Colds - prevention and treatment of homeopathic methods


  • What is the common cold to the point of view of homeopathy
  • Preventing colds
  • Proper diet and lifestyle
  • The constitution of the patient

    What is the common cold to the point of view of homeopathy

  • Most people believe the result of the common coldset of circumstances for which they are in no way responsible. They see themselves as innocent victims of a particular susceptibility to the disease and germs that cause the disease, which can attack at any time. They also expect that modern science will invent or produce serum or vaccine that ensures almost total immunity to the disease all year round. This attitude - a superstition, and assume that immunity acquired by a simple prick in his hand and not have to worry about their own responsibility or cooperation with the body, is to believe in miracles than in orderly processes of nature.

    Colds, as any form of acute disease, itcleansing. This is an attempt to rid the system of accumulated waste that were too complex or too abundant chemically quantified, taking them through the natural excretory organs.

    The average person usually overrides theirdigestion that eating too much or too often, or that adheres illegible unbalanced diet consisting of food and grocery lifeless. Until a man is to live a normal and healthy life in every way, the result will sooner or later be defective and incomplete processing of food in the body and the deposition of abnormal products. When accumulate below them becomes impossible, usually something to boost the combustion and increased excretion. If such an acute flare-time does not occur from time to time, the degenerative changes in vital structures inevitable.

    So, what form will attempt to cleanse dependsthe type of constitution and its inherent inclinations. There are many people whose problems naturally find a way through the cold. These people literally Bubble mucus. When they are suffering from cold, the amount of material output through the upper airways, is significantly increased. If he did not allow removal through the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, it would be chemical changes necessary to prepare these toxic wastes for excretion through other channels.

    When possible, the nature chooses saferoute clearance, but if this is denied the use of existing local or system-level drugs, the suppression can lead to serious consequences.

    If we keep in mind the public health andwell-being, the use of serums and vaccines against the common cold may be regarded as the most unfortunate decision. Injections will undoubtedly have a commercial value. This, rather than their therapeutic virtues, keeps them in the approved list of medical whims and follies. A homeopath has no need for these rough and potentially dangerous placebo.

    Preventing colds

    Colds - prevention and treatment of homeopathic methodsPreventing colds can be safelycarried homeopathic correction of body condition and suitable change in diet. Increased immunity as a result of these measures would be the logical result of improving health and well-being in general. Just write the medicine for each case of cold - it means to deprive the patient of the best that homeopathy can offer. Corrective constitutional treatment of the body do away with the need for such frequent outbreaks of cold.

    If the patient is suffering from the first to drawcold, we will do our best to choose a drug that fits the symptoms of an acute condition. This is perfectly legitimate and effective, and will be of great service in the patient's transformation into a follower of homeopathy.

    If, on the other hand, we have recently appointedantipsoric or constitutional corrective medicine and the patient got better, we prefer not to interfere with the orderly process, but we will seek to work with the patient in relation to diet and other factors, the expectation that chronic drug will hold it through the disease without any complications.

    Suppose we have recently appointed Psorinum as a constitutional remedy. After a week or more later, the patient develops a cold, affecting the head and throat, and may require Allium cepa. We prefer not to interrupt the action Psorinumprescribing Allium cepaBut will offer the patient has a lot of onions, cooked and raw. Thus we treat patients with homeopathic dietary point of view, without invading the area of ​​dynamic action.

    Where it shows nospecific food medicines for acute problems, our approach will rely on a simple correction of diet and other measures are shown, so that in most cases do not interfere with the action of constitutional remedy.

    Patients who receive homeopathictreatment for several months or longer, in general much less susceptible to colds than before treatment, and almost never do not develop pneumonia. To be under the supervision of a knowledgeable homeopath systematic and will be the best guarantee of pneumonia. Reasonable cooperation includes hygiene and dietetics.

    Proper diet and lifestyle

    Dietary prevention should be aimeda little starchy food consumption, especially of bread and white flour products. Most starchy foods are slime. Milk contributes significantly to the formation of mucus and often predisposes to cold conditions. Those who are prone to colds and catarrh, goes well, eating less milk or completely abandoning it and replacing it with an abundance of fresh fruits and salads of raw vegetables.

    Sufficient exercise in the fresh air is veryimportant increase in resistance to any infection. There must be sufficient muscle activity to burn the final products of digestion, otherwise waste will build up even with the proper diet and conservative. Two or three hours every day - this is the least time, what should be done outdoors and riding in the car can not be considered either stay in the open air, or exercise.

    There are many reasons for the dramatic increase in the numbercolds and respiratory illnesses during the cold months of the year. In summer, the average person spends more time outdoors in the summer more light, air and exercise. Warmer temperatures promotes the release through the skin. People generally eat more in the winter, and eat a lot of hard and concentrated foods, and low in fruit and salads of raw vegetables. Vigil late, inappropriate clothes, bathing and various rare luxuries during the holidays is determined by many. A person can easily influence most of these factors, and how small the success he has achieved no matter, his susceptibility to respiratory diseases decrease.

    From the standpoint of both prevention and treatment,Stimulation of free perspiration in cold weather is the most effective means. The best time to sweat - before going to bed. Fill the tub with water so hot, how can withstand without discomfort. Lay, immersed in a water bath for 20 minutes or longer, depending on the reaction. People with very low blood pressure should not lie in the hot bath for too long since this may impair circulation. The task - to warm the tissue and absorb as much heat as possible. Put on your bathrobe, get into bed, cover can be both warmer and sweat. Sweating should last most of the night. Small hot shower in the morning - and the person is ready for any job that allows him to health. This simple procedure is interrupted by a lot of colds, but it is important not to allow cooling after a hot bath; interrupt sweating - the most harmful.

    In some people, sweating is freehot drinks, such as hot water with lemon juice or other drink is a simple, warm packs or hot packs to the legs. However, not everyone is free causes sweating, and may require a hot bath as described above.

    If the cold is very serious and threatens to go to thepneumonia, the patient must remain in bed for several days. Simple rest and a diet consisting of fresh fruits and fruit juices, are all that is required in most cases. The use of homeopathic medicine will be more effective if these precautions are not taken.

    The bad consequences of stagnation in the intestine can beovercome by limiting the amount of food consumed and the use of ordinary enema. If people followed the food intake to the same extent that they are worried about bowel evacuation of waste, public health, it would be much better than it is.

    The constitution of the patient

    The weight should always be considered in relation to thesex, age, height, build, type of constitution and the occupation. Conventional weight tables are not credible because they do not take into account these factors.

    Overall, we consider the more overweightharmful and dangerous than underweight same degree. Significant weight fluctuations over a relatively short period of time - this is a sign of unfavorable, especially if there is no apparent reason for it. It shows a pronounced instability and poor physiological balance. Careful selection of the drug and an appropriate diet should contribute to the gradual approximation of the patient to a normal weight. "Thin and hungry" should gain weight (not fat), and the heavyweights have to reduce your weight slowly. Rapid weight gain or loss must be prevented. Vigorous efforts to reduce weight can easily harm a weakened constitution. Conservative measures are recommended in all chronic cases. We comply with a rule to control the weight of all patients and permanently record the weight of the indicators with the dates in your notebook. This not only proved their benefit, but also proved interesting as those who want to gain weight, so many who want to reduce it without undue casualties on their side. Entries of this kind help to attract patients to cooperate more actively.

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