stroke Prevention


stroke PreventionIt is characterized by loss of nerve cells in the brain. By stroke vascular disease leads supplying the brain, usually atherosclerotic origin.

The consequences of stroke is always cause irreparable harm to normal life. Stop moving the arm and leg on the opposite side of the stroke, it often disappears.

Early treatment of vascular lesions, supplying the brain - the only effective means of preventing stroke.

The first symptoms of cerebral arteries are not visible, and people often do not betray their value. These "small" symptoms include:

  1. Headache
  2. vertigo
  3. Flickering "flies" before the eyes
  4. Often, patients are told that in the winter when going from a dark tunnel to bright light, and bright shiny snow experience discomfort
  5. Relatives say that have seen periods of "oiled", slurred speech, clumsiness in the hands and feet

Often the first signs of cerebral ischemia "masked" by other diseases and it identifies necessary volume of consultations and surveys.

Definition of stroke risk is non-invasive methods. The patient should be examined:

  1. neurologist
  2. vascular Surgery

You must perform ultrasoundangioscanning. Upon confirmation of vascular diseases, supplying the brain, the patient is offered a "thin" diagnosis, including multislice computed tomography with contrast and subsequent three-dimensional reconstruction.

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