Insomnia. Forget it and go to sleep!


  • How to sleep?
  • Sleep and memory go together.
  • Kukuyuschie millions.
  • Lullabies film.
  • Food and television.
  • Diagnosis, seen at night?
  • The main thing - peace of mind.
  • We will understand without pills.
  • If you need the following night's sleep.

  • How to sleep?

    Question: "How much sleep?"- Is not entirely correct: sleep duration at everyone. To well carry the load normal working hours and in the evening does not turn into a squeezed lemon, it is necessary for the brain to rest at night for four or five 90-minute sleep cycles. In each cycle of alternating deep sleep - just rest - and REM sleep, during which the brain produces substances not studied until required for full recovery. Therefore, it is desirable that the duration of sleep is always a multiple of one and a half hours.

    The average overnight rate fluctuates between seven to nine hours. How much sleep depends on the individual. There are people who for the rest is enough four or five hours.

    Sleep and memory go together.

    Researchers from the University of Chicago askedTwelve volunteers participate in the experiment: remember just heard the word. All of the words first, they were given to read on paper. Then these same words at random through the steel pronounce synthesizer programmed so that the sound was bad recognizable. Participants were asked to identify a written just heard. It is not difficult to guess that the best results were those who slept last night.

    Interesting happened next. People with weak results and went to sleep, woke up, easily recalled the great synth "pieces" heard yesterday. At the same volunteers we were convinced that they have completely forgotten all the words. The researchers concluded that the brain during sleep may restore memory loss. However, by the end of the ability to recall the right word gradually fades workday.

    Quality sleep saves memory, helps"Mature" Some memories. Scientists suspect that the brain has a collection point, which receives information seen or heard, but there is no access, if the brain is not getting enough rest. The information collected is made available only after a full night's rest. This way you can get almost any "forgotten" the facts, but there is a limit. If for the latest information not handle a few days, it is likely to be lost.

    Inspired by the discovery, the Americans immediatelyWe checked the data on schoolchildren. Here, too, everything coincided: poor students often suffer from sleep disorders, which is why they are tired in the morning. The researchers found that the percentage of poor students among adolescents suffering from sleep apnea (cessation of breathing during sleep), 6-9 times higher than that of other children. Children cured of sleep apnea syndrome, in most cases, improve their performance in school.

    Kukuyuschie millions.

    We believe a good sleep naturally, of coursegranted to the process, as long as something it is not broken. In medical textbooks described more than 80 different problems associated with sleep - from the inability to fall asleep to an inability to wake up to the nightmare of snoring.

    The most active people attacking the inability to sleep. Sometimes the process is temporary - for example, when moving house, in the presence of infants, but in most cases the problem is chronic. A large European study found that in today's stressful world, insomnia (sleeplessness) is far more widespread than anticipated millions of people on the planet kukuyut at midnight without sleep. In the UK suffer from insomnia two people out of three. Insomnia - almost a national problem in Sweden, where her intimately familiar three-quarters of the population. Inexplicable fact: the suffering citizens aged from 25 to 34 years, they difficult to fall asleep and often wake up in the night. The lowest number of sufferers in Germany - 45% of the population, the average in Ireland and Belgium.

    These five countries were chosen for the sake of purityexperiment to all respondents lived in good conditions, with a decent standard of living and culture and have not been able to explain his insomnia socio-economic disadvantage. It turned out that the reasons for which people from socially advantaged leaves sleep are associated with service stress and marital conflict. Very often, the inability to sleep tormented lone parents.

    Lullabies film.

    Insomnia. Forget it and go to sleep!Went to bed, we close our eyes and it seemed to cease contact with the outside world. But there are still ears. "Hypnotics" technique of Eastern meditation is directed on them.
    1. Lie down in a pose slacker - on his back, hands behind his head, clasped his fingers on the back of his head. Try to relax as much as possible. It will take a little time to get used to this position.

    2. Place thumbs on the ears so that the press earlobes and thereby close the auditory passage.

    3. Without lifting your finger, breathe quietly and listen to the squeak that arise in your mind. Lay as 10-15 minutes, concentrate only on the sound. Then place your hands along the body and ... usnite. It is impossible for those who: a) is too much pressure on the ears, b) wound lobes nails in) constantly learns, if 15 minutes have passed.

    A good way to prepare for falling asleep -listen to music. Do not marching, without words - quiet instrumental. Typically, in the house of such records is not, in fact, making the music library, the man picks up the melody with emotional outbursts. A lullaby music of the soul should not cling. Now we developed special recording for a good sleep. Among them are "physiological" - a rustle of oncoming waves and even the sound of rhythmically beating heart.

