Treatment for hydrocephalus in children


  • hydrocephalus Treatment
  • Ventricular-peritoneal shunt
  • Endoscopic surgery
  • Participation in retirement
  • Emotional support

  • hydrocephalus Treatment

    Hydrocephalus is treated in different ways. When compensated hydrocephalus, when development of the child is not broken, showing dynamic monitoring and periodic purpose dehydrating agents (reduce the amount of liquid -. Diakarb, veroshpiron, magnesium sulfate, etc.), especially in infectious diseases, head injury. Depending on the characteristics of the child being prescribed drugs to improve cerebral circulation (cavinton), multivitamins, and other symptomatic agents, including herbal and homeopathic remedies.

    Ventricular-peritoneal shunt

    Treatment for hydrocephalus in children

    With the ineffectiveness of conservative methods, toUnfortunately, in most cases it is necessary to resort to surgery. It consists in the elimination of the causes (removal of the tumor, preventing current CSF, removal of vascular plexus at high output), creating outflow of CSF from the ventricles of the brain, or, failing that, in the abduction of liquor from the ventricles of the brain cavity of the body suddenly with special shunt systems. Most often, the CSF is withdrawn into the abdomen, the operation is called a ventriculo-peritoneal shunt. Shunt system is usually installed on a very long period and continuously removes excess cerebrospinal fluid from the brain, keeping the intracranial pressure within normal limits. There are many types of shunt systems. In each case, a neurosurgeon choose the one that best fits this patient. A child with a shunt can lead a normal life, go to kindergarten and school.

    Endoscopic surgery

    In addition to operations venrikulo-peritonealbypass surgery recently, a new method - it is endoscopic surgery. The operation is performed by introducing a special thin ventricle endoscopic instruments through a small hole in the skull. Endoscope microchamber connected through a monitor at which a surgeon can see inside the ventricles. When you use these endoscopes, neurosurgeons can create obstacle avoidance outflow of cerebrospinal fluid. This operation is only suitable for children with obstructive hydrocephalus. With early diagnosis and prompt neurosurgical treatment of hydrocephalus can achieve significant regression of neurological disorders, gradual normalization of brain function, and that is especially important for young children, proper full development of the nervous system.

    Participation in retirement

    Children implanted shunts mustobserved at the neurosurgeon naprotjazhenii lifetime. Most patients suffering from hydrocephalus, shunt them after implantation of the system can lead a normal obrazzhizni, but requires constant monitoring by loved ones, in collaboration with a neurosurgeon.

    Neurosurgeon watches for kazhdogopatsientapreventing the drainage failure. The first time after implantation or re-operation - regularly, with a gradual transition to the surveys with a frequency of 1 every year.

    If the operation is made to a small child, after some time he will need a second operation to lengthen the peripheral catheter at the growing baby.

    Emotional support

    The physical side of hydrocephalus is only part of the problem of this disease. The patient and his family should be taken into account and emotsionalnyeego factors.

    Although surgical intervention should insome degree of hydrocephalus resolve the problem, you may experience fear, depression, irritability or doubt. If the patient is a child, should be taken into account that it is characterized by the same feelings as adults. If the child does not feel in shape, experiencing discomfort due to the fact that he needs to visit the doctor often or pass repeated tests, it is best to calm him down a simple explanation. If he knows that he will, he will go willingly to cooperate with you. Children, like adults, as a rule, do not like surprises. The quiet atmosphere among loving family is the best environment for children. It is advisable to explain the phenomenon of child hydrocephalus in understandable words.

    It is important to know that the child feels andbe able to explain to him what he is experiencing. Needles hurt. Natural is a lament and desire izbavitsyaot them. The room in the hospital is a new experience for your child. You must speak the truth to him to cause izakrepit his trust. Sincerity - the best means of preserving your child's confidence.

    Children over ten years, as a rule, are able toto take more advanced concepts. They can communicate with signs and symptoms of their disease. Limitations associated with the disease, they are transferred easier.

    Tell us about your feelings and your doctorgive him the right to lead you. Some people share their feelings with close friends, others require professional assistance. in the field of health professionals who treat your child interested in your well-being, their aim - to do all the best to you and your family. Patients and parents of the patient must often communicate with your doctor. It is important to take an active part in this dialogue, so that the doctor can better understand your needs and those of your loved ones.

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