohol, hang out. A vicious circle is formed: hangover - wipening - intoxication - hangover. It is often ends such a carousel with a mop. People can sometimes sometimes for months, especially during long holidays. This is a disease and it needs to be treated - to remove from the feed and relieve alcohol dependence.


    How do you struggle with a hangover? (answered 503 people)
    I'll hang alcohol - 33%
    I try to sleep - 33%
    Calling a doctor - 1%
    I drank everything in the first-aid kit - 5%
    I am treated with brine - 2%
    I have my secret recipe - 4%
    I do not have a hangover - 19%


    When not to do without a doctor?

    - Can people independently overcome the hangover?

    - Healthy people - unconditionally. Unless, of course, this is a single case. They usually drink brines, take a cold shower, be satisfied - everyone has their own recipes. Some even take a small amount of alcohol - and it helps them.

    With sick people harder. First of all, they often suffer from alcoholism do not consider themselves sick and drink as healthy. And the morning darkness is explained by the coincidence of a number of circumstances - vodka Palenaya, the storm is magnetic, snacks are small and t.NS. Such people can not quit on their own (for a very rare exception) and they need medical care.

    - In what other cases do not need a doctor?

    - Healthy people - in the event that all tested antiphechmel measures did not help. In addition, after 40 years, almost everyone will acquire a bouquet of a variety of chronic diseases - whether diabetes mellitus, IBS or hypertension. A hangover against the background of such diseases is fraught with very serious consequences - up to death. In this case, the doctor's help will absolutely not too much.

    Patients with people help specialists need in any case. For them, the only way to get rid of the hangover syndrome is to quit. In the first stage of the disease it is possible to do with a minimum of medical exposure and with a very resistant effect, it is a pity that at this stage there are no more than 1% of patients.

    Unfortunately, people very quickly overcome the border between the stages and, having started celebrating the New Year, go in touch for a week, and even for the whole January. This is a more serious condition, and the treatment requires much longer.

    Brine is not Panacea

    - You talked about the recipes from the hangover. What can be advised?

    - In fact, no generally accepted recipes exist and can not exist. The hangover is a very individual reaction and what helped one, the second with a rather large degree of probability will not help. The same brine - yes, it contains salts of magnesium and potassium, and it fills fluid loss. But does not help everyone.

    The only thing that should be remembered - during the hangover, the body is very sensitive to all kinds of external influences and stimuli. If it is possible - it is best to get sided. It is necessary to listen to your body - if there is an appetite, you can eat, no appetite - spill.

    Not so long ago, the British scientists investigated the most popular recipes from the hangover and came to the same conclusion that I had already voiced - it really does not exist effective means for overcoming hangover.

    - So what to do?

    - Everything is very simple - not to get drunk to such a state. And if such situations are repeated, it makes sense to seek help from a specialist doctor. The earlier it will be done, the greater the likelihood that the developing alcohol dependence will be able to stop.

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