    Of course, if you listen to the endhave to get out of bed to turn off the tape recorder, the whole effect is lost lullaby. Therefore suitable system to Sleep, in extreme cases - with remote control.

    Another audiosposob - progressiverelaxation. It will be most effective in the case when you burn all instructions on the tape, preferably with his voice. This will not keep in mind the "relaxation plan." After each sentence pauses briefly, to give the body enough time to perform the command.

    So, lie down on your back, close your eyes and begin to listen to the voice of the tape:

    1. Feel your feet. Feel their weight. Feel how they relax and sink into the bed.

    2. Feel the calf. Feel their weight. Feel how they relax and sink into the bed.

    3. Feel your knees. Feel their weight ...

    It is also necessary to say in detail command,covering all parts of the body. Relax and sink into the bed should hips, hands, lower arms, elbows, upper arms, buttocks, back, pelvic area and the abdomen, chest, shoulders, neck - front and back, skull, mouth, eyes, face completely.

    At the end should sound team mentally look around the whole body. If there are areas of tension, relax them and let them sink into the same bed.

    At a certain skill body will relax quickly, wave from head to foot, and possibly audio instructions will be unnecessary.

    Food and television.

    These are the two conditions that often disrupt the normal process of falling asleep. With hunger does not go to sleep - a fact, but also should not overeat. The best advice - the golden mean.

    Supper in the early evening - a rule thatfor many years it was considered indisputable. But sometimes it is very difficult to adhere to. In this regard, the Americans tested products and their impact on people and came to the conclusion that there are two categories of citizens.

    The first helps to sleep "snack" richcarbohydrates and fats poor - juice, bananas, biscuits (pizza is not good). Second, in contrast, need to sleep with many foods the amino acid L-tryptophan. The list includes a warm or hot milk (cold not good), eggs, cottage cheese, chicken, turkey and cashews. Try it both ways and see what works in your case.

    Milk need to drink 15 minutes beforego to bed. If you do not like milk or avoid dairy products, try a cup of tea with chamomile, mint, anise - these natural ingredients can help to fall asleep. In grocery stores and drug stores you can find special soothing fees - to facilitate sleep. People who understand the sense in such a tea, drink it twice in the evening - after work, and half an hour before bedtime.

    Do not read in bed without crossword puzzles. (Only a small percentage of people can boast that reading a book of their lulls.) In the bedroom you can only sleep and sex, work, and watching TV is prohibited. Let the body identifies the bed only with sleep. Of course, the easiest way to those who have the opportunity to allocate a separate room for sleeping. But the TV - it really is a serious obstacle to falling asleep. The reason is that no matter how passive we watch TV or how the plot is peaceful, our brains are still tense. A perestimulirovanny brain with stress and fatigue - what makes us awake during injury.

    The same applies to the "innerTV ", that is, to the experiences of the past days and future planning. From the endless shuffle of problems in the head and do the problem will not be solved, and sleep would not come. For this reason, doctors are advised not to call late at night to friends: the body is less likely in need of new experiences for the night.

    Diagnosis, seen at night?

    There is a theory that dreams - not just moving pictures of the past day and a very informative vision, which reflect disease.

    Men with heart problems often seen insleeping death or dying, women serdechnitsy - divorce. Migraine brings dreams subject of intense fear. Violations of cerebral circulation expressed in stories where something is lost, usually money or food. At a stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, people do not able to see the quality narrative dreams. Narcolepsy (inability to wake up) all night "entertains" the sleeping bizarre or frightening events. Mental illness - conflicts, bad luck or aggressive visions. A person with high blood pressure will be up all night to fight, quarrel, fight. Problems in the respiratory system, including asthma, especially given the emotional images.

    It is not necessary to treat dreams asdiagnostics. Of course, high blood pressure can be a dream to war, but that does not mean that every belligerent - hypertensive. Dreams are more likely to indicate the decision of psychological problems, than to point to health problems. No reliable connection between illness and sleep theme is not revealed. Usually, people who are very seriously ill, dreams do not see at all.

    The main thing - peace of mind.

    Try to wiggle your toes - up and downtwelve times with both feet together. According to the millennial eastern observations feet - a "control panel" of the body. The body is composed of energy meridians, the ends of which are located on the feet. Each organ system and have a "button" on the soles.

    Wiggling his toes - a great test forcheck the quality of your energy. If its implementation body will relax, so the energy flows through the body freely and gently. If the body becomes tense, perhaps, the flow of energy is blocked or insufficient. When the energy-full order, then wiggling fingers at night will bring free-state. A stirring in the morning after waking up, on the other hand, activates all the organs and systems.

    Helps you sleep belly massage - it calmsthe digestive system and causes a deep relaxation. Lie on your back, place your hand on your navel. Start with a soft hand to make small circles in a clockwise direction, gradually making them more and more. As soon as the wheels start to go beyond the body, begin to gradually reduce its size until you return back to the navel. Then, change the direction, turn the hand clockwise to the limits of the body and vice versa. Repeat the same with the other hand. Do this several times. If plagued by constipation, make all the circles in a clockwise direction - it contributes to the promotion of good food bolus through the intestines. If diarrhea, hand twist counterclockwise only - it will help strengthen the fecal material.

    If sleep does not work, do not lie and do notworry about it. Perhaps you are not tired during the day or too much sleep the previous night. Maybe you have the wrong idea of ​​how many people have to sleep. With age, people need less sleep duration.

    So, get up and engage in any calmbusiness: knit, listen to music. And go to sleep when the eyes begin to stick together, not before. And please, do not count sheep. British scientists have finally discovered why it never worked: sheep, which we count, too active. So, who is a pity to part with the old way, try a variation: consider sleeping sheep. Imagine a beautiful green meadow, stretching to infinity. Every ten feet let it lie dormant for a sheep, a neat row - the land of nod. Imagine that you glide through the air, almost floating. Count sheep and glide to the next - every three or four seconds, everyone has a suitable interval.

    Do not like a sheep - imagine that you are incomfort: a sunny beach, hammock under the apple tree in the country. To work, to submit detailed and detail - with the scent of flowers, the sounds and the sunbeams, with a noticeable warm sunlight. Relax and enjoy. If you are unable to sleep - then the picture is very right for you. The more you use it, the stronger the effect.

    It did not work - so imagine that you do notallowed to sleep, it's time to wake up, the alarm clock rings, it is necessary to wash. Do you want to fall back into the bed at least a few minutes. The more realistic the picture is, the better it will work. You will experience true happiness, getting to sleep.

    We will understand without pills.

    When the rest does not work every, or almost everynight - it is considered to present insomnia. People with chronic insomnia have to go to the doctor. Excessive prolonged poor sleep may be a symptom of a deep underlying disorders - such as depression, pain due to arthritis or other diseases, including neurological, which require a separate self-treatment. In other words, if disrupted sleep due to depression, it can not be considered as an indication to receive hypnotics. If sleep prevents pain in the back, head, and so on, it is necessary to closely engage the causes of pain, rather than trying every night "off" with the help of pills. Although in some cases, in parallel with the main drugs your doctor may prescribe a short period of time and the use of sleeping pills - but only as a very short-term support.

    The reasons of occurrence of insomnia, which can be overcome without drugs, not so little. Below we list how to neutralize them:

    If you need the following night's sleep.

    It happens that a person suffering from insomnia,coming events, which require a full night's rest, - to the very vain day before the morning by plane to look fresh and so on. We must prepare for a night in advance. It's simple: the previous day in the morning get up much earlier than usual. The resulting time, use the - without fuss, take a shower, have breakfast once or twice, for a cup of coffee flip through the magazine - just arrange a long morning, which you normally do not happen. If life will look like in black, consoled himself with the fact that the night you will reap the fruits of their exploits: strong fall asleep, his cheek almost touches the pillow.

    No nap during the day. Although, of course, the temptation is great, especially if hand sofa or a comfortable chair. Even if you prikornete fifteen minutes, the inability to sleep will be provided;

    Try to keep the room was as much as possibledarker. Turn off the night light, bring out of the room glowing hours, or at least turn them anywhere. Light sources can be very annoying, and you do not immediately realize that they take you out of yourself;
    Take a warm shower, it's a great tool forrelax the body. However, do not exceed the dose. It is necessary to relax the body, rather than deplete it. Too long immersion in hot water will pull out of the body life-giving force. On request, take a bath, adding a special salt water or baking soda. It not only relaxes the body but also help remove toxins.

    Alone, none of the conditions does not work, but the "chord" guarantees success.
    Is there a good way to check whether you enough sleep:
    On weekends you sleep longer than on weekdays. Yes or no?
    Throughout the day you periodically feel sleepy and sometimes almost fall asleep. Yes or no?
    You fall asleep within five minutes after lie down in bed. Yes or no?

    If all three questions you answered in the negative, then the lack of rest have not. Do not be confused by the last question: people who normally have a rest, to sleep required 15-20 minutes.

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